Review: Saigon Girl Bar in Pattaya, Thailand


Saigon Girl Bar is one of many bars on Pattaya’s Soi 6. The strip lives in infamy as a row where short time fun is easily attainable. These days when Pattaya seems to receive more family friendly group tours from Asia than single male travelers from other area it really stands out just by being there. I’ve covered a few Soi 6 bars recently. This will be the last I review for some time.

Saigon Girl Bar opened near the top of Soi 6 several years ago. From what I hear it has gone through at least one ownership change. That’s par for the course in these parts. All too often ownership changes come just before things in an establishment gets worse or after it’s already fallen to a point beyond repair. I don’t have very precise of memories of Saigon Girl in it’s earliest years but I can say that it’s a great example of a Soi 6 bar today.

Saigon Girl is one of the larger bars on Soi 6. It’s easy to find and there are always plenty of girls outside waiting to welcome in customers. I don’t know how many women the bar staffs in total but if I guess I would say something like twenty or thirty.

As the name suggests Saigon Girl Bar is purported to be a Vietnam-themed bar. I haven’t seen it. I don’t know if that’s because there is a lack of any kind of standout decorations or because I’ve been too distracted by the women who work the bar to take the time to look around. I think things may have changed with the ownership. In the end it doesn’t matter much. No one I know goes to bars on Soi 6 to soak in the pictures on the walls.

Customers are free to have a drink inside Saigon Girl and do nothing more and a few guys seem to do exactly that. More common is to grab a gal for company either in the bar, upstairs, or both.

The aforementioned women on staff are among the best looking gals on the block. With so many women working and the constant staff rotation that is a part of the bar scene it’s difficult to give any sure findings but in general this is true. I think it may have something to do with hiring policies. Either the owners of the bar try to hire the most attractive and fit gals (as opposed to many other bars who will hire anyone that shows up, along with half of their cousins) or they are just very lucky.

I think there is some attention given to the staff. This is clear to me for a few reasons. One is that the women wear matching sexy uniforms on a rotation, changing every day. Fishnet stockings are often thrown into the mix to the pleasure of many including the old dog writing this.

After a customer finds a lady of his liking outside he can ask her to come inside for a drink or simply head upstairs. Saigon Bar is still sticking with the long standard barfine price of 300 Baht ($9.50 US). This may be due to inertia, a desire to keep things as they are, or possibly because the rooms won’t allow for anything more as I’ll soon explain.

The rooms at Saigon Girl are suitable for the task but they are among the worst to be found on Soi 6 or pretty much anywhere. They’re not as bad as some of the shanties I’ve seen in squalid brothel areas in some of the poorest parts of the world but they’re bad enough to make age old massage parlors look like upmarket condos. Customers can expect mold and water damage on the walls, old linens on the bed and ancient looking towels. At least the windows and blinds work well.

As few customers go to places like Saigon Girl for the looks of the rooms I won’t dwell on the quarters any longer. What really matters is the staff and the services offered. As I wrote previously the women who work at Saigon Girl are in general among the best looking on Soi 6. Most are in their early or mid twenties with slim fit bodies. A few are slightly more curvy but overweight women are nowhere to be found. The service provided tends to be above average even for Soi 6. There will always be exceptions but this is the perception I get. Surprisingly very few women offer A level service but a few do have it on the menu for a negotiable premium.

As with other bars on Soi 6 the women at Saigon Girl tend to ask for 1000 Baht ($31 US) for a short romp. At times this rate can be negotiated down to the old standard rate of 700 Baht but there are no guarantees and many punters undoubtedly find such haggling more trouble than it’s worth. Payment is usually rendered after services and drinks at Saigon Girl which is another old standard.

The atmosphere at Saigon Girl is peaceful and there’s no rush on in any department. These are extra benefits to everything else that has been mentioned.

As an above average bar on Soi 6 I give Saigon Girl a slightly higher than average score of three stars. If the rooms were a bit nicer I would definitely give it a higher score but I can understand why the owners would keep things as they are for as long as possible. In one respect it’s nice to see dingy old aspects like that survive.

Address:Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:1:00 PM - 1:00 AM
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