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Review: Saigon Girl Bar in Pattaya, Thailand

Saigon Girl Bar is one of many bars on Pattaya’s Soi 6. The strip lives in infamy as a row where short time fun is easily attainable. These days when Pattaya seems to receive more family friendly group tours from Asia than single male travelers from other area it really stands out just by being there. I’ve covered a few Soi 6 bars recently. This will be the last I review for some time.

Saigon Girl Bar opened near the top of Soi 6 several years ago. From what I hear it has gone through at least one ownership change. That’s par for the course in these parts. All too often ownership changes come just before things in an establishment gets worse or after it’s already fallen to a point beyond repair. I don’t have very precise of memories of Saigon Girl in it’s earliest years but I can say that it’s a great example of a Soi 6 bar today.

Saigon Girl is one of the larger bars on Soi 6. It’s easy to find and there are always plenty of girls outside waiting to welcome in customers. I don’t know how many women the bar staffs in total but if I guess I would say something like twenty or thirty.

As the name suggests Saigon Girl Bar is purported to be a Vietnam-themed bar. I haven’t seen it. I don’t know if that’s because there is a lack of any kind of standout decorations or because I’ve been too distracted by the women who work the bar to take the time to look around. I think things may have changed with the ownership. In the end it doesn’t matter much. No one I know goes to bars on Soi 6 to soak in the pictures on the walls.

Customers are free to have a drink inside Saigon Girl and do nothing more and a few guys seem to do exactly that. More common is to grab a gal for company either in the bar, upstairs, or both.

The aforementioned women on staff are among the best looking gals on the block. With so many women working and the constant staff rotation that is a part of the bar scene it’s difficult to give any sure findings but in general this is true. I think it may have something to do with hiring policies. Either the owners of the bar try to hire the most attractive and fit gals (as opposed to many other bars who will hire anyone that shows up, along with half of their cousins) or they are just very lucky.

I think there is some attention given to the staff. This is clear to me for a few reasons. One is that the women wear matching sexy uniforms on a rotation, changing every day. Fishnet stockings are often thrown into the mix to the pleasure of many including the old dog writing this.

After a customer finds a lady of his liking outside he can ask her to come inside for a drink or simply head upstairs. Saigon Bar is still sticking with the long standard barfine price of 300 Baht ($9.50 US). This may be due to inertia, a desire to keep things as they are, or possibly because the rooms won’t allow for anything more as I’ll soon explain.

The rooms at Saigon Girl are suitable for the task but they are among the worst to be found on Soi 6 or pretty much anywhere. They’re not as bad as some of the shanties I’ve seen in squalid brothel areas in some of the poorest parts of the world but they’re bad enough to make age old massage parlors look like upmarket condos. Customers can expect mold and water damage on the walls, old linens on the bed and ancient looking towels. At least the windows and blinds work well.

As few customers go to places like Saigon Girl for the looks of the rooms I won’t dwell on the quarters any longer. What really matters is the staff and the services offered. As I wrote previously the women who work at Saigon Girl are in general among the best looking on Soi 6. Most are in their early or mid twenties with slim fit bodies. A few are slightly more curvy but overweight women are nowhere to be found. The service provided tends to be above average even for Soi 6. There will always be exceptions but this is the perception I get. Surprisingly very few women offer A level service but a few do have it on the menu for a negotiable premium.

As with other bars on Soi 6 the women at Saigon Girl tend to ask for 1000 Baht ($31 US) for a short romp. At times this rate can be negotiated down to the old standard rate of 700 Baht but there are no guarantees and many punters undoubtedly find such haggling more trouble than it’s worth. Payment is usually rendered after services and drinks at Saigon Girl which is another old standard.

The atmosphere at Saigon Girl is peaceful and there’s no rush on in any department. These are extra benefits to everything else that has been mentioned.

As an above average bar on Soi 6 I give Saigon Girl a slightly higher than average score of three stars. If the rooms were a bit nicer I would definitely give it a higher score but I can understand why the owners would keep things as they are for as long as possible. In one respect it’s nice to see dingy old aspects like that survive.

Saigon Girl. Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 1:00 PM until 1:00 AM. Website:

29 thoughts on “Review: Saigon Girl Bar in Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. I have visited Pattaya 3 or 4 times over the past couple of years and always made a point to check out the action on Soi 6, which used to be a favorite destination of mine many years ago. But during these more recent visits I had a hard time finding more than a tiny handful of girls on the entire soi that I would be wiling to spend the time, money and energy on. Worse, of the 3 or 4 “attractive” girls I encountered on the block during my last couple of trips, the only response I got to a discrete and polite request for BBBJ CIM was a look of shocked disgust and, no joke, a lecture about what a sick f*ck I must be to expect any Thai girl to do such a thing for a man, how I’ll never find one who will, go find a ladyboy, blah, blah, blah. A total buzz kill even knowing what a crock of bull it is. But that response or something very close to it is what I’ve gotten from the several “attractive” Soi 6 girls I have met over the past couple of years all the same so I’ve not bothered to return to Pattaya for many months now. Bangkok is the place for me. Pattaya used to be. But no more.

    However, your review and the video of the staff at Saigon Girl suggests there are lots of genuinely attractive girls there, giving me hope that there might be at least one among 20 or 30 of them who will agree to provide a BBBJ CIM experience with a minimum of lecturing, scolding and negative buzz kill vibe about it. Sheer volume of opportunities might be working in my favor. So I might head down there again to find out over the next few months. Thanks.

    1. You have made a lot of similar comments on this on this website. I don’t think I have ever come out and asked a woman if she would do an uncovered blowjob to completion yet I have never had a problem getting that service when that was what I was looking for. That’s especially true in Soi 6 where at least four establishments (some of which have already been reviewed here) operate along the lines of the blowjob bar and offer it as a standard to anyone who is able to walk in and sit down in a chair. Cheers.

    2. Well, bear in mind I’m talking about the best looking girls in a venue, even on the entire stretch of an area like Soi 6, as I suggested in my comment. I don’t generally outright ask a hard case or even an ordinary looking girl in a given venue much of anything since it can generally be assumed they won’t balk at much of anything at crunch time (the venue exception in my experience being Oily or Soapy Massage Shops. At this point, I have no reason to believe anything a mamasan, papasan, the menu or the ugliest hard case girl in the place assures me about what will happen in the room. lol). But the hottest girls in a given venue or area are a different matter altogether. I don’t think it is surprising at all to discover, for example, that the 3 or 4 hottest girls in a go-go bar or on all of Soi 6 (as relative as the term “attractive” might be in each case) have managed to get so many passes on finishing a blowjob as a CIM blowjob instead of as a handjob from low demand customers and/or on the strength of just their relative good looks that they don’t see any reason to treat the next guy any differently. That is, unless that next guy makes it known he isn’t a low demand customer and won’t be content to give them a pass on the issue.

      So that is why I cover those details with those kinds of girls. I’m not sure why my asking such a thing would be considered unusual since “tell the girl what you want” or “tell the mamasan/papasan what you want” is one of the most commonly repeated pieces of advice on just about every P4P topic website I’ve ever read. Can’t see why my actually doing so in this or any other instance would be worthy of special note.

      On the other hand, rockit, what is worthy of special note is your remarkable track record of never failing to get a BBBJ CIM (unless you meant something by the term “to completion” that I did not mean or imply) when you’ve wanted one from any P4P girl, every one of whom can apparently telepathically sense that is what you want this time while other times they can telepathically sense you’d rather have a covered BJ or have it converted at crunch time into a handjob, etc., all without a word being uttered about it or a request being made of it either way. Congratulations, my man.

      1. When I want that service I usually go to a place where I know it is offered. I don’t go to a pizza shop and order fried rice.

    3. Sure. If I go to a pizza shop…and order pizza…I wouldn’t expect them set a plate of fried rice in front of me either. But all bets are off if I just sit down and don’t order anything at all and expect them to get my order right.

      You know that BBBJ CIM will be delivered without exception by, for example, every provider at Saigon Girl without you or anyone else having to ask one for it beforehand? How would you know that? Is it listed on a menu you can merely point to with an ironclad money-back guarantee if not provided?

      I’m sorry, but when did “tell the girl/mamasan/papasan what you want before choosing” get dropped as an age-old conventional rule of thumb in the P4P mongerer life style and mental telepathy take over?

      1. I don’t know what the “P4P mongerer life style” is. Like I said, when I want pizza I go to a pizza shop. When I want a blowjob to completion and nothing more I go to a blowjob bar. There are some on Soi 6 in Pattaya. There are others in other places. When I want full service I go to a place that offers that. When I want a hand job I go to a place that offers that. I’ve been using commercial sex facilities for years and years in countries all around the world and I can count the number of negative experiences I have had on one hand so my approach has worked for me. Your approach appears to be different but I don’t know that it works any better since you have made multiple comments here complaining that you weren’t able to get what wanted in various establishments. I don’t know what else to say. Cheers.

    4. rockit, the establishments where I have complained here about not getting what I wanted (after paying for a conventional service and/or verifying a service with a mamasan based on it being listed on a menu, that is, an important distinction vs merely discussing it with a girl upfront as one would at a place like Saigon Girl) were some massage shops, venues that I admit have been an absolute disaster for me in general, but for reasons more suitable for another thread. However, as I read reviews of some of those shops for which you have given high marks, it looks to me like I am not the only one finding them less than rewarding experiences.

      I guess I just can’t see the net value in keeping it so departmentalized. I have gotten some of the best, most memorable blowjobs of my life from P4P girls like go-go dancers and freelancers who never worked in a BJ bar, never even heard of a BJ bar and had no idea they even existed within blocks of their bar or typical stroll. And several of the best shags I’ve ever had were with girls who never worked anywhere but a BJ bar.

      I have found the crossovers to be well worth the occasional disappointment. Nobody’s life is changed in the asking or in the reply, no matter what it is. Hell, I might not even know what kind of pleasure I want with a particular girl until I’ve met her, talked to her, gotten to know her a bit, assessed her various qualities both physical and in terms of her personality and so on. To simply walk out the door at 5PM determined only to get, say, a BJ or FS by 7PM from a technician who specializes in such a thing at an establishment that only cranks out the particular service seems kind of cold, overly formal and impersonal to me. But, different strokes for sure.

    5. By asking for something in detail, you provide her the opportunity to say “no” without losing face. Just be polite, treat her nicely, work it to what you want and you’ll nearly always get it, because she loses face if the customer is not satisfied. And if you don’t get it, it’s cost you next to nothing, and there are plenty of other bars and providers in the soi.

    6. Macho picho, I totally agree with you about being polite and treating the girl nicely. I’m sure that is why I nearly always get what I want and more often than not get more than I even expected. But would you say that, during the course of a typical polite and nice negotiation before committing to pay a barfine or adjourning to a short time room, asking if she would be willing to perform a BBBJ CIM is too much detail for girls at a place like Saigon Girl, the go-go bars, beer bars, the freelancers, even the BJ bargirls of Thailand?

    7. rockit, I don’t think you are reading my posts. I haven’t been talking about asking a girl in a BJ bar if she does bjs. I have been talking about asking a Thai P4P girl in a place like Saigon Girl and various other venues if she would perform a BBBJ CIM. I’m not talking about what you just posted, nor am I talking about what you have repeatedly referred to as “uncovered blowjob to completion”. Left up to the provider to decide, as you apparently are happy do in every case of your P4P experiences (and good for you to be so easily pleased with what you pay money for in P4P situations. I mean that), an uncovered blowjob to completion too often isn’t even a blowjob. It is a handjob with some oral foreplay thrown in.

      I’m honestly not interested in paying for such a low level of service as “uncovered blowjob to completion” in these cases and would whole-heartedly agree with you that there is little reason to discuss or negotiate such a low level of service prior to choosing a girl, during the act or at the very moment of ejaculation since it would have to be one of the easiest and lowest value services a P4P girl could ever provide…short of, perhaps, a covered blowjob go completion, a covered blowjob without completion, a handjob finish with no oral foreplay thrown in at all or, should the overly accommodating low demand customer be fine with it, having the customer sit in the corner and give himself a handjob while the girl plays cookie crush on her smartphone.

      BBBJ CIM is a very, very different and, imo, much higher level of service than whatever a girl decides at some point in the encounter constitutes an “uncovered blowjob to completion”.

      1. I have read them all so far but to tell you the truth I may stop at some point in the very near future as I’m starting to find them tedious.

    8. To continue with your restaurant analogy, Burger King also sells french fries. Lots of ’em. And in some cases, customers go to Burger King and only order french fries, are fine with french fries, only want french fries and are not interested in having a beef burger, a chicken burger, a fish burger or a milk shake. So if I walk up to the counter with a $5 bill in my hand but say nothing, point to nothing, ask for nothing, I don’t expect that they will psychically divine what it is I’d like to have today and I would totally understand if they handed me a bag of fries instead of a burger or vice versa.

      Therefore, when I go to Burger King, I actually ask for a burger before I hand over the money. In Thailand, I ask for a beef burger…a Whopper, no onion, no set, a milk shake, a small Coke Zero, and no fries. Eat here, not take away.

      But if my money was taken and I was then given a large bag of fries and nothing else, I don’t think it would be out of line for me to, ya’ know, mention it on a website more or less devoted to posting reviews of Burger Kings around the world. Do you?

      1. Workers at Burger King can make mistakes and give you the wrong order. That’s easily fixed by pointing it out them by the way. No need to post an essay about it online when you can just tell the people on staff at the time and have the problem corrected. On the other hand anyone who can manage to find their way to a blowjob bar will get a blowjob unless they are unruly, unclean or showing signs of obvious sores or something.

    9. I absolutely agree with you there, rockit. But before the staff at Burger King can get my order right or wrong, I generally have to place it first. Maybe some day I will develop the ability to go into Burger Kings for years and years in countries all around the world, say nothing, order nothing, ask for nothing, point to nothing and yet still be able to honestly and with justifiable pride say and recall that I can count the number of times any one of them got my order wrong on one hand, as it has been for you in the commercial sex facilities all around the world.

      Unfortunately, I humbly admit after only 25 years or so of such P4P experiences in countries all around the world, I can’t seem to get past the hurdle of actually communicating my order at the counter before handing over the money if there is any chance at all of them getting it right. But I’ll keep working on it.

    10. Of course not. As I am sure you are aware, at most Thai blowjob bars, the girls are unabashedly vocal outside about what is on tap inside. However, if I were to approach a bar in a different country where it isn’t clear what is on tap and none of the staff says anything other than “take a look inside” while taking my hand and trying to pull me in, I might certainly ask a girl who peaked my interest enough to sit alone with her for a moment at least something about what she is willing to do for me and wouldn’t expect her to read my mind about it.

      Similarly, if a newbie had never read your or other such sites and stumbled upon Lolita’s for the first time, assuming none of the girls communicated what kind of bar it was or what they did upstairs, I think it would be totally understandable, even highly advisable, for that customer to ask a question or two.

      And, imo, if the answer to a question like, “Do you perform BBBJ CIM?” was responded to with anything other than a clear “yes” and was instead was responded to with something in her manner of speaking anything like, “Oh, sure, I give you a blowjob to completion…”, I’d probably advise the guy who was looking for a genuine BBBJ CIM to choose another lady or move on to another bar because what she has just communicated to him was that he probably won’t get a BBBJ CIM from her but will get, at best, a handjob with some oral foreplay thrown in.

      1. Judging by what you say my experiences have been totally different here and almost everywhere. The first time I went to a blow job bar I got the hint very fast when I saw the guys around me getting sucked off in their respective booths. There was no room for confusion. Cheers.

    11. Forgive the brutal directness, rockit. But you do recognize that your responses to my replies to your questions are totally off point and rather silly, right?

      1. Brutal directness is a welcome relief from your usual long meandering posts. I respond to whatever I want in whatever way I want. That’s a luxury of running a website. You’re free to stop reading or open your own website if you don’t like what you see here. Cheers.

    12. I like the way you respond, rockit. Nothing wrong with being off point and silly. Silly is entertaining, your stated sole purpose in establishing this site, which I like quite a bit.

      Still, now you’ve peaked my curiosity. With regard to your response above, what about your method of only going to places where you already know they offer this or that service so you never have to ask a question or request anything before being thoroughly satisfied with what they hand you? Since you’d been taken by hand into that blowjob bar in utter silence, not yet discovering it was a blowjob bar until you were deep into it and saw guys around you being sucked off in their cubicles, what if you had set your mind earlier that day on going to a place that offered anal sex or Full Service? Houston, We’ve Got a Problem.

      Of course, many blowjob bars do offer Full Service. But does that mean you would have to be allowed to wander up another flight of stairs, open a few short time room doors and actually see with your own eyes that guys were getting FS in this particular BJ bar before you’d find out about it? I mean, considering your principle of not asking upfront or requesting anything of the girls in the venues you choose, that is.

      In my experience, which as you say is apparently nothing like yours, the girls outside blowjob bars are generally quite vocal about telling potential customers what is on tap and that is enough information for me except in cases where I’ve never heard of the place or that it might not be clear upfront due to language differences or establishment policy. In which cases, I have no reason not to ask under the proper circumstances.

      But even in that case, I wouldn’t as a girl in a BJ bar if she gave blowjobs. lol. In fact, I wouldn’t ask that question of any P4P girl, go-go girl, freelancer, etc. Thanks to low demand customers not expecting much of their girls and the P4P staff’s understandable eagerness to exploit any such weakness in communication, the answer would most certainly be “yes”, but that answer would not give the customer any useful information at all. The definition of “blowjob”, as it is with “GFE” and “PSE”, has been so reduced it could mean something as rudimentary as licking around the edges before slipping on a condom for FS or mere “blowjob to completion” (i.e. a handjob with some oral foreplay thrown in).

      BBBJ CIM is what I still consider a real blowjob even if low demand customers and opportunists within the industry have allowed it be to reduced to something far less. I’ve had thousands of them over decades of mongering. But in the process I have had thousands more objectively defined GFE and PSE with regard to FS. It’s been about 65% real GFE/PSE to 35% BBBJ CIM for me, always my choice when my girl and I are in the room. And I can’t say I’ve done it in so regimented and departmentalized a fashion as only going to a place that offers one or the other based on a desire I have earlier in the day or evening. It depends far more on whether I am attracted to the girl, not the “service”, and which of those two experiences I feel like having with her when the time comes.

      It has been quite easy to determine if the girl, any girl in any venue, would engage in those activities with me at a fair going rate within two simple questions, three at most if I haven’t seen the girl naked just yet. And none of those questions is “Do you give blowjobs?” Using my method, it rarely requires me to go as far as engaging a third girl in a given day or night to find the right one, which is why the rather unheard of three engagements I mentioned in my first post in this thread was so notable.

      And my success rate in getting what I want at that point is remarkably high. It is extremely rare for me not to then get what I want and paid for. By contrast, the one and only time within memory when I didn’t get what I wanted and paid for was in a massage shop where, interestingly, it was pretty much spelled out in a menu and assured by the mamasan that I would get it, the very kind of situation you are drawn to rather than asking any questions or requesting anything of the girl. That was Love Teen Massage. My review for it here and elsewhere explains that BBBJ was definitely a menu item, but not CIM. So I discretly and politely asked the mamasan and she outright lied to me about CIM being standard among all her girls for the BBBJ service. Not this time, not this girl. lol.

      However, even then I easily could have opted for “blowjob to completion”, which was what my girl in that case hurriedly tried to convince me to replace a real blowjob with as soon as the door closed behind us. But I wasn’t interested in wasting my cum on that.

      Considering I’ve only given the massage shop option about a dozen tries over the years, one “failure to get what I wanted” is an extremely high rate of failure for just that one type of venue compared to the tiny number of disappointments I have experienced after employing my two question method to thousands and thousands of go-go dancers, beer bar girls, freelancers, semi-pros, current and former BJ bar girls, etc., over the years.

      The other times I’ve given bad reviews (“complaining”, as you put it) were not a case of my not getting what I paid for. The girls at Bamboo Massage and Cherry Massage were certainly providing what I requested. With a vengeance! lol. I have no reason to suspect they would not have ultimately completed the service I chose, but I aborted the mission because they were just so godawful at it. That is very different from not getting it at all.

      1. Years ago before the internet was as common as it is now there were few ways to find out what was going on in any particular place. You could rely on word of mouth, you could walk in and look around or you could ask. I’ve always been more of an observer so I was usually able to look around and figure out what was going on fairly quickly. Asking for certain services up front strikes me as a little crass. That’s not to say the women doing the work aren’t often crass themselves but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to be. Nowadays I usually try to know before I go or when discovering new places I go with the flow and see what happens. There are ways to hint around and find things out without asking directly or risking putting anyone off. It has always worked for me. If and when I’ve left a place unsatisfied I used the knowledge going forward to try to avoid running into the same problem again. Cheers.

  2. There are social niceties and norms to be followed, even in the mongering world. As long as you ask at the right time and place, you can find pretty much anything you want in Pattaya. I have some friends through social media who very much “work the scene” in Pattaya but they also do not consider themselves “working girls” in the classic sense. Solicitations made to them openly are rebuffed openly. Intimacies extended with discretion are met favorably.

    Rockit brings some class to our favorite hobby. Let’s keep that in mind fellas!

    1. I see now that the term I should have used was yours, Jack, “the mongering world”, rather than “the P4P mongerer’s lifestyle” since it appears it was understood immediately and without confusion. And, if the point you were making was referencing my posts on this thread, I assure you I have never, not one time in my life, ever “openly” asked a girl if she would be perform a certain sexual service for me, although I have also never noticed a shortage of P4P ladies in Pattaya fully capable of practically shouting across the Soi what they would be willing to do for me and just about any other man in the vicinity. I assume none of those many, many Pattaya girls are the ones you chat with on social media.

      That is why I said that my request was discrete and polite. I am talking about as quiet, private and intimate a conversation over a drink or one-on-one in very close proximity as you can have with a girl in whatever venue I patronize.

  3. Muhammed “Say My Name” Ali

    What a larger coming from you, the guy who won’t stop gnashing his teeth over an ability to get his ass to Thailand bc of the plague.

    Stand in line for the face punch brother.

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