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In a recent post I wrote “there’s only so much that can be said about Pattaya, Thailand’s infamous Soi 6.” Apparently the limit has not been reached. As long as I have interesting or notable things to write about I will keep on keeping on. Hopefully the readers will come along for the ride.

Red Point is probably one of the most well known bars on Soi 6 and there’s are good reasons for that. One is that it’s bigger than a lot of other bars. Another reason is that there are always rows of women sitting outside. You might say all bars on Soi 6 have women seated outside and you’d be right, but the women at Red Point tend to be a little more attractive on average.

Women at Red Point Bar

Notice I write average. There are all sorts of women on staff and one man’s beauty is another man’s no thank you mam. In general most of the women that work at Red Point are fit and in their early to mid twenties. Quite a few have children but even many of those who do show no obvious signs of motherhood.

The women at Red Point Bar aren’t necessarily the friendliest bunch on the block but neither are they all cold and distant. It’s always tough to characterize an entire staff and even if it could be done precisely it wouldn’t tell the whole story. Surely the women working Soi 6 are generally all about their money. That goes for any job in the world. There are always gems to be found and genuine intimate moments can be fished out at times by those who desire them.

Inside Red Point Bar

Soi 6 is known most for its straight shooting atmosphere. Everyone knows what’s going down and there are no need for lies about love and relationships. If a guy has the money he can get some honey. The women who work at Red Point Bar epitomize what the place is all about. Some may find this to their liking while others will not. There’s a place and time for everything I guess.

The large bar area on the ground floor of Red Point is dark but well kept. It’s usually empty except for one or two punters there to share a drink with a gal before or after a session. One could certainly show up to have a drink and nothing more but that would be missing the point.

Customers can select one of the women sitting outside to join them inside or they can take whoever is next in line. Then they can purchase a drink for themselves and if they’d like a 100 Baht (around $3 US) lady drink for their new partner. If they’d like to go a little further they can indicate this to their gal of the hour and then move on to one of the rooms upstairs. Guys who don’t want to stop for a drink before moving upstairs are under no obligation to do so. They can simply find one of the women downstairs and ask them if they would join them upstairs.


There was a time when the fees on Soi 6 were basically set. In recent years 1000 Baht ($31 USD) got a guy a barfine, a room for an hour and and hour of a service provider’s time. The barfine remains the same at most places but Red Point has raised it to 350 Baht. Women on Soi 6 are now asking for various prices depending on any number of factors. At some of the older establishments the 1000 Baht all inclusive price is still standard. At places like Red Point it’s not.

At Red Point and a few other nearby venues women now often ask for 1000 Baht. Added to the 350 Baht given to the bar this brings the grand total to 1350 Baht ($42 USD). This rise is prices is unavoidable and it’s obviously still within reason but it is worth noting. Regular customers, guys who go way back and those willing to haggle may be able to get the prices down a bit. Whether or not that’s something that should be done is a debate for another time. The barfine is not up for discussion.

Payment for drinks and barfine at Red Point is usually asked for up front but regular or trusted customers can pay on the way out. The women are typically given their money after the fun is over.

Rooms, service, and summary

Possibly the best thing about Red Point bar is that their rooms are very nice for the area. This doesn’t mean that they are 5 star suites suitable for dignitaries but they are a huge step above most other short time quarters on the street. The rooms are large, clean, well decorated and well kept. The bathrooms could fit in any quality hotel without anyone blinking an eye.

Service provided at Red Point is typically good. There will always be exceptions but most of the gals know how to get the job done. It’s not the kind of place where a “girlfriend experience” is common but it’s not a hole in the wall pump and dump either. Like I said, the women know their job and are willing to work it. Rumor has it that a higher than normal number of women at working at Red Point also provide A level service though this may come at a premium.

Once the deed is done things can go where they will. In most cases this means the punter heads back out the door and the gal heads back to the front to rejoin the line up and find another customer. This is the world of Soi 6.

With a nice bar area, large and skilled staff, and large clean rooms, Red Point Bar is a cut above the average Soi 6 short time shack. Because of that I give it an above average score of three stars. If they stuck to the 300 Baht barfine I would probably have given them another half star but maybe I’m just living in the past.

Address:Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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