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King Kong is a short time bar on Soi 6. I have already reviewed a number of blowjob bars in Pattaya including several which are located on the city’s infamous Soi 6 row. This area is one of the last remnants of the old Pattaya that for decades drew in men from around the world.

With a push on to clean things up in words if not in deeds there is always a chance that Soi 6 will at some point be cleaned up and turned into another sterile row of Thai massage parlors and shops selling slogan covered t-shirts to tourists groups traveling by minivan.

A video of some barely dressed ladyboys acting a bit wild on the soi recently made the rounds in Thailand. A momentary outrage was provoked and people began to discuss the question of whether the soi should be allowed to exist. The media stepped in to ask if certain areas should be zoned “family friendly”. Since most space is family friendly it would probably make more sense for the few zones of adult entertainment to be zoned as such as is the case in other countries and even with Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza in Bangkok. Making sense is unfortunately not what a lot of people are after.

King King on Soi 6

King Kong doesn’t have any scantily clad ladies out in the street flagging down potential customers but it has been around for a while filling the needs of a constant stream of customers. The bar is located on the south side of the road about half way up from the beach.

The sign for the bar is red. The front of the bar is too. Inside it even has red lighting. The bar area sits in the front. Some large couches sit in the back. Customers can find a gal on staff to join them on the couches for some Baht. Most seem happy to engage in most circumstances.

King Kong blowjob bar in Pattaya

Private rooms are available upstairs. Guys looking for more intimate quarters can find one of the ten or so women on staff to join them there. The rate for this is standard for the area. Guys pay three hundred Baht to the bar and one thousand Baht to the lady that strikes their fancy.

The women vary wildly in looks. There are ladies on staff who are probably forty years old with a lot of experience under their belts. There are also gals in their low twenties who are fit and attractive. There is definitely no uniform level of attractiveness. How could there be anyway? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Inside King King

Heading up the stairs leads to a very hot upper floor. Each room is fitted with fully functioning air conditioner units but the halls are left to steam. This makes sense from the point of view of the owners who are trying to make a buck but that doesn’t mean the heat doesn’t still have an impact.

The rooms aren’t bad at all especially considering the area. Some bars nearby have rooms that look like they may blow over in the next stiff wind. The quarters at King Kong are outfitted with big beds and mirrored walls.

Things are kept pretty clean too. That’s no small feat in an area where so many people pass through. Especially for a BJ bar. With customers coming and going it would be all too easy to let rooms serve as low maintenance stopping stations which is probably why so many places do exactly that.

The management at King Kong obviously cares and that is also seen in the women on staff. They provide services with skill and seem to generally want to take care of customers for the time they spend together. It’s no surprise then that the place has a lot of loyal repeat visitors. Three stars.

Address:Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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