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Review: KYO F-Motion

I still remember the first time I saw a pocket pussy. It was a long time ago in a porno magazine advert. The thing really sparked my imagination. Getting my hands on an actual male masturbator years later convinced me that these adult toys are worth the price. Years later I discovered the world of Japanese onaholes which are basically high end pocket pussies that come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and themes.

KYO F-Motion complete in box

Earlier this century I was blown away once again when I came across an automatic masturbator in a Tokyo adult shop. The surprisingly clean looking apparatus was just like a more advanced pocket pussy with a well-hidden internal motor that did the hard work for you. I actually didn’t try that machine out. Though later on I did give another similar machine a go. Needless to say, I was impressed.

These days the level of technology has advanced to the point where even the home bound have access to great sexual pleasure at arms reach. Case in point is the KYO-F Motion which is so advanced and incredible that it blows the old pocket wankers out of the water. I simply wouldn’t have been able to wrap my mind around this thing a few years ago. Though now I am able to wrap this thing around my member, and it’s a lot better than anything I could’ve imagined.

A high tech sex toy

The KYO F-Motion looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Yet the toy is still totally accessible and easy to use. At 43 centimeters long (~17 inches) it is quite the tool. Though it is quite easy to handle in terms of weight and grip.

KYO F-Motion open

The handfree onahole is packed with a long lasting battery that can make the machine go for forty five minutes. I don’t know how many guys would be able to last two hours with this high powered pickle polisher. But it’s great to know that the power is there for such a marathon session.

Just looking at the thing you might mistake the F-Motion for some sort of computer gaming component or automated beard shaver. But when you flip up the cap you reveal a white square with a perfectly sized opening in the middle where you can insert your Johnson.

Fuck Motion and Full Motion

Inside the hole are a high number of clear nubs that caress the glans like so many miniature fingers. They massage the phallus in a way that cannot easily be duplicated. Use this toy is not like stroking your own meat with your hand. Nor is it like having actual sex with a woman. Instead it is intense and pure pleasure.

KYO F-Motion inside

The reason this sexmachine for men is called the “F-Motion” is that it provides both “fuck motion” and “full motion” modes. The one reminds me of the spinning ribbon blowjob performed by highly skilled service providers in Macau. The other is like a full on stroke job performed with great skill and attention. At the highest speed setting it provides a whopping 200 stokes per minute. I don’t even think champion masturbator Masanobu Sato could mash his joystick that fast. Whoever programmed this thing was a world class chicken choker!

Obviously you want to lube up before playing with this or any other toy. Once you do you will enter a world of sex-love that you might not have known was possible. The KYO F-Motion is really intense. It induces mind boggling orgasms that almost make you wonder if anything else is necessary.

The best thing about the KYO F-Motion is that is easily available at a reasonable price. Another thing I like about this male sex toy is the USB charger. There’s no need to buy batteries. You just plug it in and it charges up for repeated use. Clean out is easy too since the soft sleeve can be removed for easy maintenance. This is one of the best male masturbators I have seen, plain and simple. Five stars.

The KYO F-Motion is available at Motsu Toys.

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