Review: Kittens Bar in Pattaya, Thailand


Kittens Bar which is certainly not to be confused with nearby Kitten Club is one of the newer blowjob bars in Pattaya. It has been around for a while at this point but it opened long after well known places like Bliss were already established.

While Bliss is a dedicated suck shop Kittens is more of a beer bar type of place that doubles as a pole polishing pub. It looks like a regular open air bar from the street. The staff usually hangs around out front unless there are customers inside buying drinking or otherwise being entertaining.

Kittens Bar on Soi 13/2

Located almost directly across the street from The Pump Station on Soi 13/2, Kittens has a staff made up of several Thai ladies who are mainly in their twenties. That means they are decidedly younger on average than there competition across the road.

Kittens BJ Bar pattaya

Most guys who visit Kittens also think that the majority of the women are good looking. More than a few have said that Kittens has a better looking staff than most other bars of the same type in the city. Beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder but customers vote with their feet.

The women at Kittens

Although Kittens is generally recognized as having attractive women on staff it never seems to get crowded. Guys do visit of course but there are always free seats and unaccompanied staff members at Kittens. That seems to be true of nearly every bar in the area though. Perhaps there are just too many bars in Pattaya for any of them to get full outside of special events.

Being a newer bar Kittens still has a relatively nice interior. The bar is more closed off to the street than some others like it thanks to a pair of sliding doors in the front covered with some sort of full size sticker. In that regard Kittens is similar to many of the bars at the top of Soi 6 like My Friend You. It doesn’t offer absolute discretion to be sure but customers at Kittens are less likely to be spotted from the street than guys talking to ladyboy freelancers on Walking Street.

Prices and services

The women at Kittens don’t push hard for extras. Most seem more than content to sit and drink with customers in the bar. That said the usual services are definitely on offer at rates that are comparable with most similar venues in the city. The women working in the bar charge 800 Baht ($24 USD) for oral and 1000 Baht ($30 USD) for full service.

Action does not take place in the bar. As is now the norm in most area places the services are rendered in private rooms resembling bed chambers located upstairs. The rooms are relatively clean and fairly well maintained. The skill levels of the women range from mediocre to average. As far as I know there are no real star performers at Kittens though I may be wrong. At least one of the women has posted pictures of herself with several different farang on social media websites in recent weeks so perhaps she has something special to offer that keeps bringing guys in. Two stars.

Address:Soi 13/2, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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