Review: The Pump Station 1 at Pattaya, Thailand


Many moons ago this website published a review of the infamous Pump Station in Pattaya. That write up came when the once popular bar appeared to be on its last legs.

Blowjobs bars are obviously not a part of normal conversation for most people. Those in the know to some degree or another often refer to the “good old days” when bars had cut outs in them so that punters could get sucked off while drinking their beers. I do not claim to know everything there is to know about the commercial sex industry around the world but the only place I know that ever actually had a bar with the aforementioned cut outs was the Pump Station.

Pump station blowjob bar Pattaya

Years ago service providers sat under those curtains

Despite that the bar took a sort of nosedive at one point which coincidentally came not long after the cut out bar was taken out of commission. One by one the staff disappeared and the once strong customer base dwindled accordingly. In the middle of the decade it seemed like the Pump Station was destined to become just another Thai massage shop or mediocre restaurant.

Then suddenly the Pump Station closed only to be refurbished and reopen as the new Pump Station 1 with a counterpart located a few doors down called Pump Station 2. Pump Station 1 operates in the original location but it does not follow the same methods as the old Pump Station did during its last days. Apparently there are also plans in the works to open another Pump Station branch over on Soi 6.

The Pump Station 1 is located in one of the many shophouse style buildings on Soi 13/2. The ground floor leaves absolutely nothing to imagination as the entire front is open to the street. That means that anyone walking down the road can looking into the bar though they won’t normally see much more happening than perhaps one or two guys having a drink with a handful of ladies.

The few ladies who work at the Pump Station 1 are mainly ladies from the Isaan region in their thirties though there are one or two women in their twenties who work at the bar too. Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder but most of the gals at the Pump Station 1 would probably be considered average by a majority of guys. Unlike the old Pump Station in its last days there are no extremely large women working at the shop but a few are on the older side.

The management at The Pump Station 1 undoubtedly has something to do with the new look and business model. A floor manager in her thirties with tattooed eyebrows and braces looks over things most days. She is a bit aggressive and can push customers to go upstairs with ladies at times which is a big contrast from the old days when the one or two women on staff would barely look up from their phones if a guy entered the bar.

The cut out bar has not returned to the Pump Station though oral services are still on the menu for 800 baht ($24 USD). Action takes place in the rooms above the bar which are reached from a set of stairs at the back. The rooms are the standard for Pattaya bars of this type which means that they are relatively clean and equipped with a bed and a television. The porn videos present at the old Pump Station seem to have disappeared however.

The actual service at any place with multiple women on staff will be varied but generally speaking the mode of operations at The Pump Station 1 seems to be to get customers off and out in the shortest possible amount of time. Although the place is one of pubs sometimes called a “hands free bar” a lot of hand is used by the ladies who seem to prefer tugging to using their mouths. Unlike most of the similar bars in the country and around the world customers at the Pump Station 1 are often asked or expected to finish on their own away from any orifices.

The Pump Station 1 is a lot more lively than its predecessor was in its last days but it is still nothing like the original Pump that was widely talked about among men around the world back in the days before the internet was so widespread. It may even be due to the things like widespread internet access that places like the original Pump Station and some others like it no longer exist. One star.

Address:Soi 13/2, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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