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Review: Dio / Emotion in Tokyo, Japan

Dio is another blowjob bar in the Gotanda section of Tokyo, Japan. Gotanda is actually home to a few shops but like most of the sex industry in Japan they by and large don’t accept customers who are not Japanese themselves.

Dio is easy to find, just steps from the Gotanda Station. The shop is clearly marked with a blue sign and there is always at least one Japanese tout standing outside in the street to welcome in customers.

You may be wondering why I’ve listed Dio together with Emotion. The reason for that is that the two are connected and depending on when one visits they may be sent to either. Recently it seems that customers get the ground level shop, though that may change at any time in the future.

Like most suck shops in Japan, the menu at Dio offers a wide variety of options including short and long sessions and a rotation of multiple ladies. Unfortunately for the foreigner visitor who cannot speak Japanese, the only course offered in a 50 minute session with two ladies at a rate of 7000 Yen (69 USD) depending.

The protocol at Dio is similar to that of Jan Jan or the old Strawberry Club. The customer enters and pays his bill in a little curtained off area in the front of the shop. After that they are guided by a male staff member to one of several booths. As usual everything is open and one can easily see and hear what is going on in the other booths but obviously looking at any other customer is a big no no.

Dio is a small place but there’s room enough to maneuver for the most part (except when all of the booths are full and grown men are forced to sit on little stools in the curtained off area in the front waiting for a place to free up).

Music is played at Dio but it’s not as loud or annoying as it is in some other similar shops. That’s a good thing. The management breaks in regularly with directions for the gals and announcements of new customers but this too is easy to ignore.

There doesn’t seem to be a huge staff at Dio. There are several gals listed on the website but I’ve never seen more than a half dozen in action. Even that is probably an overestimation. The ladies wear revealing silky outfits that are easy to remove, but to be honest I’d prefer if a few of them kept their kits on.

I’m not in the habit of berating women on the basis of their looks but in the sexual service industry looks certainly do matter and deserve comment. While I have seen one or two very sexy women at Dio it is certainly not the norm. The average gal slurping and burping at Dio is very probably older and larger than most readers here would like.

Blowjob shops aren’t know for having the most beautiful women. That’s especially true in Tokyo when it comes to the shops that accept foreigners. I’ve seen some real gems go in and out of BJ bars in Otsuka but those clubs usually don’t accept gaijin. The reasons should be obvious. When a bob job is all one requires look don’t necessarily matter much. At places like Dio though the gal providing the service gets completely nude and things like tit fondling and fingering are not only available to customers but pretty much par for the course.

Besides being forced into a higher price bracket, foreigners who venture into Dio seem to get the least attractive women sent to them. Some of these lasses are obese or old enough to be someone’s grandmother. They all seem able to provide at least an acceptable level of service, but I haven’t seen anything so good as to make their appearance irrelevant. Surely most guys would be able to get a load off at Dio but I could understand a least a few wouldn’t be up to the challenge.

With the two lady rotation it’s possible for customers to get off one or two loads. If they don’t shoot in the first session the gal will continue on until the 25 minutes is up. The second lady will come soon after and try to finish the job. Guys who shoot before either session is up have the fun of sitting with their lady of the half-hour to chat and perhaps do a bit of petting.

As a run of the mill blowjob bar with a higher price for foreigners I don’t think Dio is a great place by any means. In fact it’s probably my least favorite pinsaro of all of the foreigner-friendly locations in Japan. Throw in a staff that on average has a pretty low level in the looks department and you end up with a shop that doesn’t deserve much in the way of a score. I give Dio a star-and-a-half though even that may be too much.

If I was in the area and incredibly desperate for a blowjob I might stop in. But even then I probably wouldn’t.

Dio / Emotion. Gotanda, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 12:00 PM until 12:00 AM. Website:

48 thoughts on “Review: Dio / Emotion in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. I was very excited to see a new review from you Rockit but then I saw it was for Dio.
    Nonetheless it was another great read! And it certainly made up my mind about the place. I’ve been there before and like you said, the girls are very average there. I was thinking of going there for the weekend but I think I rather go to New Hot Point again.

    Do you have any other reviews in Tokyo coming up soon?

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

    1. Hi David. Thanks for the comment. I think that New Hot Point is a much better place than Dio. That is reflected in the reviews and score for each here on the site. You’ll be happy to know that I have several Tokyo reviews in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

  2. Stopped by Dio for the 2nd time. Much better experience this time. They did not flag me down but once I inquired they were very gaijin friendly.. I went upstairs this time. Dio is downstairs so I assume it is Emotion. I was lucky and had two young girls (late 20s). The 2nd had a little baby fat but was attractive. The first girls name was Karin.. A few notes, I had trouble finding the first time since the area is so large. Just make sure you are at the train exit “A6”. When you see the “Nippon rent a car” you are on the right street. It is back that way on the right. Good luck. I will try Hot Point soon.

  3. Thank you Paul for the detailed instructions..Rockit, as much as I love your reports, please include more details on how to find them. Many people will be in Tokyo the first time like me, hence very unfamiliar with the sourroundings.

    1. This website is meant for entertainment only. Any information provided is incidental and only helps to paint a picture of a place. I found all the places reviewed on this website on my own. Anyone who can’t find a place when a map is provided pinpointing the location probably shouldn’t be traveling. Cheers.

  4. Rockit, mostly you are covering the low end of the bj bar scene. Any suggestion for the mid and upper end? As done yesterday and today, I will provide reviews afterwards

  5. I was there today.

    Go to Gotanda station. If you arrive on the JR line, make your way to the Asakusa line. Take exit 6. When you come up the stairs, Nippon rent a car is in front of you. Turn right. Pass the hotel and the first right; take the second right. Dio is again on your right, nearly at the turn; the blue advertisement is accurate.

    Also as said in Rockit’s report, I wasn’t given a choice. It was 7000 Yen = 56 USD = 51 EUR for 2x 20 minutes, delivered by different ladies. (They turned out to be 2x 15 minutes but that’s ok.) I went upstairs and then into a tiny waiting area having four stools and a few manga books. Two guys were in line before me. I waited less than 10 minutes I guess.

    The main room was surprisingly pleasant, as in spacey. Four couch type seatings are lined up, with plenty space and a back so high that you only see the front man’s head. It’s dim, yet you could see everything if you wanted – but that’s not the case. You will want to focus on your own business, and so do the others.

    The first lady to attend me was older; I can’t guess her age, but definitely not in her 20. She was quite chubby as well, hence not my type. With h being chubby came sizeable boobs, but they are not important to me. She wanted to cuddle etc, but I wasn’t interested. I wasn’t rude I hope, just passive. She got it and started the main business: bbbj. She was good, which again proofs the point that with a bj artist, looks and body is an added value, not the main. Not sure if I used all the time of the first lady, but I duly finished 10 or 15 minutes into the game. She picked up her stuff and said “wait, it’s change over time”.

    I was happy enough and thought I couldn’t come again so shortly afterwards – until I saw the second girl arriving: a 10/10 in my book. Young (no idea how young), very slim, practically flat on top (only large nipples). Pretty face as well. Did I want to try a second time? You bet! She hugged me and with her I played GFE for a few minutes. I also roamed all over her body and entered her with my finger (I didn’t do any of that with the first). Her bbbj skills were as good as the girl’s, just a different style. Very very enjoyable though because she was my type of girl.

    At the end I indeed didn’t finish when time is was up but I didn’t mind that at all. I liked both sessions well enough for different reasons. However, given a choice, I’d pick the second girl any time. Neither had English, but that’s not needed for this kind of transaction.

    Would I go again? Yes. Even with the girl that wasn’t my type the main business I was there for was greatly delivered. Having a girl you like is an added bonus.

    Girl 1: Body 5/10, Skill: 8/10
    Girl 2: Body 10/10, Skill: 8/10

    Note that this is a very personal result. Your miles will vary a lot.

  6. Hey Rockit,

    so on the website they have single, double (which I assume is 2 ladies) and Dio. What is Dio? Two chicks at the same time?

  7. Went there today, they charged me 9000 for 2×20 option, I was trying to talk to the guy that my friend paid 8000 to make it a little cheaper, but he was like ‘Foreigner price – 9000’, so I though ‘fuck it, I’m already here, I might as well’. I asked if there are any other options, but he either couldn’t understand me, or didn’t want to. I got in right away, there was 1 person being serviced during that time.

    First girl came in after few minutes, a bit older but still ok, gave me a hug, got naked and got to work. I played with her boobs a little bit, but that just about it from my side. Her skills were mindblowing, I like to hold it back for a little while so on purpose I didn’t finish with the first girl although I was close few times, and I was secretly hoping that second one would be hotter, God I was so wrong…

    Second girl came in, quite chubby, possibly the same girl HTBB in the comment above got as the first one. She tried a little hugging, but I wasn’t very responsive, I gave her slight hug when she tried to kiss me. I’d probably do it if the girl was hotter, I’m just super turned off by chubby/fat girls, just not my thing. She got to work, I was hoping to finish asap and get out of there, but she wasn’t as good as the first one.

    I guess there were only 2 girls working at that time, because in the mean time another person got in, and the girl I got as first one, was servicing that guy, on a side note he finished like in 2 minutes while the other one was still working on me.

    Anyways, I finally finished, and got out of there back home to take a long shower.
    Was it worth it? I guess yes, I was so curios and turned on by those places that I really felt the need to go and experience it., afterall it wasn’t bad. Would I do it again? Nope, never. After experiencing it I am 100% sure it’s not my thing.

    1. Thanks for the report. I’m not a big fan of Dio either as my review indicates. They do seem to force all foreigners into the one expensive double set. Perhaps they view it as a sort of gaijin tax. On the bright side you got one attractive woman which is more than many get. The last time I visited I got stuck with two women who were physically equipped for sumo. Cheers.

  8. Visit on 25 August

    Early afternoon seems to be the right time for me for the first session. I went back to Dio to see how a second time would pan out. (Pan without the cake, they don’t do pancakes there)

    There was a different guy out on the street today, and of course he knew immediately why I was there. Upstairs was the guy that was outside last time; he recognised me and said hello. He asked if I wanted 2 for 7000 or 3 for 9000. Well, 2 are enough, right? No waiting this time, I was shown in straight away. Today it was the second place (of four), the last one was occupied. Wall on the right, girl on the left.

    The first girl (Dio 3) was maybe in her mid to late 20ies. I liked her, she reminded me of Supi, a girl I was with in Patts last year. Not petite, but not too filled either; just fine. Funny, she was the only girl of the 4 I met there that didn’t bother with underwear. The reason maybe: she was very busy. Before she came to me, she had just finished the guy behind me; then me; afterwards, while I was still there, another one.

    Dio 3 didn’t bother with formalities; she went straight to business, down, that is. I entered her first with one, then with 2 fingers – no problem, and pretty wet as well. I barely remember how she was, but that was due to Dio 4. I did enjoy it though. I helped not a thing and yet I had a very enjoyable finish before the time was up. That means Dio 3 was good at her job. She was also very service oriented. After I cim, she handed me a cloth for my hands; then she took another cloth to clean me below; only then she took a cloth for herself. Fun fact: she didn’t spit it out, she let it run down into the cloth. Nice sight :-)

    She covered my privates with a towel and said ‘wait for the next turn’. Sure, no problem. After a minute or so Dio 4, early 20ies, arrived and sat down. She immediately said ‘Hello, my name is Haru’. Ok, that’s different. She then undressed herself since I was ready. You know I like petite girls, but omg was Haru skinny. I could see and feel the bones of her rib cage. That’s too thin even for me. But then again, given a choice of too thin or too big, I select the first every time.

    We were ready for action, but first thing she said was ‘no touch’, pointing at her privates. Hm, her monthly friend maybe? Whatever, it was just there; the remaining body was ok. I accepted of course and never went near the forbidden place.

    Then, unbelievable for a girl working there, she looked innocently into my eyes and asked ‘kiss’?, but started immediately anyway. Amazing! Well played I thought afterwards. I played along and actually enjoyed it a lot, while roaming her body, including her small top. After a while I stopped and looked into her face; her eyes were closed. She looked at me with a question mark in her eyes once open. I looked down, she understood.

    I think I should have continued the kissing and touching. I knew I was not able to finish again so soon. Like in Dio take 1, the second girl was much nicer (for me) than the first. Like in Dio take 1, I finished with the first, but not the second. Maybe the second is more for play? Don’t know but will find out next time – if there will be a next time, that is.

    Anyway, Haru started the main business, and oh, she was good. As said before, I knew I couldn’t finish again; she didn’t know that but the longer the session, the more she knew. However, she kept going at it without getting desperate. Yes, she wanted me to finish, but she didn’t force it – because that causes the opposite anyway. She tried various different techniques, and, big bonus, used her hands only at the very end, and then not as hj, but as support for the bj. I watched her doing her job, and I very much enjoyed that. I was amazed at her patience and the various techniques she applied. Eventually her timer rang and she said ‘time is up, sorry’. I said ‘no problem, and thank you, it was very nice’.

    Same cleaning procedure, me first, then her. I pulled up the trousers and she said ‘wait here’. She removed the stuff from the booth and returned 30 seconds later. She took my hand to guide me the 5 steps to the door. There she kissed me good bye and said ‘next time, ask for me’ to which I said ‘sure, with pleasure’. I got the feeling she handles gaijins a lot.

    When I went down, the manager also said ‘see you next time’; and indeed, if I lived in Tokyo, I might be a regular.

    Dio 3:
    Body: 8/10
    Skill: 8/10

    Haru (Dio 4):
    Body: 9/10 but a bit undecided; is she too skinny? Would need her in bed to be able to decide
    Skill: 9/10

  9. Dio take 3

    You know the routine by now. Around 15:00 I arrive at Dio’s. Both guys from take 1 and take 2 are outside on the street, and they are surprised to see me again. Ah well, so be it. By now both know me so I ask them allocate the same girls as last time. I don’t think they understood me. But I found out there are only 2 girls working there at the time I arrive- the 2 girls I had last time.

    I paid my 7000 and was shown in immediately. It was empty so I selected the last place. A minute later my Japanese Supi walks up to me,,as confident as ever. She doesn’t give any sign whether or not she recognised me. Very professional, getting down go business immediately. No invitation to hug, kiss and cuddle. That seems to be reserved for the second girl.

    Anyway, maybe because she handled me before – today was better than last time, and it was already good last time. Her mouth was really soft and hot (temperature), it felt great. I was able to hold on since I had popped so often this week. I left it to nature to see whether or not I will finish because I knew there was another girl lined up. Without any help on my side though I finished. It was amazing! When she cleaned me, her timer rang, so I used my time nearly to the maximum.

    My privates covered with a towel, I waited for girl 2 – and yes, it was Haru. Excellent. I knew I wasn’t able to come again. So when offered to kiss (or rather, not given a choice), I kept at it much longer this time. I really enjoyed it. I also went in between her legs, and this time she opened and there was no issue. Don’t know what was wrong two days ago. She eventually went down with her hands and played with the member while we kept kissing and I roamed her body.

    But eventually she broke free and went down. She was lying on her side on the couch, working my member with her mouth. I went sideways as well, down to her parts to see if she would open up – she didn’t. I stayed like this for a little while anyway, tasting her down there but not between her legs. She soon noticed that I won’t finish but like last time kept going, without haste. Trying different ways without getting desperate. A solid performance but this time it paled versa girl 1 as hers was so good this time.

    Time was up eventually. We cleaned and dressed. She brought me to the front, and this time I didn’t wait for the good bye kiss. I took her head myself, kissed her a few times and said ‘thank you, it was very very nice’ – because it was my last time. She didn’t know, but I did.

    Girl 1 = Dio 3 = Dio 5
    Body: unchanged 8/10
    Skill: 9/10 this time. And I really like her confidence and professionalism

    Haru = Dio 4 = Dio 6
    Body: 9/10, I decided now that she’s not too skinny for me. But she IS very skinny
    Skill: 7/10 today only but it’s not her fault that Dio 3 was so good and Haru came straight afterwards, with just one minute rest

    Haha, I will never guess the age of a lady seen in half light again. I thought Haru was early 20ies. But the guy said, when I again assured him of my happiness with Haru and her service, that she was 35. I didn’t ask for her age, but he just shared it. Both guys then shook hands with me, saying good bye and see you next time. Well, that won’t happen I’m afraid…

  10. Thanks for your excellent review HTBB, I think I’ll give Dio a try as I’m in Tokyo for a couple of weeks. I’ve previously tried JanJan and been ok with. I like the idea of 2 blowjobs by different girls :-)

    1. Thanks Ryan.

      Dio is more expensive but the girls are younger and more attractive. But I also like Jan a lot because I don’t mind the housewife next door in her 40ies kind of type.

      Please report back here your experience. I am curious to find out how you will rate it

  11. Well I visited Dio this afternoon,
    I was in two minds to visit JanJan again but I’ve already visited 4 times on my previous trips to Japan. The instructions provided earlier in this chain to reach Dio were perfect. I found the place with ease. When I approached Dio the tout outside didn’t see me as someone was making their way out, also there was a woman and child outside standing which made me a bit nervous.

    So I continued and walked past round the corner and waited a few minutes before returning again and this time the guy outside Dio was free and made eye contact. I went up and paid ¥7000 yen which is for 2 girls, he told me this was for 40 minutes, 20 min each.

    At this particular time it was busy, so I had to wait for 10 mins before I could enter. Unfortunately when I did go to finally enter it was on the ground level which is Dio not emotion so I knew the chance of meeting a more younger attractive lady (from reading the previous reviews) had gone.

    Once inside, I waited in one of the 4 booths for about 15 mins, I couldn’t really see the faces of the women as it was so dark. When my turn finally came the lady was 50+ and not the best looking. I hadn’t blown a load in over two weeks so this didn’t bother me as I was going to cum regardless of how good or bad the oral was. So had a small brief chat in Japanese (Hello, where you from etc) and then we got down to it.

    She first started by giving me a Handjob, which is normal proceedings, however after 10 mins of this I could see she wasn’t going to bother blowing me and was expecting me to cum with this lame handjob. She even asked me to take over for myself for a bit, I was holding back and didn’t want to cum like this.

    I motioned to her I was expecting a blowjob and she got the idea and started to suck me, it was average / below average at best. She was sucking then stopping to wank me, but as mentioned before I hadn’t blown a load in a while so I ended up draining all my stored cum in her mouth. It was quite a lot from her expression and after she spit it all in her towel I got cleaned up. Waiting for the 2nd lady to come along.

    However the lady seemed keen on getting me to leave the place despite me paying ¥7000 for 2 girls. I tried to explain to her very politely I was waiting for my second lady but she just kept saying you’ll see another girl next time. Not wanting to come across as rude etc (even though I was right) I made my way to the entrance and once outside spoke to the guy I paid my money to.

    He immediately to my luck understood what I was saying and apologised before bringing me back in again where I sat down and waited for the 2nd lady. (I should add the guy out the front is very friendly and polite).

    The second lady arrived within 5 mins 50+ again but a little nicer. Got cleaned up, made small talk again and then got down to business. It was going to take a perfect blowjob to get me to come again… And WOW it was amazing, lots of licking and non stop sucking, lots of slurping noises had me coming within 5 mins!! It left me feeling very, very happy indeed!! I was pleased to come twice mainly to this lady’s excellent oral skills.

    I just wish it was with one of the younger attractive girls upstairs. This is now my goal to get a nice blowjob from a young attractive Japanese woman. It seems pot luck if you end up going upstairs or downstairs at Dio. Not sure if I’ll try again here or try a different place in Tokyo, I’ve 7 days left here…

    Lady 1 – Blowjob skill 4/10 (only managed to cum as was horny before and was thinking of other fit Japanese women while she did it.)

    Lady 2 – Blowjob skill 10/10 (I want all my blowjobs like this, lots of licking, sucking, sloppy, slurping noises)

    Hope you enjoyed the review!

  12. So what pinsaro has the best looking women in Tokyo?
    And what gaijin-friendly pinsaro has the best looking women in Tokyo?
    New High Point?
    If so, which one comes in second?

    1. New High Point isn’t a pinsaro. It’s a peep show with extra services including handjobs and covered blowjobs. I don’t think any of the Tokyo pinsaros commonly open to foreigners employ great or even good looking women as a general rule. If one runs into a better than average looking woman at a place like Jan Jan then they did about as good as they can for the circumstances. Of course looks are only so important in a suck shop. Cheers.

  13. There’s a lot of places that give FS in that immediate area. Went over there to check out Dio/emotions but I got swooped up by another tout before I could make it there Lol.

  14. I’ve been to This spot twice this week, and both times I was sent upstairs. As I walked up(the second time)they were pointing upstairs and I shook my head yes so either that’s the only option now or I didn’t understand when they gave me an option(I don’t speak any Japanese whatsoever).The price is now 8,000¥ for 2 girls 20 mins each. Even though I went twice I’ve only had 3 different girls because i got one of the girls on both of my visits. two of them were pretty good looking, the 3rd was alright nothing special but definitely not bad looking and they were all pretty slim and young.But here is the important part…. All three blowjobs were at the very best average, it helps that they look pretty good, but not much. Oh and like everyone else said there’s not much privacy so if you’re shy you’d probably be uncomfortable here. One of the girls I got likes to kiss a lot, that was a big problem to me for obvious reasons. I respectfully declined and opted for some fondling instead. Did that until she until she opened her eyes and realized I was gtg. Personally I still like Jan Jan the best but none of these places are really better than the others, it totally depends the girl you get.

    1. Thanks for the report. Surprisingly the women working suck shops in Japan aren’t typically great at doing blowjobs which is very different from Thailand where the blowjob bar workers tend to be very skilled. Cheers.

  15. I’ve now gone here enough times to get every girl that works there at least once so I say with great confidence that all the girls are at the very least descent looking and there’s no fat ones.(two are a little chubby but in a older MILF kinda way). I was gonna go downstairs today and see if it was still bad like everyone says but I bitched out and darted upstairs. Sorry guys couldn’t do it I don’t like surprises someone else is gonna have to go in there and report. Lol

  16. First of all, thanks to rockit for the review and thanks to everyone who posted in the comments – especially the more detailed messages (eg HTBB’s posts).

    After reading the mixed reviews (some good, many very bad) for this place here and on other websites, I was a bit afraid of trying. However, there are no places like this where I’m from, so I figured I would give it a try during my trip to Japan. And, spoiler alert : I am definitely not disappointed.

    First of all, HTBB’s directions to reach the place are perfect. I went to Dio for the first time on a thursday afternoon (mid-july), at about 2pm. I was greeted by a guy with glasses. He took me upstairs and explained how things worked (basic english, but that’s good enough). He also told me that there was currently a “dress event” (all the girls wearing nice dresses), then he asked me if I wanted 2 or 3 girls. I chose 3 girls (knowing that I don’t finish easily – that’s also why I chose this place with multiple girls over Jan Jan), and he led me to the main room. It was completely empty but he made me sit on the 3rd couch anyway (not on the 4th and last one).

    After a minute or 2, the first girl arrived. Her name was Karin. She was slim and seemed fairly young, tho it’s hard to say for sure in the dark, especially for an asian woman. After clean-up, she pulled her dress down and put her small perky breasts in front of my face to get me ready. Then she got down to business, and it was awesome. Really good technique. She kept her dress and panties on though and she kept her legs closed so i couldn’t touch down there. After a few minutes, more customers came in. A Japanese guy settled behind me and a western guy sat in front of me. I was afraid it would make me lose it but everything went on fine. When her timer rang, Karin cleaned me up and apologized (because i didn’t come) so i said it was great and waited for the next girl.

    Girl #2 was Akira. She was very small and fairly cute I guess… but boy was she skinny. You could count each and every one of her bones. It might be hard to withstand for some people, to be honest. But she was very sweet and seemed joyful and in good health so i didn’t mind too much. She started with some chat (too much for my limited japanese skills), then asked if she could kiss me. We kissed for a while then she started the main event. It wasn’t as good as the first girl but it was nice. She also let me touch her most private zone. I played with her clit and she moaned a little but she wasn’t too wet. In the end, I didn’t come this time either so she apologized as well. I told her it was fun and waited for the next girl.

    The 3rd and final girl was Haru. I don’t know if it was the same Haru as mentioned in HTBB’s comments but i think it most likely was. She was slim with small boobs, and I could see her ribs a little but i wouldn’t call her skinny (especially after meeting Akira…). Very very nice girl anyway. She gave me a little kiss then started right away and again, it was awesome. She didn’t use her hands at all for a while then she used them to complement her sucking. Unfortunately she also didn’t let me touch her lower area. Oh well. It was really awesome anyway and she did manage to make me come.

    When I left, all the other couches were taken and there was a guy in the tiny “waiting room”, ready to take my spot.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed that first visit at Dio/Emotion, so I went there a few more times during my time in Tokyo. I always went there early in the afternoon (1~2 pm). Every time, I went upstairs, so I don’t know what the underground place looks like, and if it still has less attractive (or ugly/fat/old) women. In total, I got “serviced” by 7 different girls, and here are a few things I can say about the place (upstairs) :

    – In the stairway, between the tiny waiting room on the right and the main room on the left, the prices are displayed. There are 3 sheets, one for each time period (something like : noon ~ 4pm ; 4pm ~ 8pm ; 8pm ~ midnight). The prices for the “Gaijin” courses are on the right side of each sheet, for 2 and 3 girls. Before 4pm, 3 girls will cost you 9000 yen (not sure about 2 girls, maybe 7000? I always chose 3 girls…). After 4pm, the prices increase, and I think the Gaijin prices also increase (that’s what I saw on the price sheets but I can’t say for sure since I always went there early in the afternoon).

    – The place seems pretty busy. For some reason it was empty the first time I went there but every other time it was packed. Many Japanese people actually seem to go there, more than foreigners.

    – Smoking is allowed inside the salon. It’s very annoying when the guy in front of you starts smoking a cigarette after every girl… So yeah, even if it’s allowed, don’t do it >_<

    – The tout says you get 20 minutes with each girl. However, you only get 15 minutes. The girls have a timer/alarm that they start when they arrive at your couch. It will then beep once after 5 minutes, then it will beep twice when 10 minutes have passed, and finally it will beep without interruption in an obnoxious way after 15 minutes, until the girl stops it.

    – Sometimes, there are only 3 girls working. Since there are 4 couches in the room, that means you may have to wait a bit while all girls are busy with the 3 other customers.

    – As "Slide like M. Bison" said, all the girls I met were at least decent-looking, and none were fat. They were mostly slim, with the notable exception of Akira who is REALLY skinny. Really. Extremely skinny. As for breasts, they ranged from non-existant to small. I haven't encountered any big boobs there.

    – Out of the 7 different girls I met there, my favorite one is Jun. She's very nice and sweet, very GFE, and she has a great body (with the nicest breasts out of them all – although it doesn't mean they're big) and incredible BJ technique.

    – Skillwise, my top 3 would be : 1) Jun, 2) Haru, 3) Karin. All 3 were great but for me, Jun is way up above the rest.

    – Most of the girls let me fondle their breasts (and ass), however, only 2 of them (Akira and another one) granted me access to their special lady parts, unfortunately.

    What else can I say? I really enjoyed each of my visits to Dio/Emotion. The girls I met there were very nice, worked hard and tried their best to please, although some were definitely much more skilled than others. Anyway, it may change in the future (since it only depends on the girls working there at any given time), but at the moment, I think Dio/Emotion is a very good place to visit (upstairs at least). I would definitely recommend it. Needless to say, if you go there, please be nice and gentle, respect the girls and don't do anything wrong – this place needs to stay "gaijin-friendly", the way it is now !

    1. Thanks for the report. It’s no surprise that most customers are Japanese. The adult industry is almost entirely oriented toward Japanese people. Cheers.

  17. It seemed like it had been awhile (about November 2016) since anyone on the net had reviewed Emotion, so I thought I’d explore the place in the name of science, of courses. Recent reviews, especially on TAG, have been resoundingly unknown unkind; and as she stood about a block from the shop reading them, I started to have second thoughts and almost bailed. But Gotanda is 45 minutes from my home station and Sugama another 30 after that, so I plunged ahead on in. The tout out front waves to me cheerfully and I went right past him up the stairs, in case he was planning on directing me down to Dio, which seems worse if the reviews are accurate (though many believe the same girls work both). The young (early 20s) guy on duty at the top was super cheerful and shook my hand like he was glad to see me. Oddly, neither he nor the barker spoke any English to me, though there’s no mistaking me for Japanese. I’m fairly fluent, so we just went with Japanese. I asked him if the girls tonight were older than me, and he laughed and said the are young and pretty, grabbing his heart as though falling in love. It was 1715, and he said the price for two was 10,000. I muttered about that being more than I had read, but in true Japanese fashion, he just smiled and bowed. Emotion has a triple course, but he didn’t offer it and I felt like I was already pushing my luck, so I paid and was escorted to the furthest seat from the door of about four. All bench seats in Emotion are to the left and laid out in a straightforward way, each facing the door and therefore the seat back that’s in front of it. It’s the least dimly lighted PS I’ve ever been in, so had any girls been going at the task, I would have had a clear view as I walked past. As it happened, there was one other customer two seats in front of mine, but his girl had her robe on and he was clothed. I assumed they had just finished were about to start. I hung my coat and kicked my shoes off and settled in to wait, which I hate doing in these places. I feel guilty and dirty enough being in one, and I’m always apprehensive about the way the girl will look and behave. The other customer was non-Japanese Asian and was speaking English rather loudly with a heavy accent that was hard to place. He seemed to want to grope the girl, who was still in her robe and underwear, and she was having none of it. I’m trained in bystander intervention to prevent sexual assault and had this not been a P4P place, I might have stepped in… it was that weird and creepy. Maybe he pays extra to do “sekuhara.” Anyway, hatter about 10 minutes my girl finally came in and right about that time, the other guys girl got to work. My girl didn’t introduce herself other than to say konbanwa then she told me in Japanese to get my pants all the way off and into the box on the floor. She pulled her robe down, took her bra off, told me exactly how to sit, then went at it. Her name, I later found out, was Sana. She was probably late 30s, and her face and boobs were utterly unremarkable. She was on the unattractive side of plain, but not ugly certainly. Her boobs were barely a palm full which didn’t matter because she draped herself across the couch and my left thigh in such a way as to preclude any groping of them. That was completely intentional. If I moved to touch them, she subtly shifted to make them even more inaccessible. She similarly kept her thick cotton panties on and her legs clamped shut. She held my right hand in her left, presumably to prevent me from putting my hand on her head — which I would never do — and my left hand was free to touch whatever it could, which was pantied butt and bare back. In her favor, her skin was immaculate, not a blemish or bump on it. Hers was one of the softest, smoothest backs I’ve ever felt. And her ass was tight and muscular (from climbing a lot of stairs she said). Her technique was quite good and unhurried and while I thought I strangely wasn’t going to finish in spite of her solid effort, she asked if I’d rather lie down and when we did it that way, I did the deed. She was equally professional during this part, leaving her mouth on me and milking it for at least a minute, which proved to be damn erotic and got me thinking about girl 2 optimistically. She held the jizz in her mouth while wiping me off then spit it out, popped up, put her kit on and with a thank you she was gone. No chit chat or GFE before or after! By this time the Asian customer had left (after standing up and face fucking his girl brazenly and also flopping around his couch moaning so at one point his head almost hit the floor to the left of his bench) and a Japanese customer arrived and was seated one bench in front of me. Seriously, Emotion is the least private PS I’ve ever been to, having missed the old one where customers got blown like they were on a train. This new guy and I could have high fived while getting blown. So after a few minutes alone, a girl in her late 20s (who can tell with Japanese girls especially in dim light?) came out and walked towards us. She had giant breasts, I’m pretty sure they were double D but I’m terrible at that cup size thing. I thought I had hit the jackpot, but of course she sidled up next to the Japanese guy and started chatting with him. Shortly after, my girl came out, and she was the one I had seen with the Chinese(?) guy. She wiped me down again while we made small talk about what time of day to shift from konnichiwa to konbanwa, then she pulled her robe and bra down and shoved her breasts at me in a very mechanical way that very clearly said “touch but don’t lick” (because she mashed them against my hand and chest), but even that only lasted a few seconds and then she went to work. She kept her panties on as well, though I suspect it was that time of the month, as she let me run her crotch through the cloth and doing so started generating a fairly unpleasant smell. I had just read a review from 2016 where someone said he swore he could smell the girls ass, and I think it may have been this girl. But it wasn’t really ass, I am pretty sure it was her twat. I had a girlfriend once whose pussy smelled so bad I had to break up with her, and this was similar. Ironically, and you can’t make this up, the girl’s name is Kaoru. Close enough to “kaori” which means aroma for me to almost LOL. Anyway, her boobs were decent with nice nips and unlike Sana, she was totally willing to let me fondle them so long as it didn’t interfere with the primary mission. She was younger and better looking then Sana, but also unlike the older woman, she was not nearly as fit. She was not fat by any estimation, but her muscle tone was not there. She was just kind of flabby. And that went for her breasts as well. Still, not bad for a PS and way better than anything I had ever gotten at Jan, Hinomaru, or Royal London. Her technique was really similar to the first girls, it was really good and she switched it around now and then and finally ended up putting a lot of spit in there and using her hand when she realized that things probably weren’t going to come to the final payoff. And that brings me to another point: one of the things I liked about the idea of this club was getting two girls and quick rotation. Often when I go to these places, within 15 minutes I’m even hornier then I was before. So I thought this place would be perfect for me. But it turns out the truth is that I need that 15 minute break in order for the second one to be of any value. I’ll wrap this up by saying that I had a good time and I would even consider going back. It’s probably luck of the draw, but the two girls that I got, while not particularly open to any GFE or particularly attractive, were far better looking and better at their primary job than any of the girls I’ve ever had at a PS before. That’s not saying much: these girls rank maybe four and six on the looks scale. But that’s honestly pretty good for the venue, especially after all the nightmare stories I was reading about this particular club on the web. On the way out, the super friendly young dude at the top of the stairs asked me how the service was, and he seemed genuinely pleased when I told him it was good.

  18. I forgot to mention: on my way out, the same Chinese (?) guy was coming back in for another round! Also the big tit girl did a ton of GFE with the Japanese guy in front of me before getting after it, so as always YMMV.

    1. Thanks for the update. It seems that Japanese customers get much better treatment in these kinds of places than foreigners. Cheers.

    1. Generally speaking they don’t use them unless requested. It may be up to each particular service provider though. In certain situations a gal may decide she wants to use one. Cheers.

  19. I’ve visited this place a couple of times about two years ago and could confirm most of what was said above. Recently I went there again and I wasn’t very lucky frankly speaking. 10k for two-rounder, i think it was around 7k two years ago. But well, i decided to go.

    Same superfriendly touts welcoming and place you on one of the four couches. It seems that the lights in the room become brighter than before or may be my eyes become seeing better in the dark LOL. They now have a good ACs which makes a bit more comfort.

    While waiting an asian dude in front of me was being served, and strangely he laid down and a girl sat on top of him. That seems to be weird as normally in the suck shop this extra activity is not provided.

    Anyway I was excited but when the girl came everything turned upside down. The chick was F-A-T, i mean, big time. I haven’t seen any of such type in this place before. But well, as long as she is not a male that’s fine. BBBJ was not impressive.

    On the second round the chick was skinny, tits between 0 and 1, however she placed herself the way i couldnt reach the place where the tits were supposed to grow. She used a condom and I didn’t ask any questions, technique was better than the previous tuna, but the feeling is different while wearing a boot.

    Still, I would give this place another try as it used to be much better than this time. May be just a bad luck.

    Special thanks to those who commented this article. Have fun m8s!

  20. Went up for a try again recently. It was a bit late around 11pm but a tout welcomed and charged 10k. But they provided only one girl course without saying anything. It is total BS and they must think they are OK to treat customers like shit.

    Nothing to say about the activity, it was in a boot and far from impressive, pretty much like jerking off.

    Do not recommend to visit it more than one time, just to get an experience of what it is. IMHO not worth the money paid no matter 1 or 2 girl course, better to find a soapland. This place seem to have been spoiled by decent feedbacks on the internet. That should not be anymore.

    PS they changed music from Jpop to some more familiar US/Eu shit.

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