Review: Dio / Emotion in Tokyo, Japan


Dio is another blowjob bar in the Gotanda section of Tokyo, Japan. Gotanda is actually home to a few shops but like most of the sex industry in Japan they by and large don’t accept customers who are not Japanese themselves.

Dio is easy to find, just steps from the Gotanda Station. The shop is clearly marked with a blue sign and there is always at least one Japanese tout standing outside in the street to welcome in customers.

You may be wondering why I’ve listed Dio together with Emotion. The reason for that is that the two are connected and depending on when one visits they may be sent to either. Recently it seems that customers get the ground level shop, though that may change at any time in the future.

Like most suck shops in Japan, the menu at Dio offers a wide variety of options including short and long sessions and a rotation of multiple ladies. Unfortunately for the foreigner visitor who cannot speak Japanese, the only course offered in a 50 minute session with two ladies at a rate of 7000 Yen (69 USD) depending.

The protocol at Dio is similar to that of Jan Jan or the old Strawberry Club. The customer enters and pays his bill in a little curtained off area in the front of the shop. After that they are guided by a male staff member to one of several booths. As usual everything is open and one can easily see and hear what is going on in the other booths but obviously looking at any other customer is a big no no.

Dio is a small place but there’s room enough to maneuver for the most part (except when all of the booths are full and grown men are forced to sit on little stools in the curtained off area in the front waiting for a place to free up).

Music is played at Dio but it’s not as loud or annoying as it is in some other similar shops. That’s a good thing. The management breaks in regularly with directions for the gals and announcements of new customers but this too is easy to ignore.

There doesn’t seem to be a huge staff at Dio. There are several gals listed on the website but I’ve never seen more than a half dozen in action. Even that is probably an overestimation. The ladies wear revealing silky outfits that are easy to remove, but to be honest I’d prefer if a few of them kept their kits on.

I’m not in the habit of berating women on the basis of their looks but in the sexual service industry looks certainly do matter and deserve comment. While I have seen one or two very sexy women at Dio it is certainly not the norm. The average gal slurping and burping at Dio is very probably older and larger than most readers here would like.

Blowjob shops aren’t know for having the most beautiful women. That’s especially true in Tokyo when it comes to the shops that accept foreigners. I’ve seen some real gems go in and out of BJ bars in Otsuka but those clubs usually don’t accept gaijin. The reasons should be obvious. When a bob job is all one requires look don’t necessarily matter much. At places like Dio though the gal providing the service gets completely nude and things like tit fondling and fingering are not only available to customers but pretty much par for the course.

Besides being forced into a higher price bracket, foreigners who venture into Dio seem to get the least attractive women sent to them. Some of these lasses are obese or old enough to be someone’s grandmother. They all seem able to provide at least an acceptable level of service, but I haven’t seen anything so good as to make their appearance irrelevant. Surely most guys would be able to get a load off at Dio but I could understand a least a few wouldn’t be up to the challenge.

With the two lady rotation it’s possible for customers to get off one or two loads. If they don’t shoot in the first session the gal will continue on until the 25 minutes is up. The second lady will come soon after and try to finish the job. Guys who shoot before either session is up have the fun of sitting with their lady of the half-hour to chat and perhaps do a bit of petting.

As a run of the mill blowjob bar with a higher price for foreigners I don’t think Dio is a great place by any means. In fact it’s probably my least favorite pinsaro of all of the foreigner-friendly locations in Japan. Throw in a staff that on average has a pretty low level in the looks department and you end up with a shop that doesn’t deserve much in the way of a score. I give Dio a star-and-a-half though even that may be too much.

If I was in the area and incredibly desperate for a blowjob I might stop in. But even then I probably wouldn’t.

Address:Gotanda, Tokyo, Japan (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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