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Review: Hue Massage in Incheon, South Korea

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Hue Massage is one of the many places where sexual services are on sale near the Seoul International Airport which is the main gateway to South Korea. Technically Hue Massage is located in the city of Incheon but for the sake of brevity it is just as easy to classify it as a Seoul area massage parlor.

The shop and those around it are located in an island town created specifically to support the airport which is just one stop away on the AREX train line. That airport is connected to Seoul and since Seoul doesn’t technically have an airport most people say “I’m flying into Seoul” when traveling by air into either Incheon International Airport or the nearby Gimpo airfield.

Hue Massage in Unseo

Hue Massage is situated among numerous other shops and stores of various kinds including bars, restaurants and karaoke clubs. In fact it is located right next to the previously reviewed Cool Massage which of course is not to be confused with the other Cool located in Seoul city proper. The entrance to Hue is set apart by a spinning barber style pole that says “massage” in English and Korean. There are also signs that say “Hue Massage” at the entrance of the building and in the elevator inside.

Hue Massage in Incheon

Once customers enter the building which houses several businesses of different kinds they enter the elevator. There is a staircase in the building but Hue Massage cannot by accessed by it. Taking the lift to the fifth floor is the only way anyone can get to the big brown entrance marked “Well-Being Massage” in large Latin letters.

Prices and procedure

Customers must ring a doorbell at the entrance and show their face to a closed circuit camera before they can get buzzed through the locked front door by the management. Once inside they are confronted with a small lobby that contains little more than an elongated desk top and a couch.

The management at Hue Massage doesn’t speak much English but they are welcoming of foreign visitors. That only makes sense in a town attached to an international airport and in a shop with signs in English but it is still worth stating.

The rate for a standard session at Hue Massage is 150,000 Won ($131 USD). There are no other massage options as made clear by the laminated menu on the desk which displays the price and nothing more.

After customers pay the session fee they are led through a labyrinth of doors and hallways past numerous different rooms until they finally end up in a small private room where sessions actually take place. Customers then wait for one of the women on staff to show up.

Staff, service and summary

There are a few women working at Hue Massage. They tend to be a little younger on average than the ladies working in most of the nearby shops. They are are in their twenties and thirties and for the most part good looking. Most are single mothers but that is not evident as they don’t carry any physical signs of it. Instead they are all fairly fit women who take care of their looks and clearly spend time doing their hair and makeup each day.

The women wear the kinds of clingy dresses that are common in Korean massage parlors around the world. Although they are a bit dated they do reveal the curves underneath and are probably comfortable to wear which is no doubt why they are still so widely used. None of the women at Hue Massage speak English or any language other than their mother tongue.

Customers are never left waiting long in any of the small red light rooms before one of the Hue Massage service providers shows up. Once said service providers arrive things immediately get going. The women instruct the customers to get comfortable while they warm up the table showers in the attached wet room. Then they came back to get their customers. All parties strip down and the clean up and dirty time begins.

The body washing is usually done in a fairly mechanical fashion. Customers are thoroughly soaped and rinsed though little funny business goes on and there are certainly no soapy body slides provided. Unlike some of the nearby massage shops where everything happens right in the wash room the ladies at Hue normally dry off customers and take them back to the elevated tables in the dry area before getting down to focal point of the service.

Things are normally pretty routine from there. Although the women working at Hue do put in effort to satisfy their customers the place isn’t exactly a den of romantic love. At the end of the day a service is being provided by women who most likely see multiple men each day they work. That doesn’t necessarily allow for loving relations to blossom but customers can get what they are looking for in exchange for payment which is the basis of fair exchange. Three stars.

Hue Massage. 2801-3 Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea. Click here for a map. Open 24 hours.

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