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Review: TS Music Strip Theater in Tokyo, Japan

A year-and-a-half ago I reviewed Japanese Strip club “Super Strip Theater” on this site. In that post I explained the way that Super Strip Theater operates and how it differs from the typical American strip club that readers may be used to.

TS Music strip show in Tokyo

TS Music operates along the same pattern, as do most strip clubs in Japan. I’ve known about the place for some time but I’m just getting around to properly reviewing it now.

On January 9, 2013, Peter Tips reviewed TS Music on his blog. On January 28 of the same year, police raided TS Music for indecency as I reported on this site and fined the owners. Soon after TS was open again and back to its usual routine. A year and a half later I am finally giving the place the once over it deserves here on Rockit Reports. Clearly I’m behind the curve, but this must be without a doubt the finest honor as of yet bestowed on this monument of Kabukicho.

TS Music in Kabukicho

TS Music is easy to find once one gets themselves to the fabled Kabukicho redlight district. With the aid of some basic map reading or a modern smart fun, punters should be able to find their way to the pink sign and stair case that lead to the entrance. Once up the stairs, customers pay a cover charge to the lady through the door with a post-office-like window to the right. The guy who stands out front all day and night will then allow entry.

The normal cover charge at TS Music is 5200 Yen, which comes out to about $52 US. Those who show up before noon get the discounted rate of 3600 Yen, saving themselves about sixteen dollars in the process. Discounts are also available for seniors and students though I don’t know how well the presentation of a foreign student or senior ID card would go over. The cover charge might sound like a lot but the truth is that it’s pretty reasonable. First, Tokyo is one of the most expensive places in the world. Second, there’s no tipping at TS Music and customers can stay for hours on end. Considering those factors thirty six to fifty two dollars doesn’t seem too bad, does it?

After paying the cover charge customers are free to head inside and enjoy the show. The facilities are small, with an elongated stage surrounded by a few rows of chairs that are close together but not totally uncomfortable. It’s a little dingy but I’ve certainly seen much worse. The darkness hides most of it and in any event your eyes will probably be focused on the ladies on stage rather than the old black paint on the walls.

Japanese strip clubs

In Japanese strip clubs performers typically put on shows in a set order with the most popular of the women coming to the stage last. Performers typically do a three song set that follows preset choreography. Costumes and props are the norm and while some like to lay back and play with themselves many attempt to tell some kind of story with their dancing. It’s like something out of a 1980’s interpretive dance class except that it’s a lot more interesting. I give the gals at Japanese strip clubs credit for putting on generally good performances. Some of them are outright amazing, involving things like twirling upside from rigging fastened to the ceiling.

For the first song the dancer is typically clothed. At some point during the second they usually start to undress. By the third song dancers are fully nude and giving long drawn out looks at their most private parts to the audience. They have to be given credit for spreading the love too as every dancer I’ve seen in Japan has gone out of their way to make sure every one in attendance gets a good look. The only odd thing is the regular clapping of the audience and the way more than a few guys push their heads in close for a real good look. I never get over that.

After a dancer does her three song set she will return to the stage and say thanks before heading off to the side. She’ll then take a seat and wait for customers who want to take a picture or two to approach. Each dancer has her own camera. Customers who are willing to plop down 500 Yen per shot can take photos of her in basically any position they’d like. Clothed or naked, it’s their choice. Some guys will even get in the photo and ask a guy behind them to take the shot. After they’re done they’ll sign their name to a sheet of paper so they can pick up their freshly printed photos at the front desk after the show. They’ll also get a soft handshake and another thank you from the gal.

I should mention that some regular customers will bring small gifts like flowers or even sports drinks to their favorite dancers. I don’t imagine that this is something readers of this site would do but I could be wrong.

Drinks, pictures, and more

Drinks are another topic. There is a vending machine inside the club selling all sorts of things and some customers will bring their own drinks in from outside. Either is fine. Soft drinks and coffee are common but canned beer is totally fine too. Showing up with a twelve pack and getting ripped is obviously a no no however. All things in moderation.

The looks of the gals who dance at TS Music vary. Though some are not what I’d necessarily consider beautiful I can also say that I’ve never seen a dancer that I’d find totally unattractive either. That’s certainly not true for most of the strip clubs I’ve been to in the United States. Oddly some of the prettiest gals I’ve seen at TS Music have been the first on stage. I guess tastes differ as some of these “opening acts” have been incredibly hot.

As anyone who has read my review of Starcats will know my photography skills aren’t great. The kinds of cameras they use at TS only make things worse. You should at least be able to get the drift from these shots though.

I think that most of the girls are pretty much average in Japan. They are just willing to get naked and dance. The one exception would be Hana Yoshida. If you don’t believe me, you can see her in action.

The staff at TS Music rotates on a weekly basis. Customers can view the site to see who is going to be on schedule when they arrive. Many of the pro strippers have no problem showing their face on the strip club website schedules. I guess the fact that they take fully nude photos on a regular basis would render any shyness on their part pointless as their photos are already online. It’s also normal for one or two Japanese AV actresses to be on the schedule at any given time. When they are performing they typically come on stage last and get the greatest response. There will usually be six or seven women in the rotation at any given time.

As one of the better Japanese strip clubs I give TS Music a solid three-and-a-half stars. I’m rating it for what it is and not for how it compares with other strip clubs around the world. The setting is pretty comfortable and those who want to see what a Japanese strip club is like could do worse than to start with TS Music.

TS Music Strip Theater. 1-8-1 Kabuki-Cho, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 12:00 AM. Website:

18 thoughts on “Review: TS Music Strip Theater in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. That sounds like a nice place to spend some time relaxing. I love how they go to such great lenghts for their favorite dancer.

    Just a curiosity: I quickly checked the other review and I noticed something. Each photo costs 500 yen here, but in Super Strip Theater it says the photo tickets cost 5000yen. Ouch, that’s one heck of a difference and kinda helps me choose which one I should visit (unless I’m missing something).

    Oh, and a question: Are you going to review more Japan stuff soon? I’m very curious if you found more gaijin-friendly pink-clubs.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. That’s my mistake. They should both say 500 for pictures. I’ve edited the super strip post. I have more Japan reviews in the works but no pinsaros. Thanks for commenting and pointing out the inconsistency. Cheers.

    2. Hi guys. Me and my brother went to this club last night and I have to share with you what we almost ran into as a warning to any other foreigners who are thinking of going to this club/area. We went 2 nights total. The first night was great, no problems besides a couple of stares from the older locals who gave a vibe like they simple didn’t like us being there. we sat in the back, had drinks, minded our own business, and enjoyed the shows which were great btw.
      So two days later we decided to go back. We sat down for maybe 10 minutes and were approached by a mid 20’s Japanese male striking up small talk with me. I’m 29 btw. I had a hard time understanding his English but something tipped us off when ever my brother bought him a beer. he gave a very ungenuine over the top reaction and its like he became our best friend. he moved me upto the front, gave me his business card (which i’m sure is fake) and continued to try and make convo even though I clearly couldn’t understand much of what he was saying. he wanted to know what I did for a living, which area I was staying at, ect… at one point (HUGE RED FLAG) he mentions to be careful there are guys who will lead you outside and demand large amounts of money. and that damages can occur and that he’s personally seen it. He’s tipping me off by playing the “you can trust me” card. after another 15 minutes go by he wants me and my brother to step outside for a photo with him and his friend (I didn’t speak one word to his friend all night) so “he has memories”.
      I told him I wasn’t leaving yet but he wouldn’t stop asking me. told me he was going to the next club, I again said I’m staying, and low and behold he didn’t leave either. me and my brother ended up walking into the bathroom, stuffing money in our shoes as we were carrying quite a bit, and waited for our moment to get the hell outta dodge. I am leaving some details out but we are 100% certain we were going to walk into something bad had we left the club for that picture. Be careful guys. I would not visit this place alone. Not everyone there likes the fact Americans are allowed in to look at their girls. Be safe.

    3. @Travis, was it a youngish Asian guy with a somewhat darker complexion and glasses? Fits the bill exactly. I was there a month ago and he tried to speak to us too. Seriously bad vibes. Same shit with the “oh, these guys are Yakuza. They could kill you at any time if they wanted to” line, and we got “this club is actually not for foreigners” too (despite being brought there by a tout). I’m not exactly sure what his relationship is to the club, but he is bad news, and bad for business.

  2. Nice review. I haven’t been there for awhile. Since closing temporarily they seem to have now a shortage of talent: Ozawa Alice and Mizusaki Karen used to be regulars. I also find the seats a little too uncomfortable … Are they still allowing digital photographs as opposed to just polaroids (like at most places)?

    Photos are generally 500 yen at most strip clubs but it depends sometimes on the girl–whether she is high profile JAV like Maria Ozawa or just an ordinary girl. The famous ones generally cost 1000 yen.

    You might also try Shinjuku New Art (Rockza) and Kawasaki Rockza, both my favorite places. Keep up the good work.

  3. Visited this club twice in January 2015. They have a 10 day roster – the same show from 1-10 of the month, and then completely new shows and girls for 11-20 and 21-end of the month. Great show in the Japanese fashion.

    Japanese striptease is essentially a compromise: they want to be appreciated for their artistry, dancing, beauty, grace etc; and we want to see tits and pussy. So the first part of their show is the artistry, which just happens to have long graceful poses with the legs wide open, but all under soft lighting; and we politely applaud. Afterwards they come out under full lighting and spread and show the pussy, and we applaud more enthusiastically. Win-win all round. When in Japan, do as the Japanese do.

    Yes, the seats are a bit uncomfortable, but there’s plenty of opportunity to stretch your legs when they’re doing photos. (Incidentally, they do photos here better than some other places, since they do two or three shows and then photos for both or all girls together rather than single show, single girl photos.) Monday to Friday is best because the Japanese are at work; it’s crowded on Saturday and Sunday. Always bring something from their website to get the entry discount (either a printout or their page on your smartphone) – if you show that you looked for the place rather than wandered in out of the weather, you will always get the discount.

  4. Hello, I’m visiting japan with my BF and was wondering do these places like strip clubs allow couples? Like females to go inside? On Reddit I heard soaplands will not take female gaijin and now I’m curious if you know anything about females in strip clubs?

  5. Be WARNED! AVOID this place at all costs! Was really excited about going to this club after reading about it on this website. I managed to find the place after about 10 mins of searching around kabukicho found the door and was expecting to pay and be able to watch the show. However, the guy at the entrance just saw me and turned me back and showed me the door. I think he was reluctant to let me in because I’m a foreigner, When I explained that I found out about the place from the website and I am happy to pay the 5200 yen entry fee he was annoyed that I didn’t listen to him the first time and pulled a knife! Really freaked me out! I got out of the place and made a dash.

    They really don’t like foreigners. You are better off going to a strip club in your own country where you will be welcomed and treated well.

    Don’t make the same mistake I did.

    1. Since foreigners visit the place with some regularity it seems unlikely that the door staff would pull a knife on someone unprovoked. In decades of travel to Japan and exploring the adult industry they’re I haven’t had as much as an argument. Cheers.

    2. Hey, I went during my stay in Japan and was confused when the man at the door pointed behind me as well. He did not speak and he was not enthusiastic. He pointed behind me because there was a window with another man behind it which is where we are supposed to pay. He spoke no english to me and showed me the rules by pointing to pictures of no phones no food, ect. He then pointed to the entrance door after I showed him my paid for ticket, signaling I could go inside.

      So for Strip theaters he was the only staff who didn’t talk to me, but he used gestures. This club is foreigner friendly, but he isn’t the happiest of staff and you were trying to get a ticket at the wrong place. I’m shocked at the knife thing, but I hear kabuchiko places are often run by yakuza.

      1. Thanks for the report. Sometimes people in Japan close up when dealing with a foreigner. Speaking even a little Japanese can often help with that. By the way, wow was your time in the club itself? Cheers.

  6. Don’t avoid this place as recommended by that guy.
    I went by april 2015 with my pregnant wife, and had a fantastic experience.
    I took the discount ticket and printed it at the hotel, also took a jpg in the phone that is in the site for download (strange enough, the english site one was different from the japanese site one).
    I asked the guy outside ‘Gaijin ok?’ or something like that, then he explained that there was strip show inside (lol maybe he tought I did not know what that place was).
    I was a bit nervous but everything went ok. Paid with discount and turned my phone off in front of the guy at the entrance (already upstairs). Once inside I was surprised to see only old men.
    The girls were beautiful and did very good perfomances (some artistic, and there was one that did masturbation song)
    I did not pick the front row, but if you sat there then the girs would sometimes be at few centimeters from your face!
    There was a nice lady that, after the show, went by the trouble of walking toward each viewer and let them feel her tits!! And touched my wife’s belly.
    I din’t expect us to spend the 4-5 hours it takes to see all the girs, but time really flew. At the end we took a photo of all the girs for 1000 yen (well, a guy in there said to give out 1000 yen, idk if it was the standard fee)
    So it was a great experience.

    I think that theymay not like north americans, as they are known to do stuff like screaming at the girls or grabbing. And the girs are very close to you.
    Also, I think this site review/comments helped us to decide to go there, so thanks a lot!!

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