Review: TS Music Strip Theater in Tokyo, Japan


A year-and-a-half ago I reviewed Japanese Strip club “Super Strip Theater” on this site. In that post I explained the way that Super Strip Theater operates and how it differs from the typical American strip club that readers may be used to.

TS Music operates along the same pattern, as do most strip clubs in Japan. I’ve known about the place for some time but I’m just getting around to properly reviewing it now.

TS Music strip show in Tokyo

On January 9, 2013, Peter Tips reviewed TS Music on his blog. On January 28 of the same year, police raided TS Music for indecency as I reported on this site and fined the owners. Soon after TS was open again and back to its usual routine. A year and a half later I am finally giving the place the once over it deserves here on Rockit Reports. Clearly I’m behind the curve, but this must be without a doubt the finest honor as of yet bestowed on this monument of Kabukicho.

TS Music is easy to find once one gets themselves to the fabled Kabukicho redlight district. With the aid of some basic map reading or a modern smart fun, punters should be able to find their way to the pink sign and stair case that lead to the entrance. Once up the stairs, customers pay a cover charge to the lady through the door with a post-office-like window to the right. The guy who stands out front all day and night will then allow entry.

The normal cover charge at TS Music is 5200 Yen, which comes out to about $52 US. Those who show up before noon get the discounted rate of 3600 Yen, saving themselves about sixteen dollars in the process. Discounts are also available for seniors and students though I don’t know how well the presentation of a foreign student or senior ID card would go over. The cover charge might sound like a lot but the truth is that it’s pretty reasonable. First, Tokyo is one of the most expensive places in the world. Second, there’s no tipping at TS Music and customers can stay for hours on end. Considering those factors thirty six to fifty two dollars doesn’t seem too bad, does it?

After paying the cover charge customers are free to head inside and enjoy the show. The facilities are small, with an elongated stage surrounded by a few rows of chairs that are close together but not totally uncomfortable. It’s a little dingy but I’ve certainly seen much worse. The darkness hides most of it and in any event your eyes will probably be focused on the ladies on stage rather than the old black paint on the walls.

In Japanese strip clubs performers typically put on shows in a set order with the most popular of the women coming to the stage last. Performers typically do a three song set that follows preset choreography. Costumes and props are the norm and while some like to lay back and play with themselves many attempt to tell some kind of story with their dancing. It’s like something out of a 1980’s interpretive dance class except that it’s a lot more interesting. I give the gals at Japanese strip clubs credit for putting on generally good performances. Some of them are outright amazing, involving things like twirling upside from rigging fastened to the ceiling.

For the first song the dancer is typically clothed. At some point during the second they usually start to undress. By the third song dancers are fully nude and giving long drawn out looks at their most private parts to the audience. They have to be given credit for spreading the love too as every dancer I’ve seen in Japan has gone out of their way to make sure every one in attendance gets a good look. The only odd thing is the regular clapping of the audience and the way more than a few guys push their heads in close for a real good look. I never get over that.

After a dancer does her three song set she will return to the stage and say thanks before heading off to the side. She’ll then take a seat and wait for customers who want to take a picture or two to approach. Each dancer has her own camera. Customers who are willing to plop down 500 Yen per shot can take photos of her in basically any position they’d like. Clothed or naked, it’s their choice. Some guys will even get in the photo and ask a guy behind them to take the shot. After they’re done they’ll sign their name to a sheet of paper so they can pick up their freshly printed photos at the front desk after the show. They’ll also get a soft handshake and another thank you from the gal.

I should mention that some regular customers will bring small gifts like flowers or even sports drinks to their favorite dancers. I don’t imagine that this is something readers of this site would do but I could be wrong.

Drinks are another topic. There is a vending machine inside the club selling all sorts of things and some customers will bring their own drinks in from outside. Either is fine. Soft drinks and coffee are common but canned beer is totally fine too. Showing up with a twelve pack and getting ripped is obviously a no no however. All things in moderation.

The looks of the gals who dance at TS Music vary. Though some are not what I’d necessarily consider beautiful I can also say that I’ve never seen a dancer that I’d find totally unattractive either. That’s certainly not true for most of the strip clubs I’ve been to in the United States. Oddly some of the prettiest gals I’ve seen at TS Music have been the first on stage. I guess tastes differ as some of these “opening acts” have been incredibly hot.

As anyone who has read my review of Starcats will know my photography skills aren’t great. The kinds of cameras they use at TS only make things worse. You should at least be able to get the drift from these shots though.

I think that most of the girls are pretty much average in Japan. They are just willing to get naked and dance. The one exception would be Hana Yoshida. If you don’t believe me, you can see her in action.

The staff at TS Music rotates on a weekly basis. Customers can view the site to see who is going to be on schedule when they arrive. Many of the pro strippers have no problem showing their face on the strip club website schedules. I guess the fact that they take fully nude photos on a regular basis would render any shyness on their part pointless as their photos are already online. It’s also normal for one or two Japanese AV actresses to be on the schedule at any given time. When they are performing they typically come on stage last and get the greatest response. There will usually be six or seven women in the rotation at any given time.

As one of the better Japanese strip clubs I give TS Music a solid three-and-a-half stars. I’m rating it for what it is and not for how it compares with other strip clubs around the world. The setting is pretty comfortable and those who want to see what a Japanese strip club is like could do worse than to start with TS Music.

Address:1-8-1 Kabuki-Cho, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan (Map)
Hours:10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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