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Review: Hunny Bunny BKK in Bangkok, Thailand

Hunny Bunny BKK is a unique and intriguing full service massage parlor centrally located in the heart of Bangkok. Offering full service massage along with fantasy services and themed rooms the place is truly a cut above.

lobby at hunny bunny bkk

The management and staff at Hunny Bunny go out of their way to leave their customers satisfied. They are amiable and open to special requests. The gals who do the hands on work are a lovely team that come fully equipped with costumes and other tools of the trade on request. They even have several ladies on staff who eagerly work with women and couples.

Quite a few massage shops closed down through the most difficult parts of the last few years. But I am encouraged by the fact that some new and impressive places have come to take their places. Hunny Bunny BKK is one of the better shops I have seen in Bangkok. That it has opened recently only makes the place more fantastic in my mind.

Hunny Bunny BKK on Soi 33

Hunny Bunny BKK is located on Sukhumvit Soi 33. It is on the right hand side when traveling north from Sukhumvit Road. The shop is located right next to the popular Hoja Taiwanese Bistro restaurant. It took over the space that used to Nyan Nyan Massage and improved it.

Hunny Bunny BKK ladies

The shop exudes luxury from the very beginning. From the leather couches in the lobby to the erotic pictures on the walls the place feels right on the money. This isn’t just a fly by night business thrown up in any random location. The setup was obviously planned and well thought out!

The rooms are well kept and well done. In many ways they exceed expectations. Several massage parlors have jacuzzi suites. But Hunny Bunny is the first I’ve seen with a transparent wall on one side of their jacuzzi. That can lead to a lot of fun in the right situation.

Staff, service and summary

Hunny Bunny BKK offers a wide variety of services that make the shop unique. On top of standards like happy ending and full service full body massage Hunny Bunny also offers things like Nyotaimori body sushi sessions and fantasy rooms. These rooms really help set the place apart. One is set up like a BDSM style dungeon complete with St Andrew’s Cross. Another is modeled after a classic American television show!

Last month regular contributor John Bonnaque commented about an “I Dream of Jeannie” themed room at Hunny Bunny BKK. I was surprised at the time. But actually seeing the room is even more amazing. Especially when it comes with a female attendant draped in Barbara Eden style sheer genie garb. It is truly something to behold.

Hunny Bunny BDSM room

There are many women working at Hunny Bunny BKK. They range from the seasoned and experienced expert to the sensual and sultry. The busty Mint puts her all into every session. Somjan has serious skills. Ladies like Spy, Jasmine and Bella look very lovely. And they even have a team of sisters on staff called Jeannie and Som!

Rates at the shop vary depending on the service and room. But they are well within the normal range for the local industry. Sessions can last anywhere from a 40 minute quickie on up to a full two hour marathon. The most inexpensive session costs just 1700 Baht ($47 USD). Prices go up from there.

There are many massage parlors in Bangkok. Some are a lot better than others. Hunny Bunny is a good example of the better. The people behind Hunny Bunny BKK have put a lot of time and effort into creating a superior massage parlor. In my view they have succeeded. Five stars.

Hunny Bunny BKK is located at 14/4 Sukhumvit Soi 33, Klong Toey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110. Click here for a map. Open 24 hours. Phone: +66 061-396-0425 Website:

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