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Review: BarBar in Bangkok, Thailand

While I’ve continued to write about people and places from all over the world more than one commenter has noticed that there has been a lot of coverage of a few types of establishments in Thailand. There are a few reasons for this. One is that that the adult entertainment industry in Thailand is huge.

Another is that most of the establishments in the country tend to follow one of a handful of models: go go bar, massage parlor, beer bar or blowjob bar. In my mission to share as much information as I can, I’ve worked hard to try to get reports out on multiple places both so readers can compare them but also to free up time to write about more exotic locations.

I’ve taken reader comments to heart in recent months and tried to put some “traditional” Thai venues on the back burner while writing about more varied locations and operations. I will still continue to cover the massive Thai scene but I will intersperse the reports from the Land of Smiles with those from other areas. When I do write about Thai shops I’ll try to report on more on places that are a bit more out of the norm.

BarBar fetish club

That brings me to BarBar a fetish bar located near The Strip, Club Electric Blue and Star of Light on the notorious Patpong 2 street in the Silom section of Bangkok.

BarBar Bangkok Thailand

I should say up front that I’m not one who gets much enjoyment out of pain. I think I wrote that somewhere else on this site early on but its worth repeating now. Because of that its quite possible that my views are skewed in the way that a Justin Bieber fan may view a heavy metal concert. Keep that in mind as you read on.

BarBar is very easy to find but it could also be easy to miss. I must have walked past it a dozen times or more before I even realize that the place existed, which may sound surprising since a leather clad mistress stands in front touting the place to those who pass by. The truth is that its easy to zone out when trying to get from one place to another in Patpong while avoiding the crowds, scammers and tourists out shopping for a plastic elephant statue to take home to grandma.

Inside BarBar

I’ve only been inside BarBar once. When I entered the aforementioned tout who is a Thai women probably in her 30’s asked if I’d ever visited the place before. Without thinking I said that I hadn’t but was recommended by a friend. I almost never to admit to being a newbie anywhere even if it is my first visit so this is a sort of habit with me. I can’t say how well it works since I have nothing to compare it to but it has never caused me any problems at least.

The tout told me that admission required the purchase of a drink for 900 Baht ($28 US). Since I already knew that from word of mouth and some online research I said “I know” and headed up the black staircase into the house of horrors that awaited.

Once inside it took my eyes a while to focus. The lighting is dark even for an adult bar in Thailand. In many places this is meant to hide flaws in the establishment and the service providers but at BarBar it seems to be part of a genuine effort to build atmosphere. There is supposedly a requirement that customers wear black clothes too but I saw customers inside in blue jeans and regular shirts.

Upon entry I was greeted by a waitress and a team of three women in fetish gear. The waitress took my drink order and my money. The three women directed me to a black couch in the middle of the floor and without saying anything began a brief show just for me. The show involved a wooden apparatus of some kind that the big-bottomed “slave” with obvious signs of child birth was bent over. The two “mistresses” proceeded to alternate between spanking her with a paddle, dripping hot wax on her round rump and clamping plastic clothespins on her nips. I was even offered the paddle at some point.

Once the five to ten minute show was finished the gals in question approached me and asked if I’d like to buy any of them lady drinks or try other services. Curious as to what exactly went on I agreed to the former and tried to suss out the situation. As I talked to the ladies I looked around the room. It’s about as big as a typical Patpong go go though it’s filled with various small rooms and apparatuses instead of stages. There is a standard bar where a few customers were having drinks. I’m not sure why one would come to a place like this just to throw back a Seven and Seven but maybe they were resting in between activities or something.

Prices and services

BarBar doesn’t seem to get crowded but it doesn’t sit empty either. During a two hour visit on a rainy weekday night I saw a fairly regular flow of customers coming in and out. It does seem to attract a slightly different crowd then some other places and couples seem to be a normal occurrence.

Special activities are available in a number of private rooms like a mock doctors office and a glass covered crawl space filled with pillows or right out in the open. Customers are given their choice though unfortunately the other customers around are not which means that a guy may end up being confronted by an elderly Chinese guy hanging naked from the ceiling while enjoying his beverage. There is a pretty accepting atmosphere about the bar but I imagine more than a few people not used to this kind of thing could easily become uncomfortable.

The activities aren’t straight forward or necessarily of the kind that readers of this site may know and love. Like the Devil’s Den and Eden it seems that customers who cannot assert themselves and explain exactly what they want can easily end up with very basic and mechanical service. Those who can specify may be able to make their fantasies a reality. A whole host of options are available. I only understand a few of them and I didn’t really care to inquire about the others. It does appear that full service is not on the menu. While it may very well be available with take out, obviously fetish play is the main focus.

The rate for taking a lady up for some special services is something like 1900 Baht ($60). Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact amount but for some reason this number sticks out in my mind. Women can be taken in any combination imaginable. Those on staff are divided into “slaves,” “mistresses,” “switch,” “kinky sister” and other categories. A photo gallery of the women of BarBar gives a good idea of what the staff looks like. During my visit there were only six or seven women on the floor and most of them were frankly not that attractive though I imagine that looks aren’t the most important thing for enthusiasts of clubs like this. For me the most intriguing lady on premises was a wide-eyed Korean gal who came in with her Western boyfriend only to quickly scurry back out a few minutes later. Still I should say that the ladies at BarBar are amenable and able to perform without problem and at least a few of them are attractive and well built.

Customers who want a shower before any fun they sign up for will find that the only option is a large open shower area in the middle of the floor that is apparently used for public shower shows. That means they’ll basically be soaping themselves up for whoever happens to wander on by, and they won’t even be tipped for the performance.


The mistresses are exactly that as I found out the hard way when I decided to see what was on offer. Without saying what I was looking for the ladies used to leading assumed that I wanted to be abused. I started to realize this as one got out a piece of rope that was intended for tying up my twig and berries while the other prepared a rubber glove for a prostate check. I quickly indicated that I wasn’t interested in any action of this sort, and then repeated this again just to make sure I would leave the place with my manhood fully intact.

After a bit of talking and confusion I shelled out for a few non-dominants to join us and settled on a longer show that I simple sat back and watched. My participation was welcomed but I didn’t do much but soak everything in. The women performed as could be expected but it seemed pretty clear to me that they were just doing a job. There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of interest in what was going on by any of the parties involved, including me.

After the show wound down I was able to talk to the ladies a little more and it turns out that a few of them have great personalities and are quite friendly. I’m not sure why they choose to work here rather than somewhere else like a beer bar but they could probably do well in almost any venue. Some of the others though seem perfectly fit for the place even if they might not personally have BDSM fetishes.

I never felt any clock watching or pressure at BarBar and that’s a good thing. Once I felt I had experienced as much as I wanted to I settled up my bill and headed back out the door. Back at the entrance I was bid a found farewell by the tout who was still working hard.

As a place where one can go to get tortured (though not necessarily in a titillating way) in exchange for a relatively high price I can’t justify giving BarBar more than one star. If I was going by nothing other than my own tastes I would probably give the place a half star, which is the lowest possible score on this website. Realizing that there are plenty of people out there who may find enjoyment in this sort of thing I have to go at least a little higher to be fair.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t the only one into the BDSM fetish scene on display but it honestly appears that most of the women staffed here aren’t into it either. I can’t fault them. Since few people in the world enjoy their jobs. But this greatly contrasts with the few workers involved with fetish work in Western countries and Japan who seemed to be genuinely interested in what they do for a living. Maybe I’m wrong but I can only write what I can. As I’ve said an infinite number of times before this site is only meant for entertainment anyway and nothing written here should be taken for anything more than that.

It’s an interesting establishment and I’m sure it has its place. All of the customers the bar has are going there for something.

BarBar. Patpong Soi 2, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 6:00 PM until 2:00 AM. Phone: +66 026-327-124.

5 thoughts on “Review: BarBar in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Spot on and well put as usual, it took me three visits at this place to find it satisfying but now I wouldn’t miss it anytime I’m in Bangkok. For me the best formula is one mistress and one slave up in the ” dungeon” it cost me 5500b for a 1h 30 and two ejaculations, so with the 900 entrance fee ( including the first drink and the show) and the 300 lady drink it is not a cheap evening. But well worth it from my point of view. It is important to get the ladies you like and you’ve plenty of time to pick up the right ones. I didn’t like the one that were assigned to me but by politely buying drinks while indulging in a bbbj by the slave on the couch,just after buyuing them drinks, i made clear what i wanted, and sure enough i got introduce to another squad that were nowhere to be seen before. We went straight to the well equiped room upstairs and it was fun, a lot of playing and spanking, nothing violent or brutal, more like naughty and kinky sex with a good sense of humour. Getting jerked off by the mistress in the, on her knees , slave mouth until i came while i was attached to the “torture” cross was sweet… Not much into real sm, which is fine because i’m not either, but this place offers something different and worth trying. But as you said so well you need to know what u want and say it in order to get it.

  2. Thank you for an interesting and true story, Rockit!

    I visited the Bar-Bar several times. On my first visit in 2011, the ladies were quite cute and slim, but every year they get older, fatter and more boring. Now it is very difficult to find a pretty lady in Bar-Bar. I don’t understand the stupid politics of Bar-Bar management. The same politics (old and thick stuff, but uglier) is in the Demonia. They say one owner has both a Bar-Bar and a Demonia. I really hope he or she (I think the boss is an old fat lady) and she changes her policy ))

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