Review: Club Electric Blue in Bangkok, Thailand (CLOSED)


Club Electric Blue is a classic go go bar located in the famous Patpong section of Bangkok, Thailand. Electric Blue is very easy to find situated next to the well known Foodland supermarket on Patpong Soi 2, only steps away from other places I’ve reviewed in the past like Mike’s Place and Star of Light.

Club Electric Blue Bangkok

There has been a go go in operation in this location for more years than some of my readers have probably been alive. It used to operate under a different name and had more of a rock and roll theme (back before rock and roll died). It was a good enough place back then, being home to a dancer with one of the best asses I’ve seen in my life. A few years ago, it was modernized and underwent a name change that transformed into one of the best locations Bangkok.

What makes Electric Blue different?

At first glance Electric Blue is a lot like many of the other go go bars in Bangkok. It has a center stage where women dance while punters sit in chairs situated about the place. Waitresses float about, getting you drinks when you need them and helping you make contact with any of the dancers you’d like to have come over for a closer look. The dancing is on par with what you usually find in Bangkok, more than enough to keep your interest while you scout things out.

What makes Electric Blue special is the way the place is run. With such a long history in the area it’s clear they know what they’re doing. The signage alone gives a lot away. In front of the club is a big sign that says “50 gorgeous girls plus a few ugly ones.” Truth in advertising! Written on the wall inside is a very reassuring slogan: ‘All dancers are available for your full enjoyment.’ That’s exactly what you want to see at a place like this.

To say drinks are reasonably priced would be an understatement. In a city where go go bars seem to keep increasing the price of libations Electric Blue is in the midst of a long promotion celebrating 19 years in Patpong by offering draft beer for a mere 50 Baht ($1.60) a go. You won’t find anything cheaper than that at a go go in Bangkok no matter how hard you try.

Agogo dancers

The women who work here are truly great and make up a considerably sizable staff. There is a good variation, and quite a few are really good looking. There should something for everyone available at Electric Blue. If nothing tickles your fancy at first, just wait a few moments for the next set of dancers to take the stage. I really can’t imagine not being able to find something to make you happy there.

The costumes that seem to change up quite often are a great touch that definitely spice things up. When they show up on stage in colored stockings its about as good as it gets. Nothing to complain about with the super short plaid skirts either!

go go girl boobs

The atmosphere is also fun and laid back. I’ve never felt any pressure at all at this establishment in many visits. That too sets it apart from some other places where wolf-like mamasans can zero in on you like the terminator and trying to push you into this or that. The management always seems to be accessible too, which is yet another plus.

It doesn’t end there. Electric Blue also offers a 4000 Baht ($128 USD) outcall service for those who already know what girl they’d like to see in person or who are just unable or unwilling to make the trip out to the club. Some guys also utilize this to secure a booking with a popular gal who may otherwise not be available. They do outcall bookings up to 48 hours in advance.


There are a lot of go go bars in Bangkok. In fact, there are more than you could visit on a short holiday to the city without running around like a madman. It really helps to narrow things to down to the best of the best, leaving time here and there to visit new places when they pop up. Electric Blue is one of the places that should be on every “must visit” list. It’s not for nothing that the bar has a lot of regular customers mixed in with the tourists. Guys who live in Bangkok full-time know the scene as good as anyone.

Another great thing about Electric Blue is that the website is actually updated with pictures of women who actually work in the bar. Their Facebook page also gets lots of attention with plenty of new photos to tempt you. Both are worth a look.

As a great continuation of a true institution in Patpong with honest, reasonable policies and a nice staff, Club Electric Blue is one of my favorite go go bars in Bangkok. That’s why I give it four-and-a-half stars without hesitation.

Note: After many years of operation, the well known Club Electric Blue in Bangkok has closed. The go go bar of the same name in Pattaya continues to operate.

Address:Patpong Soi 2, Bangkok, Thailand.
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