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The number of locations covered on this website has continued to increase since Rockit Reports first went online back in 2012. This is due in part to new travels and the acquisition of new information but it also a result of starting out with an immense amount of information that couldn’t reasonably have been released all at once. Some people have pointed out that coverage has mostly been focused on Asia. A few have even complained about that fact. Since traffic has continued to grow as the months have gone by it seems that the right model was followed.

In the coming months and years the coverage on this site will extend even further including to many cities and countries in Europe. I’m kicking things off today with a write up on a shop operating in Vienna which is the capital city of Austria. To make sure the new information isn’t too much of a jolt to regular readers I’ve decided to start out with a review of a place with an Asian staff. As always I hope you will enjoy.

Asia Studio Wien is an apartment based setup that could only loosely be described as a massage parlor. It has a fairly modern website but it is entirely in German. The place accepts customers from all countries so the language of the site isn’t a slight toward anyone. It is simply meant to share information with locals who are most likely the main client base.

Asia Studio is very easy to find with the Google map located on the contact page of the website. Some confusion could be possible. The street the shop is located on changes its name on the next block for some reason and the shop number is 6A which looks a little out of place among the other buildings which are all numbered normally and in order without additional letters. This is all minor though. Not only does the shop have a neon sign on the blacked out entrance door there are also oriental decorations in the windows on the side of the door which stand out in a very Western place like Vienna.

The women who work at the shop all hail from mainland China. That means they can speak Mandarin Chinese and a few can speak additional Chinese dialects. Most can also speak German to varying degrees. The woman who works the phones can speak some English but it is pretty basic. None of this matters much to perspective customers though since there is no requirement to call the place before arrival. Customers can simply rock up to the door and ring the bell for entrance.

Once through the doors customers will find themselves standing in a sort of lobby where they will be greeted by a service provider wearing some sort of revealing negligee. They will be led past a small makeshift office where the phone girl sits and “no condom no service” signs that look like they came out of a Geylang brothel into one of several large rooms.

The rooms themselves have high ceilings but otherwise don’t look much like the surrounding historic buildings or architecture. That is because they have been transformed for the task at hand. Each room contains a walk in shower in the corner a large bed and several devices meant for adult play. All of the rooms contain genuine antique gynecologist examination chairs. At least one contains a large wooden contraption that customers can be chained to on request. There are also some other things around like costumes, whips and large rubber balls that even I would’t know what to do with. Fortunately these things are all there for those who request them and others who are happy with more straightforward service can get that. For them the implements fade away into the background easily in the soft red light and cheesy Chinese music that plays quietly over the speakers.

Customers at Asia Studio are asked to request a service level and pay upfront. If they don’t hand over an amount posted on the website they may be asked for a slightly higher price. It’s easy to tell that this isn’t the correct price since it’s comes up for negotiation with any hesitation or question on the customer’s part. This is the kind of thing that unfortunately common to many parts of Asia but since isn’t pushed hard it’s not too big of a deal and it’s tough to fault someone for trying to make an extra ten or twenty Euros. Besides anyone who hands over the listed 90 Euros ($102 USD) for 1 hour or 50 Euros ($57 USD) for 30 minutes will get exactly that without hassle. Since the site says services “start at” these rates it’s not really unfair for someone to ask for more. The website also lists a “quickie” for 30 Euros and a whole host of fetish services with other prices. No matter the course there is never any expectation or request for a tip as is the case in most of Europe.

Once payment is handed over the service provider will instruct the customer to get undressed and take a shower while she takes the money back to the office. She will return soon after. Sessions can take all sorts of turns from there depending on the people involved.

Sessions can start with a massage and then turn into more or they can start out hot and heavy and finish with a relaxing massage. Some of the women can provide expert massages while others are much more limited in that regard. Each service provider at Asia Studio is different. Most will perform oral without a rubber but one or two may require a cover. Some will tongue kiss but others will only kiss with closed lips. All seem to allow customers to dine at the Y and full service is standard with all the providers. Things may even change depending on chemistry and the customer. All in all though the women working at the shop do aim to please and there is no hint of rip off or clock watching to be found.

As to the women they are all pretty warm and friendly. I would also say that they are for the most part attractive though they tend to be in their 30’s and in some cases are mothers. None would be considered overweight by Western standards though only one or two is petite. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder only so much can be said in an attempt at a somewhat objective review. Maybe they just remind me of the stars of a Japanese porn video called “Best of Japanese mothers”. What I can say is that the photographs of the staff on the website are not real. To its credit, the shop admits as much. They say they don’t use real photos out of respect for the women.

Asia Studio Wien is an easy to find shop open to anyone capable of ringing the doorbell. It staffs great Chinese gals and features large clean rooms that come complete with accessories. Doors open early and prices are fair. I find little to complain about even if the service providers aren’t necessarily super models. Some may disagree but I think the place deserves a solid four stars. I have to say that I prefer this model to the semi secretive Chinese massage parlors that tend to pop up in places where any open offering of erotic services is met with outcry and repression. In many ways this place offers a much easier way for customers to meet a Chinese service provider than China itself does!

Address:Brunnengasse 6A, 1160 Wien, Austria (Map)
Phone:+43 0-660-719-2992
Hours:9:00 AM - 2:00 AM
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