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Review: Amsterdam in Pattaya, Thailand

Amsterdam is one of the newest gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. The bar is located along what has become a sort of modern “blow row” on Soi Bongkoch 8 in between the previously reviewed Club 4 and world famous Carre Blanc.

What started as a single out of the way venue on what was then commonly called “Soi Full Love Inn” is now a full strip of multiple bars with a similar theme. That is not to say that all of the bars are the same however.

In fact there is probably more difference between the various bars and clubs in this short strip than there is between nearly all of the go go bars on Walking Street these days. I will elaborate further on.

BJ bars and Gentlemen’s Clubs

I first wrote about Amsterdam two years ago. At the time I mistakenly described it as a blowjob bar. In reality the place is actually a gentlemen’s club in fitting with other nearby venues like Pirate’s and 007 Club.

amsterdam pattaya sign

One could arguably describe any of these places as BJ bars. And indeed I have done so from time to time. They would however more accurately be called gentlemen’s clubs. A BJ bar is mainly set up with an in-and-out sort of service. Wood Bar and Kasalong are good examples. At a BJ bar guys walk into a room with a lady, drop trou, get serviced, pack up, pay and leave. It’s that straightforward.

Gentlemen’s clubs are set up more like lounges. Club Sin and Excite are good examples of this model. Guys can come in and hang around with ladies for as long as they want. In fact the actual bars are often even busier than the private areas. Of course similar services to those at BJ bars are on offer. And at similar rates too. But that isn’t necessarily the sole purpose and point.

Amsterdam Lounge in Pattaya

So Amsterdam is definitely a gentlemen’s club. And a pretty good one at that. Regardless I still find it intriguing that this place was launched during the early heat of the pandemic. While other bars were shutting down or resorting to cam shows to survive Amsterdam was being built up from scratch.

Amsterdam is now open and doing decent trade. The place is easy to find with a red exterior and an illuminated white sign displaying the name. Just to the left of that sign is a doorbell. As is usually the case in this area punters have to ring the bell to gain entrance. The ladies sit inside behind a locked door. Though they have a camera pointing outside to let them know what’s going on outside. At Amsterdam there’s also a small two-way mirror in the door.

Inside the bar customers area greeted by some of the better looking ladies on the Soi. They wear nice kit consisting of short pleated skirts and sailor moon style belly shirts. It is a bit reminiscent of the old Lolita’s uniforms.

More unique is the tikki bar style layout. The front section of the establishment is somewhat small and cozy. But it’s unlike much I’ve ever seen in Pattaya. On the left you have a small bar with a few stools where the ladies usually wait for customers. But to the right you have a nice bar nestled inside of some large bamboo walls. The doorway leading further back is also surrounded in this cool bamboo sort of structure.

Amsterdam Lounge is then not really like Amsterdam or even De Wallen. It is more like something you might have seen in a Hawaiian themed bar back in the 1960’s. Although this place has private booths and rooms and some quite sexy ladies. And that clearly makes it superior.

Staff, Service and Summary

The booths at Amsterdam are a real standout. They are large and separated by more thick bamboo rather than the usual thin curtains you might find in the area. They do have sheer red curtains in the front that can be closed off too. They also have more standard short time private rooms upstairs. More notable this must be the only gentlemen’s club in Pattaya to have a VIP room complete with karaoke gear that is sealed off from the rest of the bar by black glass.

There are just a few women working at Amsterdam at the moment. But that seems to be generally true everywhere these days. When major airlines are understaffed you can’t expect a small bar in Pattaya to be overflowing with workers. Still the staffing is adequate for the current levels of customers. And the bar is actively trying to recruit new staff with a sign outside. So I am sure more ladies will filter in as time goes on.

As it stands the ladies who are working at Amsterdam are a cut above average for this strip of bars. I would even see they are above average for much of Pattaya. That would also extend to some of their skills.

One of the standout features of Amsterdam is the pricing. Lady drinks at Amsterdam are just 120 Baht ($3.28 USD). This is much lower than most all venues charge in Pattaya. A glass of Coca Cola for a customer is just 50 Baht. This compares to some go go bars in Pattaya that charge customers a whopping 150 Baht just for a bottled water!

Overall I think Amsterdam is one of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya and one of the better bars in the city overall. The place is run well, kept clean, and staffed by some lovely ladies. If I can find any fault with the place it is that the number of women working Amsterdam is a little low. But then again there is no huge rush of people to Pattaya just now so it is indeed understandable. With all of that in mind I give Amsterdam Lounge four stars.

Lounge Bar Amsterdam. Bongkot Soi 8, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 12:00 PM until 12:00 AM.

6 thoughts on “Review: Amsterdam in Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. They have a couple of nice looking girls working here. Thanks for the report. Will you be reviewing Madam Claude BKK at some point?

    1. Hi Ed! They do indeed have lookers on the staff at Amsterdam. I do have a Madame Claude review planned for the near future. Cheers.

  2. I agree with the comments about a couple good looking girls working there. But if Amsterdam holds itself out as a “gentlemen’s bar” and not strictly a blowjob bar, then that probably explains why the one stunner I’ve seen there twice is not willing to provide oral relief.

    I’ll be there again in the next week so I’ll try my luck one more time.

    1. I don’t know that the bar actually defines itself in any particular way. But I do believe that it is a gentleman’s club. In part due to the sort of thing you talk about. A BJ bar is a pretty straightforward place where oral is the main and regular service. Gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya are more like lounges where customers can spend time, drink and also have some services if they would like. Though in most gentleman’s clubs all of the women will offer oral. Cheers.

  3. I was lured into Purple today on my way to check out Amsterdam again just a couple doors down. By the time I escaped Purple I had no bullets left in the chamber.

    But I did manage to talk to the “owner/manager” of Amsterdam who was sitting out front. He confirmed that Amsterdam is definitely not a BJ bar. “We have a different business model” he said, implying that they hold themselves out as a Gentlemen’s Club.

    I’m guessing that blowjobs are available from some of the ladies, but it’s not a given.

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