A new BJ bar has opened in Pattaya


What if I told you that a new blowjob bar had just opened in Pattaya? Wouldn’t that be exciting and refreshing news in the midst of this global crisis? To some extent that is what happened. Except that this is more of a case of a place changing ownership and name and theme along with it. Still it serves as a nice break from report of closure after closure.

Regular readers may remember that I reviewed a place called J-Club on Soi Bongkot 8 in the past. At the time I mentioned that it was a rather quite bar with only a few women on staff and asked if that was a sign of a blowjob bar bubble in Pattaya. The answer was apparently no as the place and others like it stayed in business throughout the time since.

From J-Club to Amsterdam

A while later I made a report asking if there were too many gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. In that post I mentioned that J-Club was for listed for sale online. It joined a couple of others that were up for grabs at the time. This was long before any hint of shutdowns or anything of the sort.

Amsterdam Lounge in Pattaya

That post was made in 2018. At the time J-Club had already been listed for sale for over a year. This is the end of 2020. So the place was on the market for quite a long time. But in the middle of all that is going on it seems to have finally found a buyer. The new tenant has already made some sweeping changes.

So what was once called J-Club is now known as Amsterdam Lounge Bar. The place has gone through a makeover and revamp. There is a new “Amsterdam” sign outside complete with some red lights that give off a sort of a De Wallen vibe. Otherwise it seems to operate in the same way as the other gentlemen’s clubs on the strip that has now become known as “blow row” by many.

What’s a head?

I would imagine that this will be a welcome addition to the area for those who are actually able to access it. After all who could decry having too many different places to get their knob polished? At the same time it is impressive to see how this area grew from housing just Club 4 to becoming a new center of closed-door style adult entertainment.

These days there are several bars in a strip that is otherwise seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Though that is part of the charm. For regulars and expats who live in the city that is probably also a major selling point. It is unlikely that someone would accidentally travel through this blow row and see your vehicle sitting out front. There isn’t much reason to be on the street unless one is looking for an adult lounge or heading to the short time hotel at the other end of the road.

In early 2020 I reported on the opening of a new blowjob bar in Bangkok. That Japanese-style suck shop opened just a few doors down from the popular 7 Heaven. It seemed poised to make a big splash before the new situation set in. The results were that the place actually ended up closing down not long after it opened. Apparently the place just couldn’t withstand the downturn. That is understandable.

I would guess that the new bar in Pattaya will have a better go of it. I can’t be sure of that. But since the customer base is mainly rooted in the town itself that seems to be the most likely scenario. Most of the guys that visit these places are either full time residents of Pattaya or regular visitors who know their way around the town. Tourists are less important to these kinds of clubs than they are to the city more generally. The latter is an entirely different story.

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