Review: Carre Blanc in Pattaya, Thailand (UPDATED)


Carre Blanc is a gentlemen’s club with more in Pattaya. With a history originating anywhere, today the place sits on what has become a sort of “blow row” in the city. The area has become popular with guys in the know. Yet most people in town are probably unaware the area even exists.

Many blowjob bars have been covered on this website over the years. Most follow the same model though there are some places that go their own way. A main variation is the gentleman’s club where customers can hang out with a host of women and relax.

Carre Blanc blowjob bar

There are many of these gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya with new places opening all the time to make up for those that have closed. I’m not sure how many short time tourists find their way inside of their locked doors but perhaps some do put in the effort. Mainly these lounge style blowjob bars seem to attract more a clientele that is more attached to the area.

A few years ago a place called Club 4 opened on Soi Full Love Inn. After some time and some problems it was joined by other bars based on the same model. There are so many of these clubs in the area now that some are referring to it as “blow row”.

Carre Blanc in Pattaya

I published a review of the original Carre Blanc nearly three years ago at the end of 2014. That shop has since closed with another opening in its place. A new Carre Blanc opened in the same corridor as Club 4, 007 and Pirate’s. Unfortunately I have not been able to cover it until now.

The new Carre Blanc is at the end of the row. It is clearly marked with a large white sign. The front is made of the typical sliding glass door tinted to a very dark black. When customers want to enter they have to ring a bell next to the door.

After entering customers see a large open and very clean main area. This place is much newer and nicer than the old Carre Blanc. It’s world’s apart.

In the center of the floor sits a very large round bar. A petite ladyboy with a huge silicone rack is stationed inside of the bar. She seems to be a manager of sorts. In any event she can speak English well and serve up drinks as ordered at the same kinds of reasonable prices charged by the nearby competition. She also watches what goes on outside the door through a CCTV system that broadcasts to a flat screen television behind the bar.

Women at CB

Just inside the entrance and to the right are two plush couches. Most of the ladies working in the bar sit there until they are called over by a customer. A few others will approach customers first. None are particularly shy though a few seem reticent to make the first move.

The gentlemen’s clubs of Pattaya open early in the day however some of the ladies that work in them seem to be on a different schedule. This definitely seems to be true at the new Carre Blanc to the point that the aforementioned ladyboy can sometimes be heard complaining about the situation to no one in particular.

At prime time there can be as many as ten ladies in the new Carre Blanc but during the day there can be as few as three not counting the bartender slash manager. Most are relatively attractive though one or two may be on the older side. As a general rule they are in their twenties and thirties and have fairly good bodies. None are overweight. All are friendly and typically wear dresses and high heels. All also have some level of skill at their job.


Private booths in the rear contain large couches and tables and are separated from the rest of the bar by long hanging curtains. The original Carre Blanc had a similar set up but the new bar is much larger and better arranged. The private booths actually give privacy. Customers pay 800 Baht ($23 USD) for the privilege of taking a lady to one of them for oral service. Private rooms are available upstairs for slightly higher price. Additional services seem to be offered anywhere in the bar for those who want it.

The locked doors at the gentlemen’s clubs help feed into a more private environment that allows customers to relax. It is not uncommon to see some semi public action going on in the Pattaya gentlemen’s bars and Carre Blanc is no exception. Still people mind their business and guys who vist the bar generally seem to get along well even when they don’t talk to each other whatsoever. What else would one expect from gentlemen? Three-and-a-half stars.

Address:Bongkot Soi 8, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:1:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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