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Review: A Touch of Class in Bangkok, Thailand (CLOSED)

In the time that this website has been online I have reviewed numerous Bangkok oily massage parlors. All of these shops generally operate on the same basis with only minor variations. Prices are nearly uniform across the industry with a few shops charging a little more or a little less than the competition. With rotating staff the only aspects that set one shop apart from another are things like customer service, room quality, and overall level of service.

Although there are certainly pretty gals to be found on staff at almost every shop, oily massage parlors aren’t necessarily known for hiring the most attractive women. They’re more service oriented and easy to navigate which contrasts them to rip off shops and tourist oriented go go bars with ever rising prices.

Girls at A Touch of Class Bangkok

Most oily massage parlors in Bangkok have a bit of history. Some have been around for ages and others have been started by former masseuses who split from some of the better known shops. A Touch of Class is one of the newest oily massage parlors in Bangkok. I’m not sure who started it or when but it first came on my radar sometime in 2014.

A Touch of Class is easy to find. it’s located on the “U” shaped alley that shoots off of Sukhumvit Soi 24. It’s only steps away from EZ Massage 1 which I reviewed back in 2013.

With so many similar shops in the field A Touch of Class aims to be different. Their website says “When you walk towards our place, you will immediately see that our girls are different – they are beautifully dressed, they won’t scream and shout “welcome” or “massage” at you or try to drag you into our place – our girls have – “A Touch of Class””. It also says women are paid more than they are at other shops and that they are given health insurance and language lessons.

I have no way to verify whether or not most of these claims are true. One thing I can verify is that A Touch of Class probably has the best looking woman of any Bangkok oily. That doesn’t mean that every woman they employ looks like they came straight from Asia’s Next Top Model but on average they appear younger and prettier than their counterparts elsewhere. There are always exceptions. There are some stunners on staff at other massage parlors and there are a few women on staff at A Touch of Class that I don’t find attractive. I can only speak in general terms based on my own opinion.

The facilities at A Touch of Class are also nice. The lobby is big and clean and the women are friendly without being pushy. Well the women on staff are friendly at least. Some of the people on management seem to be more interested in their cell phones than their customers. This is in reverse of what is often seen elsewhere, with the masseuses being the ones interested in their phones. If I had to chose I guess I’d take interested service providers over interested managers.

Everything is pretty much standard in terms of operations though A Touch of Class seems to favor letting customers pick from a live lineup rather than showing them a book of airbrushed photos. At some places customers have to ask specifically to see the women in person.

Rates are normal for the industry. A one hour full service massage with everything included goes for 2000 Baht ($63 US) in a standard room. Better rooms that include things like bathtubs or jacuzzis go for a little more. Nuru massage mat play is an option too. Couples massage is also available starting at 2500 Baht ($78) for one hour and apparently they do serve single ladies.

The shop’s website says they accept credit cards along with cash. This would further set them apart from other places. In practice however it seems that the management is either unable or unwilling to actually use their credit card machine, if indeed they have one at all. This could just be a temporary thing but I can’t go to the shop every day to check on the status on their machinery.

Fitting with a relatively new place the rooms at A Touch of Class are nice and clean. The more expensive rooms aren’t so much better that they deserve a higher price in my opinion but it makes sense that a shop would charge more for rooms that cost more to put together.

Service is always hard to judge at any place with a staff of several women. Different women come and go and may offer better or worse service than one another. Even an individual gal can offer better or worse service depending on the day or hour or even how they feel about the customer they’re dealing with. Some places offer a virtual guarantee of good service. It would surprising to get bad service at a place like Cherry or Bamboo for example.

Generally speaking it seems that the women who work at A Touch of Class have more to offer in terms of their looks than their physical performance. Some of the prettiest women may not offer oral service of any variety even though it’s considered a standard at every other shop of its kind.

It’s often said that the best looking women tend more toward poor or limited service while the less attractive gals go the extra mile. This supposedly applies not only to working women but women in general. I’ve never put a lot of stock in this since my experiences have contradicted it time and time again but at A Touch of Class it does ring true.

I have no serious complaints about A Touch of Class. The women are for the most part very pretty, the place is big and clean and the prices are reasonable. At the same time I can’t say that any of this is enough to blow me away. If a standard of stellar performance was the norm I would probably give this place a very high score. As it stands I don’t think it deserve more than three stars.

Note: A Touch of Class has closed. Another shop has opened in same location that offers the same kinds of service. I hope to review it soon.

16 thoughts on “Review: A Touch of Class in Bangkok, Thailand (CLOSED)”

  1. Thanks for the review, rockit. Is this a “pay before” shop? I assume it is since their credit card machinery is either spotty or non-existent and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to discover a satisfied customer on his way out didn’t bring cash with him because their website said they accept credit cards. hehe. That might also account for their better looking girls’ service levels fitting nicely in the old addage about better looking women tending more toward poor or limited service. Maybe that wouldn’t be so much the case if it was a “pay after” shop., you think? Although, as someone who did get poor service at both of the other places you mentioned, including the one that is “pay after”, maybe the “pay after” vs “pay before” issue doesn’t mean very much with massage shops.

    1. I don’t know that there’s a defining line between shops that make customers pay before or after. The norm in the industry has always been to pay after services are rendered. That’s even true when getting a foot massage. It seems that some oily shops do now ask certain customers for money upfront, maybe because they’ve had bad experiences with people who didn’t pay. In the soapies it’s normal but that’s a different area.

  2. I’ve been to A Touch of Class a few times in the last 3 months. I’d have to say it is definitely the best massage place in Bangkok and I go to quite a few :-)

    Addict which is next door to them used to be my favourite, but A Touch of Class definitely has better girls (better looking, more friendly and do a lot more naughty stuff).

    I know they have quite a lot of students working there which I like, if you go there about 5-6pm you can see them coming to work in their university uniforms :-)

    You’re report is true, they are the same price as most other places, same prices as Addict, but their girls, sercice and facilities I think are all a bit better. Best thing I think is the service, the mamasan (who is a 9/10 herself) even gives you a beer when you arrive and another before you leave.

    Not sure about what happened with you and the credit card but most times I use one and never have any troubles.

    The only trouble I had there once was that they had problems with their water and the showers and spas weren’t working for about an hour, but they have me a 50% discount when I left so can’t really complain about that.

    Another place to try in Soi 24 close to A Touch of Class is Mango Massage, it’s the place to go if you want A+ but the girls are much older and not as hot and the facilities are a bit crappy, but they all do A+.

    1. Hi Ted. Thanks for the comment. Sounds like we’re in tune, except that you seem to have had a better experience with the management. Addict seems to have a much larger staff and Mango has a much older staff. I have reviews on both in the works and they’ll be on the website as soon as time allows. Cheers!

  3. I used to go to addict. Somehow starting from 6-8m ago, the quality of the girls really dropped. Last time I went there, the girl was lazy, poor service attitude. She was the best looking I could pick out,the rest of the line up were monsterous. I shall not return to addict and will try out ATOC next door.

    1. I went past recently and there was a large and mostly attractive staff hanging around. I do agree that the level of service usually isn’t too high. I’ll post a full review sometime soon. Cheers.

  4. Hi Rockit. Thanks for the wonderful review !!

    What is the best time to visit Oily massage parlors like EZ, Touch of Class, Thonglor 2, Dream Heaven, Cherry, Bamboo etc ? Have heard that 6-7pm is the best time for any pay for pleasure establishment. Is it true for the oily parlors too and does the best timing differ across the above mentioned places?

    Will be staying at Pattaya for a week from 10th of April. Most places will be shut during Songkran from 12th, hence will be visiting Bangkok on 11th (Saturday) and cover everything possible within a day.

    Plan in the evening was to visit a soapy at 6-7pm and after finishing, head off to a BJ bar and then to Nana Plaza for the Gogo’s. Was trying to fit Oily parlor in the free afternoon time but was worried about poor availability of masseuse. Hence the question above :)

    Cheers !!

    1. Hi. I don’t give advice or advocate anything. This website is for entertainment only. I don’t know that any one time than any other time. It’s basically luck of the draw for customer unless they know of a schedule or book ahead. During Songkran a lot of women go to their home provinces so that makes the pickings much slimmer. Some places even close. Cheers.

  5. This place was under renovation from last November and has now reopened with a new name. I can’t remember what the name is, and the old website just mentions that it’s a brand new place but doesn’t direct to a new website. Since it was closed for so long, has anybody tried this place since it reopened? I wonder if it’s new management as well.

  6. Hi there
    Is there any report comment on club 102?
    I cannot find much on the web… Probably the best is to try out!

  7. Worst massage experience in Bangkok. Don’t come here if your a westerner. I came here two weeks ago after seeing ads on Stickman, Bangkok. My first time trying a Massage parlor like this. First, they told me some type of water leak so had to wait 30 minutes outside on the street with the massage girls, which was awkward but mai pen rai, this is Thailand. Then proceeding inside when they told me it was fixed. Nice decor inside but useless as they rush you to choose a girl and not relax and have a beer. The rude farang owner (I’m assuming, because he doesn’t introduce himself) hands me a “menu” and then tells me hurry up and pick. Three Asian dudes walk in and he quickly snatches the menu from my hands and hands it to them, and tells me again hurry up and choose. Mind you, I’ve only been inside maybe 5 minutes, not disgusting looking (I’m 37) and with 20000B in my pocket so not sure why I am being treated that way. So I just pick a girl named “beer” and we proceed upstairs. The entire way up she keeps asking “ok you tip me big na” What?? I haven’t even made it to the room yet. I quickly cancel and go back to cashier and tell her I’m not happy. “sorry, no refund,” – she says. I storm out after being in there less than 15 minutes and minus 3500B. These other reviews must be bogus. Don’t come here if your a falang as they obviously only cater to Asian males wearing fanny packs. I warned all my coworkers and business partners to avoid this place as well. Do yourself a favor and go next door to “Addict” for a true Bangkok massage experience. ; )

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