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Kokoro Massage is a new Japanese style nuru massage shop in Bangkok. Kokoro is a top quality massage parlor that strives to combine the best aspects of the land of the rising sun with those of the land of smiles. That means the shop has a staff of friendly Thai ladies who have been thoroughly trained in the arts of Japanese erotic massage. Some might call it the best of both worlds.

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 23, Kokoro Massage is really like a slice of Japan in Thailand. The shop even has themed VIP rooms that look like they could have come right out of a Japanese love hotel. There is a Japan room complete with bamboo fixtures and a Thai room that resembles a traditional wooden home.

Of course rooms are nice but the main point of attraction is the women and the services they offer. Kokoro specializes in two distinct forms of massage. The first is AV style massage which involves the kind of costumed role playing one may find in a Japanese adult video. The second is professional nuru body to body massage performed with authentic tools of the trade. Both massage styles are appealing in their own way.

Nuru massage in Bangkok

A few years ago the term nuru nuru first entered the English lexicon. Soon after, massage shops the world over began offering what they called a nuru massage. Some shops even changed their names to include the world nuru. This was perhaps more true in Bangkok than anywhere else on earth. Yet many of the so-called nuru shops simply used a gel for their massages. Otherwise they had little to nothing to do with the actual experience of nuru massage.

More recently a handful of high quality massage shops that follow the actual Japanese nuru massage model closely have emerged. These have quickly become some of the most popular massage parlors in all of Thailand. It should be no surprise that a high level of service from attractive and attentive women is desirable. Kokoro Massage builds on a whole history of erotic massage in providing what could only be described as modern day excellence.

masseuse at kokoro massage bangkok

Kokoro Massage provides a top of the line authentic nuru massage experience. The women who work at the shop are specially trained in the arts of erotic body body massage by a true industry veteran. In addition new hires are joined by an array of women who made their bones working other well known nuru shops. So the level of skill is about as good as it gets.

Those who have enjoyed a real nuru massage know the experience is difficult to match. Nuru pros treat their customers like kings. They cover their bodies tantalizingly in specially designed nuru gel from Japan that heightens the senses. Then they slide all over from top to bottom turning each man’s body into a sort of adult jungle gym. It is relaxing yet extremely titillating.

Kokoro AV massage

There are many massage parlors and similar shops in Bangkok that have a couple of uniforms laying around. At the request of the customer or perhaps for a tip some of the gals will don a costume and call it cosplay. But it rarely goes further than that.

Kokoro Massage is different. It aims to provide a real fantasy experience to go along with the costumes. It’s cosplay in the real sense of the world and something that veterans of fashion health shops in Japan would recognize. Various styles of AV Massage service are available ranging from the sneaky secretary to the naughty nurse.

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It goes beyond costumes with an array of lingerie and toys also available. All of this is integrated to provide an overall experience that is tough to match. It’s some of the most inventive and adventurous action to emerge on the scene in some time.

It’s easy to see how the AV service could be amplified with the use of themed rooms. With an array of talented and inviting ladies on staff there is clearly a lot of room for fun. Ever imagine catching a sexy female ninja in a bamboo forest? Fantasy could really become reality at Kokoro.

Service providers, prices and summary

Kokoro Massage is staffed by an array of Thai ladies in their twenties and thirties. This is no hodge podge of women who wandered in off the street. Each woman employed at Kokoro was specifically selected for their beauty, charm and ability to provide an amazing experience. They’re a real attractive bunch with the skills to pay the bills.

You might expect a place like this to charge an arm and a leg. In Japan that would almost surely be the case. But Kokoro Massage has set reasonable rates considering all that is involved. Things are rather straight forward and easy to understand too.

A ninety minute nuru massage at Kokoro is 4,200 Baht ($135 USD). A 90 minute nuru massage performed by two ladies comes at a discounted rate of 7,200 Baht ($231 USD). This less than some places and more than others. So the pricing is fully inline with the realities of the local industry.

The unique AV Massage offered at Kokoro is just 2,800 Baht ($90 USD) for 60 minutes. That is a real value when considering some competitors charge more for a basic erotic massage. Ninety minute AV Massage provided by two women costs 7,200 Baht.

The standard rooms at Kokoro are spacious and clean. They were designed with service in mind. Each room contains the kind of wet area seen in the best Japanese soaplands. There are also special silver inflatable mats as seen in all the best soaps. The VIP rooms offer an upgrade in quarters at additional expense. That can enhance the mood for those willing to splurge. Yet others who pay the entry rates are at no real disadvantage.

Kokoro Massage is one of the more special shops to open in Bangkok in recent memory. That is has emerged in the midst of a sort of global madness only makes the place more notable. I have little doubt that Kokoro Massage will become a popular massage parlor in Bangkok. It will attract those looking for sensational service from a skilled and seductive staff.

Address:116/2 Soi Sukhumvit 23 Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand (Map)
Hours:11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Phone:+66 088-969-9872
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