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Kazy Kozy goes from go go to bar

Kazy Kozy was a go go bar on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok that entered the scene with much fanfare. The place was purported to be the next coming of Crazy House complete with fully nude dancers. Their grand opening ceremonies even included a sort of parade down Soi Cowboy lead by a team of scantly clad coyotes holding signs.

I reviewed Kazy Kozy not long after it opened in early 2020. As the one-and-a-half star rating I gave would indicate I was not very impressed. I guess the motorcycle parked on stage was something to see. But I prefer to interact with engaging women in a go go bar. Call me crazy. Or kazy if you’d prefer.

In any event the pandemic began not long after. That of course changed everything and eventually resulted in Kazy Kozy and all other bars on Soi Cowboy being closed for some time. When the dust settled many of the bars reopened. Kazy Kozy got back into gear. But it has made a significant change in course.

Major changes

Originally Kazy Kozy had a fairly standard stage setup with poles. Women worked the stage — albeit rather poorly — while punters watched on from the seat. There were at least some nude and semi nude bodies on display.

Kazy Kozy go go bar

Today Kazy Kozy is totally different. The downstairs area has been turned into a sort of regular bar albeit with a stage for live music. Anyone who has been regaled by the crooners of Pattaya’s open beer bars belting out the hits of the late 1960’s will have an idea of what that can be like.

When Kazy Kozy first reopened the upper floor was still operating in go go style. It was perhaps even a little more entertaining than the original incarnation of the place since it almost had the flavor of a prohibition era speakeasy. Of course Kazy Kozy was no Krazy Kat Klub but you get the idea.

Now that too has come to an end. At this point the upstairs portion of Kazy Kozy is nothing more than a poorly used pool hall replete with a single billiards table.

Why does it matter?

So there are no more naked women dancing at Kazy Kozy. And the women who do remain on premises are just service staff there to provide punters with their draft beers. The agogo has gone and its now just another bar.

You might wonder why the story of a single go go would matter much. After all there are dozens of agogos in Thailand. But I do think the story of this bar in particular has at least some relevance to the larger local industry in general.

Kazy Kozy was arguably the last big go go bar launch before the pandemic. Although some bar owners were already complaining of a fall in customers this place was launched with a serious push. It never did seem to really catch on however. Then things quickly took a turn for a worse with the near total global shut down.

After the reopening it looked like the go go would return in some form. But changes were evident. When Kazy Kozy first started to transform there were widespread rumors that it was a temporary thing. The story went that the owners were simply making some changes to adapt to the passing conditions. Once the conditions changed again, some argued, the bar would revert to its original state. Remember that not long ago many bars were posing as restaurants to get around certain restrictions.

Now we see that the changes at Kazy Kozy appear to be permanent. This doesn’t surprise me much. As early as May 2020 I was writing about the permanent changes that could come to be in the adult entertainment industry.

But this is indicative of some larger trends we have seen. Even as regulations around Covid-19 have largely faded into the background in most of the world things are not necessarily “back to normal.” Quite a few go go bars have disappeared and it appears they will not return. Especially on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok and Walking Street in Pattaya.

Things look a little brighter over on Soi Nana. A few new bars have opened up. Others have returned. A couple have simply relocated to other parts of the plaza. Time will tell what will ultimately come of all of this. Yet no matter the final result I think that the story of Kazy Kozy and its change is worth telling.

8 thoughts on “Kazy Kozy goes from go go to bar”

  1. Thanks for the report.
    Yes the scene is evolving and adapting but as always the demand creates the supply and its good to see so many places emerging in old and new locations. Massage parlors seems to recover much better. Soi 22 and 33 are full of options today, and the area around soi 21/23 seems even wider than pre pandemic. I’ll add to this the lowest section of Silom road that also has plenty of options nowadays. The demand is probably evolving from go go to parlors, might have to do with the overall inbound demographic more high end with higher spending behavior than before due to airlift cost inflation. Or simply a social evolution to more discreet type of experiences. As you said time will tell. Cheers

    1. Curious to know what massage parlors in the Silom area offer good service by females? Most of the ones I’ve seen seem to be staffed by guys masseuses, I assume they are gay massage parlors.

  2. Thais are fast adapters. “If” the Go go Bar scene will bounce back in time for let say high season 2023-2024, things can change again? Or maybe its back to being a gogo-bar already in april, if surrounding bars have a heaving trade.

    There is room for diverse venues on Soi Cowboy but the bulk of places must have a hedonistic vibe, otherwise the Soi is kind of rebranded. But we are not there yet.

    The Entertainment market is fast footed. Perhaps even Patpong will find some of its past glory if a new nightmarket evolves in Soi 1?

    Who thinks all the Cannabisplaces will stay in business..

    As I commented in another post, read Bangkok Eyes October about changes in the Bar scene, this topic after a question from a smart reader. They write about constant change and transformation in the Entertainment areas. Cheers.

  3. Correct. But those areas lack a bit of old-orient charm (and LK is to far from the Sea, Pattayas biggest pullfactor). The owners of Nana can do pretty much what they want for as long as they wish since they (eh) control other business assets.

    All but one of the Arabs Bars (he is actually from Iran) in Cowboy seem to be open, nobody knows what his endgame is since he seldom deliver any acceptable entertainmaint services and there are many reports of scams. But always cute Hello-girls.

    I hope Soi Cowboy bounce back big time.

    Down in Pattaya I prefer areas around Walking Street and the side sois from Beach Road. Maybe 20% (25%) customers compared to 2019? But quite a few new Venues in Walking Street – Miami will apperently be a go go again. Whats up is still closed and Happy looks for a new owner. Mr Egg from Le Pub makes “fairly” honest videos about the area. And he is about to start a new “gogo-lounge” Milk next to Le Pub on Soi Diamond, he has pictures of busty, cute ladies on social media.

    I hope to stay at my favourite hotel The Hilton for a couple of weeks in february.

    Everything in Thailand depends om influx of international tourism. A bit easier now for Koreans and Japanese, China will probably not allow touristgroups leaving until 2024? The Russians will hopefully rotten for many years in their selfbuilt prision. Farangs? Travelcosts and energy- foodprices is a problem. Our Indian friends should feel very welcomed! Cheers.

  4. The bar scene in BKK seems to be taking a bad turn. It is far from the glory days of early 2000s. I prefer bars like Star of Light to spend a good couple of hours. The early days of Crazy Horse were great too. I hope things bounce back to ‘normal’.

    And I do see a hint of racism in above comment. Would prefer to read comments devoid of such opinions.

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