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Kazy Kozy is one of the newest go go bars in Bangkok. Yet the Soi Cowboy agogo is already one of the most well known or perhaps even infamous bars in the city. That’s due mostly to its close relations with the Crazy House go go bar around the corner. Kazy Kozy joins Crazy House as some of the only bars in Bangkok with a full staff of full nude dancers.

The level of nudity in the Bangkok go go bars seems to fluctuate over the years. First women danced in dresses. Not long after it was common to see full nude dancers and even the insertion of things like bottles and ping pong balls. Then things went the other way and women started covering up. In recent years it has been easy enough to see topless dancers at places like Erotica. And there are also some fully nude women doing shower shows in bars like Butterflies and Billboard in Nana Plaza. But most of the women in most of the go go bars don’t wear less than a bikini these days.

Crazy House has long stood out as a place where fully nude dancing was the norm. And things rarely stopped there. It’s nothing to see lasses in their birthday suits interacting with customers in all sorts of ways inside of the Crazy House. The word was that Kazy Kozy would be more of the same once it got going. So of course I had to investigate.

Kazy Kozy on Soi Cowboy

I’ve heard that Kazy Kozy is some sort of Thai take on the phrase “crazy cozy”. I am not sure if that is true and it doesn’t make a lot of sense in any case. Unless of course they are using the word cozy as a euphemism like real estate agents who don’t want to admit that a place they’re selling is actually just cramped and small. And crazy in an ironic sense.

Kazy Kozy is located right on Soi Cowboy. It took over the space from the Old Dutch restaurant. Previously the rumor was that Crazy House was located just outside of Soi Cowboy because it had fully nude dancers. That never made much sense either as you could always find nudity and more on Soi Cowboy.

Kazy Kozy go go bar

Whatever the case may be, Kazy Kozy does have a full entourage of nude ladies. Though unlike the old days at Crazy House, the gals don’t stay naked all the time. They’re more likely to drop their tops or get into their birthday suits only while on the stage. Then they get dressed again when it’s time to leave. A significant number don’t seem to get naked at all.

Kazy Kozy looks alright at first glance, but on further inspection it is very poorly designed. There is a large stage in the middle but the seating for customers consists of two rows of bench seating around the world. The back level is the only seating that is really usable however. The front row is close to the stage and the only area people have to walk. So sitting there is like inviting countless dancers, servers and customers to trample all over your feet.

Neither crazy nor cozy

To make matters worse, a large motorcycle is rather strangely fixed right in the middle of the stage. It is the full width of the the elevated area. So in order to get from one side of the stage to the other, the dancers are forced to crawl over the big bike. This might sound like something sexy. It isn’t.

I don’t see a whole lot to like about Kazy Kozy. Or at least nothing that makes the place any more of a draw than other bars in the area, including the Crazy House itself. Drinks are on the expensive side at 180 Baht ($6 USD) a glass. Lady drinks are of course even more, especially when the gals order a double at 380 Baht ($13 USD). The barfine is 850 Baht ($28 USD). The gals are free to negotiate their own rates, but the mamasan pushes customers to pay the barfine and 3000 Baht compensation up front for short time.

And what about the ladies themselves? Obviously they are the main draw at this and any other go go bar in the country. There are definitely a lot of women working at Kazy Kozy. They range in appearance as you might expect. There are no overly large ladies that I saw. But there are many women working the bar who could be described as average looking at best. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one man’s beauty is another man’s beast. But my rather experienced eyes didn’t spy any ladies that would prompt guys to make a special trip. Especially with so many other bars around.

Nor did I see anything all that crazy. Certainly the place was a lot milder than Crazy House in terms of interactions between customers and the women working the bar. The only thing even slightly out of the norm for a bar of the sort are the periodic shows which seem to be a staple of the new approach. These involve things like watching two naked women dance slowly and pour hot wax on their bodies and tongues for an extended period of time. I guess this is a draw for some. But during one such show I saw at least half of the customers inside call for a bill and leave. One-and-half stars.

Address:Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM - 1:00 AM
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