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GFE Japan review – Escorts in Japan

GFE Japan is a large foreigner-friendly escort service in Japan. The service covers the country with a bevy of hot escorts working in Osaka, Fukuoka, and of course, Tokyo. This Japanese escort agency caters to foreigners who may otherwise find it difficult or impossible to procure adult services in the land of the rising sun. With a full team of English-speaking staff they make it easy for gaijin to book sessions with escorts in Japan. That’s true whether they are in country for tourism, business or long-term residency.

I have reported on the commercial sex scene around the world for over a decade. One of the first locations I ever covered was Japan. Japan is infamous for its large, age-old fuzoku industry which is estimated to generate 2.3 trillion Yen ($24,000,000,000 USD) annually. Yet most of this incredibly vast field is basically off limits to people who are not Japanese.

There have always been at least some sex centered businesses in Japan oriented to foreigners. Then there were the handful of places where a foreigner might hope to slip in without issue. Especially if he was able to speak at least some Japanese. Though the selection was always limited. When I first started writing about gaijin friendly sex shops on this website there were very few places to cover. The pool dried up further when a few of the well-known foreigner friendly shops closed their doors years later.

Things seemed to turn a corner in the late 2010’s as the Tokyo Olympics approached. More sex shops started accepting non-Japanese customers and a few of dedicated agencies and even soaplands created specifically for foreign customers started to pop up. Then the world virtually shut down in 2020 and things sort of stalled. Now as we move past that dark period GFE Japan has emerged as a full fledged Japanese escort agency set up for foreigners in Japan.

Escorts at GFE Japan

There are dozens of escorts working at GFE Japan. They are dispatched in their local cities. Besides the full team of ladies working in Tokyo proper, there are also some very nice gals in Osaka and Fukuoka. This is a real pleasant surprise since sex workers for foreigners have always been somewhat difficult to come by in those two towns. To make matters better I’ve found that some of the best looking ladies on the team are found outside of Tokyo.

GFE escort Noel
Noel is ready

One example is the nubile Noel in Osaka. This twenty year old has a tight petite body and perky C cups that are a sight for sore eyes. Neol is all natural when it comes to her shape though she removes all hair down there for a paipan appearances that really compliments the rest of her. This one hundred percent Japanese woman has minimal English skills but in my view that only makes the experience more genuine. Besides there is always an English speaking staff on standby at GFE.

Down in Fukuoka, the 21-year-old Hana has full fresh breasts that are absolutely amazing. I have seen hundreds of breasts over the years. But even I am not above the charms of a pair with the right shape and characteristics. Hana has one of the better natural racks I’ve had the pleasure to cast my sights on in any location. Her Japanese H cup is a sight to behold!

hana fukuoka escort boobs
Hana’s ample bossom

This is not to say that all the attractive ladies are outside of Tokyo. The capital city section of GFE Japan has its fair share of good to great looking babes too. The 20-year-old Olivia has a nice tight body that she is not shy about using. In fact this English-speaking Japanese babe is not really shy at all. She is open and upfront about her love for rimming! Not only does she like to give a rusty trombone, she also likes to be on the receiving end of a nice tossed salad. Maybe that’s why she puts so much work into maintaining her backside.

There are even some Japanese pornstars in GFE Japan’s Tokyo branch. At the time of writing Japanese AV idols Kasumi and Kiriko Imafuji are available in Tokyo. Since both offer a “movie recording with face” option, it is possible for foreign guys to star in their own private Japanese pornos!

Sex with escorts at GFE Japan

What is an escort? The old official meaning of the term was simply a companion. To get around legal stipulations in more restrictive countries, sex workers would often charge only for their time and company. In other words, they would “escort” a client to a dinner, events, or more likely, the bedroom. Then whatever went on between closed doors was simply a coincidental affair between two consenting adults that had nothing to do with money. Officially of course.

Over the years this evolved and the term escort came to be little more than a synonym for sex worker, prostitute, or hooker. In a lot of cases that is accurate. It is definitely true when it comes to the escorts at GFE Japan. At the same time Japan is its own country with its own culture and regulations. Sex work is more than tolerated in Japan. It is legal and widely available. Yet there are some regulations in place that make Japan a little different than some other places with legal or illegal prostitution.

slim japanese woman in pink lingerie
Olivia is awesome

In Japan it is totally legal for a woman to provide a blowjob, handjob, body-to-body massage or even anal sex for money. What she can’t do is take money for vaginal intercourse due to the specific wording of the law. This is why you see services like oral, wanking and anal fucking listed at licensed businesses such as GFE Japan.

So what can a customer expect from a GFE Japan escort? Stripping, showering, kissing, licking, cuddling, touching, fingering and sucking. Though not necessarily in that order. Additional services like anal sex and oral creampies are also available from some providers. Generally speaking the ladies take the lead and take customers on a pure pleasure ride. These ladies offer top service even if they don’t necessarily offer straight up vaginal intercourse.

How much do Japanese escorts cost?

Considering all that is offer at GFE Japan you might expect the place to charge extremely high prices. But that is not really the case. Especially when you compare the rates for escort services here with some other major cities around the world.

Japan is often listed as being one of the most expensive countries in the world. Though the cost of living or visiting Japan depends to a large degree on what exactly one decides to buy. Sex services in Japan can come with expensive price tags. Some high end soaplands charge the equivalent of $600 USD or more for a session. On the other hand a blowjob at a Tokyo pink salon can cost as little as 4000 Yen which is equal to 28 bucks.

slim trim japanese model in peach john
Suzu is super sexy

GFE Escorts charge varying prices. On the low end you can get a full hour with a lady for 23,000 Yen ($159 USD). On the top end you will pay 50,000 Yen ($345 USD) for one hour. These rates are totally reasonable for a modern first world country like Japan. Additional time can be added to any session for a few thousand Yen more. For example, a Japanese porn model who charges 50,000 Yen for an hour only charges 60,000 for 90 minutes. A two hour session with the same woman is 70,000 Yen.

The standard price comes with the standard service. Some ladies do offer additional services at additional rates. Some things a customer might pay extra for are taking pictures, video recording, golden showers, cum swallowing, anal, facials, costume play (cosplay) or taking home an escort’s panties. These services are all options but certainly of interest to a lot of horny guys.

Booking a session at GFE Japan

Booking a session with an escort at GFE Japan is as easy as 1-2-3. The agency can be reached a multitude of ways. They have a website with a live chat option, a phone number (050-5527-0320), a Telegram account, a Twitter page, and more.

All a customer has to do to make an appointment is contact the agency and provide a location, date, time and escort selection. GFE Escorts makes selection easy with an up-to-date schedule that shows all of the various ladies on staff on any given day. You can even check the availability of providers in the future. In addition, each provider has a full profile containing pictures, statistics, ethnicity, language ability and a detailed list of available services. More on those service later.

japanese itty bitty titties
Tomoe is tops

GFE Japan is an outcall agency. As mentioned above, escorts from GFE Japan will travel to hotel rooms or apartments. When calling from a hotel the agency simply calls back to confirm. For example, if Joe Blow from room 101 at the Tokyo Treetop Hotel wants to book a session, they will call him back in that room to make sure everything is on the up and up. It’s all incredibly simple and streamlined.

Payment for sessions is made up front. GFE Japan accepts cash and credit cards. They also accept credit cards over the phone when booking. On top of that the staff is fluent in English. So there’s really no complication with making an appointment at all. The days of struggling with language and cultural differences to meet an escort in Japan are over.

Review of GFE Japan

GFE Japan is a very customer-centric business that makes finding a foreigner-friendly escort in Japan very simple and straightforward. The front end staff is fluent in English and really seems to understand the wants and needs of non-Japanese customers. The process of locating and booking an escort through GFE Japan is so simple that it almost seems like an afterthought. That is how it should be. The focus in this industry should be on the actual experience between service providers and their paying clients.

The prices at GFE Japan are totally fair and on par with the local industry. It may surprise some to find that the prices here are actually lower than what one might expect to find in many other major cities around the globe. An hour of sensual enjoyment with a taut twenty-year-old for what amounts to $159 in American money is a real value in this day and age!

That said I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of women working at GFE Japan. Beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder but there are enough sexy ladies working at GFE Japan to satiate any red blooded man. The fact that these ladies are so sensual and skilled at their jobs only enhances the experience. If there was any question about the abilities of these gals, the presence of professional Japanese porn stars should remove any doubts.

There was a time not so long ago when it was virtually impossible for a foreigner to book an attractive escort in Japan. The emergence of businesses like GFE Japan have made those sad times a distant memory. GFE Japan is set up to connect foreign customers with Japanese escorts who are good looking, well trained, and ready to go. There’s not much left to be desired. With that in mind I give the place five stars.

GFE Japan operates in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka on an outcall basis. Phone: +81 050-5527-0320. Website:

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  1. Thx so much for your website! yesterday I had my very first experience with such a service and it was so so good! your detailed explanation of almost everything really made me confident to try it out. Whole process with gfe japan went smooth.
    Also wanted to try Tokyo style, but they don’t offer WhatsApp communication, but I am more than happy with gfe :)
    only problem… you really can get addicted to that :D

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