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Just over a year-and-a-half ago I wrote a post on independent escorts in Seoul that quickly became one of the most popular reports on this website. The popularity of that post and others I’ve written on South Korea made clear to me that many readers are interested in the subject of adult entertainment in the land of the morning calm.

While I don’t have the opportunity to travel to Seoul to try out new services all that often, I do my best to keep up with what’s going on there. Whenever I come across information that I think readers of this site will be interested in I include it in a post if at all possible. Past posts on escort services in Seoul have drawn numerous viewers and dozens of comments.

Regular readers of Rockit Reports may have noticed the appearance of some new banners on the sidebar of the website this month. One of those banners is for Chic Escorts, an established agency operating in South Korea’s capital city. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a thousand words also have value.

With so many different options in a place like Seoul it can be hard to make a decision. Eliminating fakes, scams and the places off limits to foreigners narrows things down quite a bit but there are still many paths a man can take. Sometimes adventure is the biggest part of an experience. Other times it’s relieving to have something reliable to fall back on. All of the services and requirements of Chic Escorts fit the bill for a good escort agency.

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I’ve come across a few complaints online from people who say that the photos on an escort site are not the real deal. In many cases this is a fact but it’s also something that’s understandable in some situations. Many women enter the industry after finding themselves in want or need or quick cash or even a bit of fun. They do so under the pretense that they will not be outed. Another issue is turnover, with huge numbers of women entering or exiting the industry on any given day. It would be incredibly difficult for most small agencies to keep up with these changes. Even major well known and trusted sites like 141 are known to use pictures that only resemble the gals they advertise from time to time.

While a lack of real pictures can sometimes be a way to get guys to shell out for less-than-attractive women it can also be a way to protect the identities of regular or even well-known ladies who want to enter the industry for a set period of time. The latter is especially true in South Korea.

The most unattractive escort I’ve ever seen came from an agency with real photos in their advertisement. It just turned out that the photos were “real” edited in Photoshop. The best looking escort I’ve ever seen came from a call up service with no photos whatsoever. There are no hard and fast rules.

The management at Chic assures customers that all of the women on staff are attractive gals that resemble the photos in the galleries. I have no reason to doubt them. If they were sending absolute dogs out to escort clients I’m sure they’d fold quite fast. There’s also the fact that South Korea is home to some of the best looking escorts anywhere, with lots of superb “regular women” in their 20’s in the mix.

For those who absolutely must know, the Chic website states that pictures of the women on staff can be sent via email for those who require it.

The rates at Chic Seoul Escorts are very reasonable, coming in at the low end of the standard range for similar services in the city of Seoul. An hour with an escort from Chic costs $220 US or 220000 Won. Longer periods are available for higher rates with steeper discounts issued as the amount of time increases. According to the website a premium package including special shower and massage services is an additional 50 bucks. Chic will also work with customers in cities close to Seoul like Suwon, Incheon and Gunpo.

The management of Chic Escorts goes the extra mile by offering to suggest good hotels in Seoul to anyone who contacts them. With so many available places to stay spread across the huge metropolis of Seoul that kind of assistance can be truly priceless. That’s especially true for foreigners on short visits who can’t speak Korean.

I must admit that as of yet I have not had any personal experience with the services of Chic Escorts. That said, I have dealt with them as an advertiser on the site and everything has been straightforward and professional. Unlike some others I have dealt with in the past they are always quick to respond any time I need to contact them. That bodes well for potential clients who most likely don’t want to spend a lot of time waiting around. Chic also promises to keep customers updated on escort travel times so that they won’t be left in the lurch.

With personal businesses customer service is key. Chic Escorts seems to have that well sorted. Their website contains a detailed frequently asked questions section and they even offer to discuss things like specials and discounts with customers over the phone.

There are a number of places online where guys can compare and contrast various services. There are many websites set up solely for reviews of escorts and escort agencies, including The Erotic Review which Chic Escorts boldly links to on their website. I’m always wary of businesses that try to avoid or hide actual reviews. It’s refreshing when a company openly promotes them.

Address:Seoul, South Korea
Phone:+82 010-7314-8232
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