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What is the Syncbot?

By now we have all heard about artificial intelligence and the many ways it is set to change society. For better or worse we’re told that no part of human life will be immune from the creation of AI. Still whoever thought that AI would change the way we masturbate? Yet the incredible Syncbot male sex toy may do exactly that!

syncbot in case

The Syncbot is a revolutionary male masturbator that harnesses the power of AI to synchronize strokes with porn scenes on your screen. The device uses its own algorithm to identify the action in any given porn screen. It then strokes you off with the same speed and intensity of the scene with its advanced motor and silky soft sleeve. This is the sort of stuff we could have only dreamed about in the past.

Advances in male masturbation

There was a time when male masturbation was a very hush hush topic. Male sex toys were limited to lifeless plastic pussies ordered from shady ads in adult magazines. Well we’ve come a long way baby. Nowadays most men admit that they pull their pud. Even more are exploring the wide world of male masturbators. The Syncbot is right at the top of the list when it comes to automated stroking devices.

While It has to be used to be truly appreciated I hope this review will give you an idea of what to expect from the Syncbot. Still I encourage you to try the thing out for yourself and report back with your findings. That is if you can find any free time once you have the power of a literal dick sucking machine in your palms.

What is the Syncbot?

The Syncbot is a really advanced sex toy. Outside the device looks unassuming with a basic and clean cylindrical shell. In fact most people probably wouldn’t realize that it is a sex toy just by looking at the thing. Inside the device is an advanced computer system attached to motorized mechanism that moves and manipulates the soft sleeve that cradles your Johnson. The “Ace-cream” sleeve is a realistic feeling soft center lined with soft nubs that stimulate the glans. Put it all together and you have something spectacular.

syncbox unboxing

As the name would suggest the Syncbot can sync with a wide array or porn. With Syncraft you can accurately match your stroke session to any porn you can find. A built in touch pad on the outside of the device allows you to control video playback and the intensity of the action.

The Syncbot doesn’t just move up and down in a simplistic motion though. This is a truly advanced tool. It strokes, tightens, and even rotates to simulate real sex in all sorts of positions. This thing even feels like it is sucking you off at times! Whether you are watching a big butt get pounded or doggy style or expert deep throat action, you will feel like you are right there when using the Syncbot.

Using the Syncbot

The Syncbot ships around the world. In my experience the device arrives very quickly. Though for those living in the Silicon Valley the Syncbot can incredibly be deliverd within one hour! The box is also discreet which is good for maintaining privacy.

AI porn algorithm

Use of the Syncbot is surprisingly simple. To set it up you just connect the provided Synchub to your computer’s USB port. Next you install the SyncPlayer program. Now you can use the program to analyze any porn you want. Then the fun begins. After you lube up your prick and slide into the sleeve, play your video, and control everything with the touch pad on the outside of the device. When you’re finished you can easily take the device apart and rinse out the sleeve.

Quite simply this is a whole new way to enjoy porn. But it also an entirely new way to enjoy a wank session. That is if you can even call this wanking. Sure you might be the only person in the room. Yet the Syncbot almost seems to have a mind of its own. It is easy to forget that you are alone when an automated unit is pulling and pumping your pud right along with the sex you are watching.


The Syncbot is an easy to use yet highly complex device. It takes onaism to an entirely new level with its combination of technology and usability. With a device like this around a private stoke session takes on a whole new significance. There’s a lot more to this than simply pulling a quick one off into a tissue.

I have been watching porn since the stuff was recorded on actual film. I’ve lived through times when porn was scare and wanking was a purely private matter that seemed shameful. Now we have unending access to seemingly unlimited amounts of porn and plenty of things to intensify our self loving.

I always imagined that society would become more open to sex and sexuality over time. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would one day hold in my hands an automated device that would stroke and suck me off in rhythm with porn. This is mind blowing to say the least!

Truth be told I am totally amazed by the quality of the Syncbot. This device has totally blown me away, pun intended. I plan to keep my unit in arms reach for further testing and research. As it stands I cannot find a single flaw with the Syncbot. I plan to spend some time with it so I can give you a full review in the near future.

9 thoughts on “What is the Syncbot?”

  1. Hmm, very very intrigued. No Bluetooth capability so i can Connect it to my FapPad where I keep all my porn on one device rather than keep a stack of lad rags in the bedside table like my pops did?

    I have to admit that one of the joys of daily pud pulling is my hand on my meat, but mixing it up and having some AI predict the movements and intensity of some of the action I enjoy is very tempting.

    Thanks for always being on the edge of exploration Rockit!

    1. Thanks Jack. With this thing it is almost like the porn star is pulling you off! I hope to do more research in the future. Cheers.

  2. But it doesn’t appear to work with my Mac laptop and I think my coworkers would frown upon me booking it up to my office PC!

  3. Ordered one because of your review :)
    Have you any recommendation for alternative lubricant after you will eventually run out of the Syncbots own lubricant?

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