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Too Many Girls is Not Enough Girls

Imagine four naked young women lying on their backs on a king sized bed. They are wearing only the smiles on their faces and the dimples on their cheeks. Their legs are open and overlapping with the legs of the girl next to them. This actually forms the letters XXX, which is entirely appropriate, considering what comes next. Now imagine that you are the guy that gets to have sex with all of them. You can hop from one girl to the next without delays or limits, and do whatever you desire.

I have not yet tried this, but it is on my list of things to do.

And like putting a man on the moon, it requires money, planning, and persistence to make it happen. Sure, you could walk into any massage establishment in Bangkok and make a booking with four women. But I am looking for a relationship, not just an hour with a flock of bar girls. “Relationship” is probably not the right word one guy and four girls, all in one bed. I don’t think there is a word for it in the English language.

Moving Up to Foursomes

I currently have two lady friends, and we engage in slippery threesomes as often as I can find the time and energy to make it happen. One of these ladies recently decided that she wants to have a baby. She picked another man to make her pregnant, with my blessing. She will be giving birth soon, and our relationship will be over. This means that it’s time for me to start looking for another lady friend. This time, I plan to add two women to the team, for a total of three lady friends. Hello foursomes, here I come!

At this point, you might be casually thinking, “How can I add a second woman to my relationship?”
You could approach your partner; “Hey honey, we have been together for a year now. Would you mind very much if I added a second woman to our relationship?”

three japanese women in kimonos

Don’t try that. The ensuing eruption will make you sorry that you said it. Tears, or flying dishes, or possibly both, in alternating waves. That is clearly not the way to have a threesome.

My procedure has been to start with two women from day one. That way they know exactly what they are signing up for. It is obvious to them that it will not be a monogamous relationship. I also pay them each an identical monthly salary, so there is no money envy. The money issue is actually more important to them than the multiple girlfriends issue. As long as they get their agreed upon salary each month, on time, then they have few complaints.

In fact, when the second girl is late to arrive at the room, I might say to the first girl, “Let’s just start now. She can join us when she arrives.” The first girl will reply, “No, let’s wait for her before we have sex.” They actually want to have sex together. They enjoy each other’s company in public and in private.

Life is Short, Enjoy it While You Can

When I first went to college as a wide eyed teenager, newly arrived from a small town, I met another freshman student in the dormitory named Sam. He and I became good friends and roommates for the next few years on the college campus. He graduated in the usual four years. I, having a lot in common with a turtle, managed to stretch it out for six years before finally graduating.

Shortly before graduation, I had read in a men’s magazine that Majorca was a fun place to go on holiday. I decided to go there for a couple months immediately after graduation. I wanted to see the world before returning home and becoming a full time worker bee. This was my first time stepping beyond the borders of my home country. When I arrived in Majorca, I discovered that it was indeed a fun place. Topless beaches, nude beaches, lots of single women, and topless bar girls. All new to my youthful eyes.

I soon called my friend Sam, and said, “Hey, you really should come over here. You’ll like it”. But he was busy with the demands of daily life. Also, he had never ventured more than five hundred miles from his birth place, so in his mind it may have felt like a bridge too far.

Twenty years later, I moved to Thailand, and discovered that it is probably the happiest place on Earth. Sorry Disneyland, Bangkok has you beat. Once again, I talked with my friend Sam, and encouraged him to visit me for a week in Bangkok. I promised him that he would have the time of his life. Once again, he was too busy and declined my offer.

Recently his health was failing. He had hereditary coronary disease, and a few other ailments. This eventually led to systemic organ failure. On his deathbed, at the far too young age of 61, he told his wife, “Tell John that I’m sorry that I never went to see him in Bangkok.” A true story and one that I will never forget.

One of my favorite quotes is from Pink Floyd’s album, “The Dark Side of the Moon”.

Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
The time is gone, the song is over
Thought I’d something more to say

They are talking about the inevitability of death. Sam and I listened to that album many times together in our
dorm room those many years ago.

That is why I’m moving up to three lady friends. Because life is short. As they say over here, you should die with your eyes closed, not with your eyes open.

John Bonnaque is a regular contributor. He has written reports on an awesome threesome, the thrill of the chase, the readership of Rockit Reports, the future of sex, women’s enjoyment of anal sex, and his personal experience at Hunny Bunny Massage in Bangkok.

4 thoughts on “Too Many Girls is Not Enough Girls”

  1. Could you detail how you came to this arrangement in the first place and how much you paid each girl in allowance?

    Would like to try something similar one day.

  2. When I find the right young lady, I offer her a “salary” of $1000 per month. This could be less than she is already making in the bar. But it will allow her to return to a more normal and more healthy lifestyle. For example, most bar girls don’t actually want to get drunk every night.

    Within the first hour of interacting with a new girl in the bar, I already make a full disclosure. I have one girlfriend already, and I’m looking for one more, to engage in threesomes. These women often are quite perceptive, due to their their experience with lots of male customers. When I present the naked truth immediately, they often feel that I am a trustworthy person, worthy of consideration.

  3. 2 is better than 1 and 1 is much better then zero.

    I have written about my experiences before.

    Rockit, why not an article about Incels. As a cultural phenomena. Guys who (often) also hate women because girls will never let the incels fuck. And Incels are strongly against p4p because they can not afford it.

    An interesting observation from a car-video guy who also likes Soi 6 and took his car down the road. 1,2 M views but half the comments came from guys who screamed ,”ladyboys”. They refuse to gasp that all the women are for ever out of reach, so its easier to imagine the girls in soi 6 are ladyboys (ok 3-5% are, but ladyboys are mostly on soi 6.1). Will AI-sex and Sex-dolls make Incels less hostile to real women, they can now have sex even if it is not the reel thing? They can paraphrase Jack Lemmon in the movie Some Like it hot, “Well nobody is perfect”

    1. That’s not a bad idea. It’s a scary situation to be sure, and probably reflective of larger questions in society. I don’t know that I am qualified to write about the subject. Though a lack of qualification doesn’t seem to hinder many people these days. Cheers.

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