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In Praise of Asian Women

Squirt. Squirt. Oh yeah… Squirt.
“That was so nice. Thank you sweetheart.”

If you speak those words of appreciation with sincerity, she will smile, knowing that she has created some happiness that reverberates between the two of you.

That’s one obvious reason why Asian women are so great. Having sex with them doesn’t need to be complicated. There’s no need to over think it. But Asian women definitely have more virtues than just that.

1. Asian Women Are Unexpectedly Orgasmic

They have orgasms at unexpected times and places. Perhaps this is common knowledge to other people, but to me it has been a revelation.

I first began to have suspicions when I noticed that one of my lady friends was inexplicably eager to give me an extended blow job. When I first inquired, she denied it. She was embarrassed to admit the truth. She eventually confessed that giving me a blow job would reliably make her cum.

She would cum once, just through the act of sucking up and down. Then she would cum again, the instant that I came in her mouth. This is the reverberation effect, when receiving a mouthful of salty sperm causes her to cum as well. I reacted with genuine surprise. “You just came? How does that work? I was nowhere near your pussy.” This was the beginning of my realization that Asian women are unexpectedly orgasmic.

female orgasm

With another uncontrollably orgasmic lady, each time we had a liaison, I played this game with her. Sit on my cock, cowgirl position. Don’t move and don’t cum. I used a stopwatch on my phone and challenged her to resist the urge to cum for 60 seconds. But each time, after a mere 30 seconds, the pressure was too much and she could not hold it back. The pleasure took control of her and she started moaning and grinding on my hips. I don’t think she ever won the challenge and the promised five dollar tip.

I was in a shopping mall with a lady friend. She was wearing an anal plug under her dress, as she greatly enjoys this. As we rode up the escalator, she whispered in my ear in a shaky voice, “I’m coming”. Apparently the plug and the mild vibrations from the escalator were enough to push her over the edge, figuratively speaking. I would have never known, had she not revealed it to me.

Riding a moto on a bumpy road while wearing a gold plated anal plug also results in a spontaneous orgasm. I can happily imagine her bouncing up and down on the moto seat in heavy traffic, coming, and trying not to show it. Young women are unanimously enthralled by gold jewelry, even when it goes up their ass.

I encourage my lady friends to cum in public places, and I am frequently impressed by their ability to do so.

2. Asian Women Enjoy Polygamous Relationships

I focus on relationships with multiple women, and over time this has given me some insight into the minds of women. One of the greatest surprises was the discovery that a young Asian woman does not mind sharing her boyfriend and his dick with other women. The key is full disclosure. No lying and no secrets.

I presently have three young lady friends. It is a shared experience. We have dinner together, we go to the bar together, and we have sex together almost every evening. Each woman has me as a boyfriend, and they also have each other as close circle of friends. They give each other emotional support. They spend time together, even when I am not around.

When we are in bed together, the sexual energy is contagious. When two girls observe another girl having a powerful orgasm, it gets them worked up. When it’s their turn, they are quite ready to cum. Positive feedback and amplification, like Jimi Hendrix holding his guitar in front of the loudspeaker.

group of sexy japanese

The other key element is giving her the right of refusal. Each lady can say no to anything, and I will comply. For example, in a corporation, the board of directors has the right to fire the president at any time. But they rarely exercise this authority, as it is a last resort. Similarly, the young woman feels secure knowing that she can use her veto power at any time. But she almost never does so, because for a normal person, having the authority is enough. No need to actually use it.

Interestingly, I have never met an honest young lady that is interested in having two boyfriends, whether at the same time or on a daily rotation. I have told them that I would be open to the possibility. It is only fair. If I can have multiple lady friends, then they are entitled to the same freedom. But they are quite satisfied to have one man, and multiple intimate female friends.

I have, however, met many bar girls who have multiple men who provide financial support. These relationships are built on deception and an overriding need for money. Each man does not know or closes his eyes to the fact that she is making the rounds between the various human ATM machines. I have no interest in these women.

3. Some Asian Women are Sexual Athletes

In Bangkok, I had an enlightening experience with a thirty year old, very fit and attractive, nuru massage lady. The sequence of bookings for her on a single day went like this, starting at 11:00 AM and ending around 9:00 PM:

  1. Some guy
  2. Me
  3. Another guy
  4. Me again
  5. Yet another guy

Five in one day. With me, she had multiple orgasms. And being a pro, she was not shy about it. I have to assume she also had orgasms with the three other guys.

I inquired, “Aren’t you exhausted?”

She replied with sense of pride, “No, not at all. I’m very strong. I like it.”

This level of sexual stamina was surprising to me. Of course, women reach their sexual peak sometime in their thirties, just as elite marathon runners achieve their peak performance in their mid thirties.

According to Alfred Kinsey, in his book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, men reach their sexual peak in their late teens. This is a tragedy and a paradox, as this is exactly when he should be focusing on education, not pussy. Hardship and education, then money, then copious amounts of pussy.

4. Getting Along With Asian Women is Straightforward

Enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship is not so hard. They want their man to be a considerate and thoughtful leader, but not a dictator. This is especially true when there are multiple women involved. He sets the tone for all.

In Asia, family comes first, and boyfriends are not family. Don’t be surprised, that if for every ten dollars that you give to her, eight dollars goes straight to her family. Consequently, she will be perpetually broke. If you accept this you will avoid a lot of frustration.

They can be sexually free and open in the bedroom, but in public they project modesty. I think that this is a healthy attitude. For example, in the websites for Nuru massage shops in Bangkok, the faces of the women are usually blurred out, for the sake of modesty. But you will find that they are amenable to all varieties of sexual activities in the privacy of the bedroom. “A lady in public and a freak in the bedroom.”

John Bonnaque is a regular contributor. He has written highly readable pieces on the happy monger, sexually transmitted diseases, the science of aging, an awesome threesome, the thrill of the chase, keeping it real, the readership of Rockit Reports, the future of sex, women’s enjoyment of anal sex, his personal experience at Hunny Bunny Massage in Bangkok, and a tale of too many women.

7 thoughts on “In Praise of Asian Women”

  1. #2 “Asian Women Enjoy Polygamous Relationships”
    Is this more accepted/enjoyed in a specific country or in general? Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines? Filipinas seem to be very territorial

    1. I would let the author weigh in. But it’s somewhat common for men to have multiple lovers in Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.

  2. I had a similar experience with an attractive 30 year old Nuru massage lady in BKK, it totally blew my mind, one of the best time of my life !

  3. Big difference between countries in SEA. Vietnam is a patriarchy and the ladies are hard as steel, a way to the male dominated society.

    Thailand is a friendly matriarchy, girls use sex to get things or just to have fun. Sex is not a big deal. Durex did a survey and Thailand is highest in infidelity- and no countries probably have more short time hotels, right?

    I have experienced situations in very legit massageplaces in Europe and Thailand where Thai girls suddenly get horny and cross all boundaries “they go for it” and try to put it in… I often (or at least sometimes) dont mind, but the approach would be very illegal in many countries.

    I have seen in soi 6 a coupel of girls stop a taxi with an Asian guy, they took his bag from the trunk, dragged him into one of the closed Bars and started to presumably accost him. The guy most likely had the time of his life.. But very much Thailand.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I haven’t done a nationwide count. But it seems to me that there are many more love hotels in Japan than there are short time quarters in Thailand. Vietnam seems to have just as many as Thailand. Though as with most adult oriented businesses they are not nearly as visible.

  4. Hi Jerry. Regardless of the country, the key to success is being upfront about what you want. Within the first thirty minutes of interacting with a young lady in the bar, I will tell her that I am looking for two girlfriends. This avoids wasting my time and hers.

    Don’t begin by having sex with her, one on one, and then telling her that what you really want is two girlfriends. This will likely result in rejection. Keywords for her are “Girlfriend”, “Salary” and “Honesty”.

    But just because you are honest with her, don’t assume that she will be honest with you. It’s not that easy.

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