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The Hunny Bunny experience

Allow me to present the latest contribution from regular contributor John Bonnaque. After writing a report on an awesome threesome, the readership of Rockit Reports, and the future of sex, Monsieur Bonnaque has now put together this interesting essay on his personal experience at the previously reviewed Hunny Bunny Massage in Bangkok.

The author notes, “This is a highly subjective report, purely for entertainment. For fair and unbiased reporting, you should continue to look to Rockit”. I would only add that all the usual caveats apply. – Rockit

Guy walks into a massage parlor

I walk up the five familiar steps to Hunny Bunny. The attractive young women on the veranda greet me warmly. I enter the lobby, which has a fragrance of men’s cologne and women’s perfume, mixed together. The lobby is air conditioned and has erotic fantasy photos on the cherry red walls.

I speak to the receptionist. “I’d like to make a booking”.

“Ok sir, how many shots do you want?”

“Zero”, I reply.

erotic twins massage bangkok thailand

She smiles at my little joke. “Really sir, I need to tell the girl how many shots”.

“Zero”, I say again.

I can hear her thinking, “another brain damaged customer”.

I’ve clearly exited the standard script, and she is at a loss for words.

“I’ll take three girls for one hour each. I’ll come when I get to the last one.”

We’re back on script, she is relieved.

Of age and speed

Why would I behave in such a strange and irrational manner? Young men often have the problem that they cum too fast. As an older guy, I have the opposite problem, I cum too slowly. And I’m only good for one shot per day. In life, you try to make the best of what you have been given. In my case, the fun is more in the journey than the destination.

The lovely young ladies at Hunny Bunny know me, so they are not surprised when I tell them, “Let’s go upstairs and have some fun, but don’t make me cum”.

Ice Hunny Bunny BKK

The first girl is Ice, 26. When she sees me enter the lobby, she hurries over to greet me, and immediately drops her panties to the floor around her ankles. She then gives me a full body hug. That girl is playful and she knows what I like. The price for one bunny for one hour, full service, is 2200 Baht ($65 USD). Ice is always cheerful. Somehow, she is still smiling while giving me a blowjob. That’s real talent.

Second up to bat is Wine. I find it endearing when a woman cums, but she tries to hide it. But it’s not hard to read the signs. The body arching, the rapid breathing and the muffled cries in the pillow give it away. Why do some women do this? Maybe they are concerned that their passion will somehow disturb our concentration? Sometimes they don’t want to cum because it drains their energy.

Regardless, I encourage the girls at Hunny Bunny to cum hard and cum often. They seem to go with it. I remind them that their pleasure is my pleasure.

Familiarity breeds admiration

I’m familiar with most of the ladies at Hunny Bunny, so I select Nana, 22, for the money shot. Some of the adjectives that describe her personality are cuddly, sensitive, caring, youthful, and artistic. On the physical side, her Zeppelin shaped, C cup hooters definitely pass the pencil test. That is, when you place a pencil under her breast, does it get trapped there or does it fall down?

In Nana’s case, the pencil falls immediately to the floor, as there is no crease under her generously sized, perky breasts. They just stick out. She also has a pretty face that reminds me of the hot female Elf from the movie “The Hobbit”.

Wine Hunny Bunny BKK

For the third and final session, I select the Jacuzzi suite for two hours. The price for this is 3300 Baht ($98 USD). I play a game with Nana in the Jacuzzi. Every time she cums, she gets a 200 Baht tip. This motivates her to try to set an Olympic record for the most orgasms in one hour. The powerful Jacuzzi jets are very helpful for this, as you can imagine.

According to Wikipedia, “A thigh gap is a space between the inner thighs of some women when standing upright with feet touching. In the 21st century, some people in the West have begun to consider the thigh gap a special feature of physical attractiveness and physical fitness in women”.

I appreciate and praise the magnificent thigh gap. High visibility and easy access. Oh, yes. I can salute that thigh gap all afternoon. Nana is endowed with this sexy physical feature.

Toys for adult play

Hunny Bunny offers an endless supply of sex toys. Some ladies are into this, some are not. If you and your girl develop a rapport, she might even reveal to you that she secretly carries a personal vibrator in her purse for daily use. Sex toys of course cost extra.

Hunny Bunny also has an actual dungeon below ground level. It is equipped with whips, chains, a sex swing and other toys. But don’t be intimidated by this. On the upper floors, they have many uniquely decorated and themed rooms that are more sedate and relaxing.

Back in the Jacuzzi room, I tell Nana that I am ready. With her youthful vigor, she soon pushes me over the edge and I explode like a fresh egg in a microwave oven. I lie down in the queen sized bed, and think to myself, “How is the maid going to clean the egg whites off the ceiling?”

I take a short nap with Nana cuddling close to me. She also takes pleasure in my pleasure. It works both ways.

Fun Things to Do With One or More Semi-Naked Women

After Nana has used her special skills to make me young again, I return to the lobby. But I’m not ready to go home just yet.

I sit on the comfortable sofa with another Hunny Bunny lady and play a game. I call it the “Poker Face Game”. I give her a 50 Baht note. She folds it up, and behind her back, she conceals it in one of her hands. She then presents both of her closed hands to me. My challenge is to pick the one holding the money.

I hold her left hand and look for a sign in her eyes. I then hold her right hand and look again. Often, a wandering eye means that the money is in that hand. A steady gaze means that no money will be found there. If I guess right, I get my money back. If I guess wrong, she can keep the money.

Other girls gather round, more undressed than dressed. They wear short white skirts, but have unfortunately lost their panties. They want to join in the fun and test their poker face skill. Is it a bad idea for me to coach them on how to lie with a straight face? I think it’s okay. These are smart women. They understand the difference between a game and real life.

I loiter in the lobby for a bit longer, have a beer in the bar and socialize with the girls. Eventually, the manager politely pushes me out the door, and I head home, fully satisfied. It’s another successful experience, with many warm memories to keep me smiling until the next encounter.

Hunny Bunny BKK is located at 14/4 Sukhumvit Soi 33, Klong Toey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110. Click here for a map. Open 24 hours. Phone: +66 061-396-0425 Website:

7 thoughts on “The Hunny Bunny experience”

  1. Great review of HB, John and thanks for posting it Rockit.

    However, towards the bottom of the writing John mentioned they are open 24 hours but on their website it said opening time is from 8am to 2am, just wondering which info is more up-to-date…

    In any case, it is a good read and thanks for sharing your experience.


  2. Hello guys,
    After a very disappointing experience at 666 class (from the reception unfriendly and pushy to the masseuse unskilled and sorry), following your review here, I gave it a try at Hunny Bunny the next day to release my frustration.
    I stopped by the shop before diner to check the atmosphere and also to explained what I would like to have and ask to see Ice in real because I had in mind to book her.
    The girls around the reception were very friendly and fun, they called Ice and so I immediately confirmed my appointment with her for a 90mn jacuzzy room because she was really cute and fun and a bit excited.
    I came back at 09pm, everyone still in great mood, including the manager whose name is Ice as well.
    Then the 90mn with Ice in a clean and nicely decorated oriental style jacuzzi room were fantastic, she is super friendly and hot, one of my best experiences in many years. Thanks guys

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