An overview of prostitution in Frankfurt, Germany


Frankfurt is the financial hub of Germany. Frankfurt also happens to be home to Germany’s biggest airport and a namesake of the all American hot dog. It is not the largest city in Germany, but it is visited by people from all over. So it follows that there is plenty of prostitution in Frankfurt too.

I have no way to know what percentage of the visitors travel to Frankfurt to patronize the sex industry there, but I would guess that it is not high. People go to Frankfurt for all kinds of reasons but sex is not usually one of them. In fact, Frankfurt is rarely mentioned as a sex industry hot spot.

German prostitutes

Germany long ago legalized prostitution. That’s very evident in Frankfurt which is home to one of the largest red light districts to be found anywhere in the world. On the hand, a lot of what goes on can be hidden in plain sight. There are all sorts of commercial sex venues scattered around the city that the casual observer would probably not even notice.

FKK sex saunas

Germany’s FKK sex saunas are probably the most notable aspect of the local commercial sex industry. What started in nudist colonies has indirectly led to the creation of sex clubs that proliferate all over the country and even in nearby countries like Austria and the Czech Republic.

Women who want to sell sexual services pay a fee to enter these clubs. Men also pay a fee to enter in hopes of meeting some of these ladies. Inside the guys have free run of the facilities that usually include lounges, pools, outdoor areas, theaters and free food and drink. The women walk around naked or in lingerie. The women and men can request sex from each other either in public or private rooms. The rates are usually around 50 or 60 Euro for thirty minutes of oral and vaginal sex with other services coming at a premium.

Frankfurt is home to many of these FKK sex saunas including several that are generally well regarded. Some of the FKK clubs in Frankfurt include Sharks, Oase and Mainhattan.


Depending on how you define the term there are several brothels in Frankfurt. Typically these take the form of private houses. They can be staffed by a single lady or by several ladies. Some places even have themes or are organized are particular principles.

In the example of Japan Miss the women on staff all hail from Asia. Despite the name the gals inside are actually from mainland China. They offer straight forward adult services like oral and full sex to customers for rates starting at 100 Euros.

The brothels are normally not advertised at their locations. Instead these places rely on things like internet advertising to make customers aware of their existence. Customers either call ahead to book appointments or rock up to addresses they find in publications or online. In that regard it is similar to booking an escort.

Red light districts

Most well known of all in Frankfurt may be the red light districts. Bahnhofsviertel is a very big red light district located in the heart of Frankfurt just steps from the central train station. By some accounts Bahnhofsviertel is one of the largest red light districts in the world.

Even still many pay pass by or through the area without even realizing it. While there are some sex theaters and strip clubs at the ground level most of the sexual services go on in the large apartment buildings that line the streets.

Working women use the apartment rooms in these hotels as their places of business. They wear lingerie and hang out inside waiting for customers to pass through. Customers climb the stairs into these buildings and look in the various rooms for a lady they would like to spend time with.

Sessions can range in cost from as low as 25 Euros on up. Sessions normally entail a blowjob with a condom and full service in one or two positions. Regular customers negotiate everything in advance so as not to be hit with surcharges for “special requests” like doggy style during sessions.

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