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In the years that this website has been online I have done my best to work through a back log of information while still incorporating new information as it comes along. Due to constraints I have only been able to get a certain amount of content online. While there are hundreds of reviews and reports here there is still much to be said.

Some people have said they noticed a focus on Asia early on. Recently at least one person has described Rockit Reports as a “Asian website.” I guess that is partially understandable as there are many reports on Asia even though there are few on other parts of the world like Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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The truth of the matter is that this website is global in scope. If I haven’t written on a particular place yet it could be that I haven’t gotten around to it yet even though I have something to say. There are of course places I have not been and places that I know nothing about. Those would only be covered in certain circumstances.

Beyond the need to work through a backlog and incorporate new knowledge and material there is a real need to expand into areas that I have not yet covered. In the coming months and years I will work hard to do exactly that even though the massive amounts of information I have on Asia will continue to emerge hopefully to the delight of many readers. I am just one person but I do what I can and I always work to bring entertainment to the readers of Rockit Reports. Today I hope to do that once again by introducing Golden Angels, a website that covers much of the geography I have not yet got around to reporting on.

In the past I’ve written on independent escorts in parts of the world like South Korea. That can be tough as the information is spread all over the place and some of it is not trustworthy. Golden Angels is a website where independent escorts working in Europe can advertise.

The site covers a lot of ground with everything from escorts in Athens, Greece to escorts in Belgium and even escorts in Istanbul, Turkey. Other areas are also listed including Amsterdam. Many of the women who work in Europe do a lot of traveling and the site shows when they’re “on tour” complete with schedules. Quite a few seem to end up in Turkey which must mean that it’s a lucrative place for them to work. That is an interesting tidbit of info that I’ll have to follow up on.

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Diana blonde european escort

There are quite a number of women listed on the Golden Angels website and nearly every one of them looks very attractive. There’s a whole mix of ethnicity represented including ladies from all over the continent. The profiles of each gal list their names, national origins, ages, measurements, languages, orientation and even their cup sizes. From what I’ve seen it’s all pretty accurate.

The website also gives users an opportunity to leave reviews. At the bottom of each individual profile there is a space for people to leave feedback. Some of the women seem to be very popular and have attracted numerous reviews. I have not seem many negative comments which says a lot about the women.

Golden Angels operates on an interesting model. Independent escorts are able to list their details and photos on the site but they don’t have to pay anything until they make their first booking. This must make the women comfortable since there’s really no way they can lose out. It definitely makes me comfortable since it means I can scope out pictures of smoking hot babes who I can actually meet in person from the comfort of my own home.

Along with all the personal informational and descriptions each profile also lists contact information as well as rates. Women working on their own in a part of the world like Europe can’t be expected to go on a date for next to nothing but surprisingly many of those listed on Golden Angels appear to be very reasonable. Some of the gals shown there can only be described as real babes yet they are willing to spend some time with a guy for what seems to be a fair amount of money. There are even a few porn stars featured on the site. I know many guys are interested in meeting real porn stars in the flesh even if it does cost a little more than average.

Some people value low prices over all else and there’s certainly a place for them even if they are often labeled as “Cheap Charlies.” I can appreciate the variation and variety in the industry and from one place to another. I’ve spent a lot of time researching it and reporting on it here precisely for that reason. I find it all fascinating.

Golden Angels makes things easy with a modern and well organized website that is as easy to understand as it is to navigate. There are plenty of pictures that help things along nicely. All in all everything looks good and primed for plenty of growth in the future. It’s a website that’s worth keeping an eye on and I know I’ll be checking back regularly from now on.

The Golden Angels site defines itself as “an advertising and information resource” only with no connections to anyone listed on the site. That makes sense. It should go without saying that the same goes for me. I simply tell you what I know and what I’ve seen. I hope you’ll enjoy.

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