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The city of Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany. It draws in people from all around the world to live, work and study. As the increasing number of foreigners at places like FKK Oase and Mainhattan show it also draws people who want to play.

The buying and selling of sex in Germany is totally legal and open. It only makes sense then that a lot of the people who spend time in Germany get involved in this in some way. The FKK clubs are open to women with permission to work in the EU. This usually means they have citizenship or residency in an EU country. Most were born in the EU but women do show up who are married to EU citizens or otherwise migrated to the EU. For whatever reason this doesn’t include many Asian women.

Asian women in Europe tend to work in Asian oriented business like Asia Studio Wien in Austria. There are lots of similar places throughout Germany. I will review some on this site starting today with Japan Miss in Frankfurt.

Japan Miss in Frankfurt

Japan Miss is located in a large residential apartment like space in the middle of Frankfurt. It could be difficult for someone to find it if they had no idea where they were but it’s not out of the way. The area and exterior do more to hide it than the location.

Customers enter the building that houses Japan Miss by ringing the corresponding buzzer which is clearly marked. When the people inside press the release customers can go up the stairs to the first large door which is opened to greet them.

Once inside customers are welcomed by an older Chinese mamasan who can only speak a bit of English. She arranged a line up of the available women. There are usually around six or seven women on staff. The women are all from China. Most can speak Mandarin, German and at least a bit of English. Some are nearly fluent in the latter.

Women at Japan Miss

The women tend to range from average to moderately attractive by what would generally be described as Chinese standards. Some are a little larger than most women in China perhaps as a result of the food and culture of Germany. One or two could even be described as large by European standards. Some others have the typical thin or shapely bodies too. The women are mainly in their twenties with more than a few in Germany to study. Some may have come to study and stayed in the country for various other reasons. Others may have totally different histories.

When the women line up for customers to chose they are dressed in lacy and revealing lingerie that gives an honest view of their bodies. This shows a tendency toward honesty that many places unfortunately do not have. Internationally things like airbrushed and even totally fake photos and the dreaded “bait and switch” are all too common. In Germany they seem to be fairly rare which in all likelihood is related to laws that allow the world’s oldest profession to operate in the light of day rather than being forced into the shadows and organized by unscrupulous characters.

Rates and services

Once a customer selects a woman he is asked to select a session time. The house rate is 100 Euros ($111 USD) for 30 minutes and 150 Euros ($167 USD) for one hour. As with the rest of Germany tipping is neither asked for or expected.

Once customers have announced their plans they pay the house fee to the mamasan then head to one of many large bedrooms. These quarters have an antique look and feel but are big and clean. Each comes with a large bed and all sorts of fetish equipment such as straps and whips. Apparently these items are optional and only used on request. The rooms are gently lit and have the feel of a boudoir or brothel out of some fictional tale. It is totally real.


Once customers have a room they are instructed to take off their clothes and slip into a provided towel. From there they walk back through the lobby into the bathroom area where they are expected to wash off in the shower. The shower is the sort one might see in a nice home and comes packed with all sorts of soaps and conditioners. Although the shower and the lobby are public places customers rarely cross paths as management does its best to keep everything quite and organized.

Once customers shower they head back to their room and wait for their service provider. In a minute or so the service provider arrives and determines how things will go. The service providers at Japan Miss are skilled conversationalists but they are also happy to get right down to business. I imagine they don’t mind much if a customer wants to get into fetish play either. Sessions tend to follow a format of oral followed by covered full service but there is no set script. No matter what a timer is set and followed. There is no clock watching but when the timer rings the session is over.

The women at Japan Miss are generally skilled in the erotic arts but none seem to be up to the level of the top performers at the FKK clubs. Of course I do not know the ins and outs of the skills of every woman working at Japan Miss but this is how things appear.


I don’t know how many customers visit places like Japan Miss for performance in any event. If I had to guess I would say more go there for the experience or the company. Again I could be wrong.

In any event the women who work at Japan Miss do know their jobs and perform them well. That’s why the place stays in business and continues to draw in new and repeat customers. Service providers who can’t deliver don’t last long.

After sessions finish customers have the option of heading back to the shower to clean up again or simply getting back into their clothes and heading out the door. Things are brought to a close pretty quickly and the place seems to be eager to get on to the next customer.

Japan Miss is a good example of what “Asian houses” are like in much of Germany. The name is misleading in that the place is staffed entirely by Chinese women but that’s common throughout the industry and even when it comes to things like restaurants. A lot of “Japanese steakhouses” in the middle of the US have never employed a Japanese person or served a Japanese customers. This is the world we live in. Other than the name Japan Miss delivers what they promise with no surprises or shortcuts. I give the place three stars.

Address:Adalbertstraße 7A, Frankfurt, Germany (Map)
Phone:+49 016-2390-9500
Hours:11:00 AM - 2:00 AM
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