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Review: XT12 Waterproof Masturbator

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The XT12 is a high tech male masturbator with a little extra from the XSpaceCup company. The toy vibrates, thrusts and can even be used in the shower or underwater. This thing actually comes with female voices that will moan along with the user as the machine pumps. That alone makes it well worth looking at. But wait, there’s more! This unit even ships complete with a USB warming stick that heat up the insides to make it feel more like a real human orifice.

Over the last year or so I have reviewed several male sex toys. This is a part of my reporting on the commercial sex industry. In fact this area is often ignored by what might be called a “sex industry” media. Some people continue to look down on male masturbators even as human sexuality becomes increasingly accepted and understood. Why is that?

You have to wonder why people who buy everything from slicer dicers and automated vacuum cleaners would reject a tool designed to bring pleasure. Especially in a world where dildos and Hitachi wands are sold in mainstream stores!

All about the XT12 masturbator

The truth is that millions of men purchase masturbators. This has been the case even back when low tech “pocket pussies” were sold out of the back of the so-called sex rags. These days there are huge sex toy super shops in Tokyo. For everyone else there are websites where toys like the XT12 can be purchased in private and discreetly delivered right to the front door.

xt12 waterproof male sex toy

The XT12 is a little bigger than I expected. It is definitely easy to hold in the hand and use. But it is somewhat larger than well known toys like Fleshlight. That’s probably because of the technology, battery and moving parts packed inside. I am glad they are there because they make this toy what it is. And that is a really fantastic toll for men’s tools.

Using the XT12 is easy. Mine came fully charged. Once I ran the battery down after many periods of research I was happy to see that it quickly charged back up. This meant I didn’t have to wait around a long period to get back in the game. Other than that the thing was as easy to put to work as lubing up, sliding in, and pressing a button.

Using the XT12 wank machine

The XT12 has a mostly clear body. The section with the buttons are black. There are four buttons. The first turns the device on and off. The second cycles through 7 vibration patterns. The third cycles through 5 speeds and 10 different stroking modes. Think of these like different handjob or head job styles. Finally their is the voice button.

For me the voice button is most interesting of all. You can actually plug headphones into jack and listen to women moan along with the action. Best of all the ladies doing the moaning come from three different languages: Chinese, Japanese and English.

Sex toys have come a long way. Especially when it comes to male sex toys. The XT12 is a prime example of how good things have gotten. Who could have imagined a machine that would stroke their cock and moan to them even a few years ago? With the clear mouth like opening on this toy it is just like having a handjob or BJ available at all times. Talk about convenience!

The XT12 is a really great device that does what it is supposed to. The machine wanks in a variety of different styles and speeds. It even vibrates and moans while it does it. When it comes to a male masturbator what else could you really ask for? I don’t think there is much room for improvement. I give the XT12 four-and-a-half stars.

The XT12 is available from XSpaceCup.

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