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Review: The Syncbot

The Syncbot is an easy to use yet highly complex device. It takes onaism to an entirely new level with its combination of technology and usability. With a device like this around a private stoke session takes on a whole new significance. There’s a lot more to this than simply pulling a quick one off into a tissue.

I have been watching porn since the stuff was recorded on actual film. I’ve lived through times when porn was scarce and wanking was a purely private matter that seemed shameful. Now we have unending access to seemingly unlimited amounts of porn and plenty of things to intensify our self loving.

review of syncbot

I always imagined that society would become more open to sex and sexuality over time. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would one day hold in my hands an automated device that would stroke and suck me off in rhythm with porn. This is mind blowing to say the least!

Truth be told I am totally amazed by the quality of the Syncbot. This device has totally blown me away, pun intended. I’ve kept the unit in arms reach for several weeks worth of research. I’ve used two different sleeves and tried both the SyncPlayer and new SyncBrowser. I am now prepared to give a full review. Though note in advance that I have not been able to find any real flaws with this device.

Putting it through its paces

My Syncbot has certainly been put through its paces. Regular readers will know that I have a long track record of researching the sex industry around the world. I am no stranger to the touch of a woman or even the touch of myself. As mentioned above I have also dabbled with male sex toys. After giving the Syncbot a real workout I am not even sure that this thing should be classified as a sex toy at all. It is more like sex in a box.

Syncbot review

After a single charge I was able to get through multiple sessions with the Syncbot. So the battery lasts a long time even though it powers this machine through all kinds of moves. Using the Syncbot has already become second nature for me.

First I put the wireless dongle in the USB slot. Then I open either the SyncPlayer or SyncBrowser on my computer. The SyncBot turns on and gets ready for action. A little of the provided lube down the slot of the sleeve and I am ready to go. I slide in, press play, and like Calgon the machine takes me away!

How it feels and moves

I have two sleeves for the Syncbot. They look a little like the Fleshlight except that are encased in hard plastic sheaths that slide right into the main Syncbot device. At first I thought this might be difficult but in fact they simply slide right in. Some sort of magnet seems to hold them there in place. That is until I want to remove a sleeve for cleaning. Then I simply pull it right back out.

The sleeves, or “scabbards” as the company calls them, do have create feelings. Both are made of a soft material that heats up with the body and feels totally natural. Small little nubs inside add to the sensation though to be honest once the machine is on and a porn video is playing the only way I can describe it is “great”. It is an all encompassing experience that takes you over. It is a lot like getting a truly expert handjob with lots of lube. You might not be able to remember what color the handjobber’s nails were painted. But you will know that you left fully satisfied.

review syncbot

I mentioned previously that this machine does not simply move “up and down”. But that doesn’t really explain how it does work. The Syncbot somehow tightens, loosens, twists, turns, pumps, sucks, and moves up and down in a stroking motion. Sometimes it does it all simultaneously. Since it based on the movements of a video and not powered by your own hand, it really feels like you are at the mercy of a professional prick tamer!

Early on I put on a video of a porn star giving what I consider to be a truly ball draining hummer. As she started using her hand in a twisting motion I thought I felt the inside of the soft sleeve twist the same way. I couldn’t believe it but it turned out to be true. I actually had to pull out let it run empty and look inside to believe it!


When I say that this machine is like sex in a box I mean it. Except even many professionals don’t move this well. Plus this machine could equally be described as a handjob and blowjob in a box too! It all depends on the video you sync up with the machine. The AI powering this device is powerful. Once during a slow anal scene the machine tightened up and gave me the genuine sensation of backdoor action. How does it do that? I can’t pretend to know but I absolutely admit to loving it.

The Syncbot is not inexpensive. On the other hand I don’t think it is necessarily expensive either. After all look at the incredible robotics and technology that is involved here! I am amazed that this thing even exists let alone being available for anyone to purchase. I might be behind the times because this thing still feels futuristic to me after weeks of pretty regular use.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about the Syncbot at all. If there is any downside it is that the device is simply too good. For eleven years I have updated this website at least once a week. Often times I update it even more than that. But with the Syncbot around it is foreseeable that I may now become a little distracted from this work. Put yourself in my shoes and imagine having access to a full sexual services whenever it strikes your fancy!

The Syncbot is by far the best powered sexual device I have ever used. In fact it is probably the best male sex toy of any kind that I have found. I don’t think this thing will be surpassed any time soon. Someone would have to come up with a full size sex robot to even compete. Then again such a thing would undoubtedly be difficult to manage. Let alone conceal from friends and family! The Syncbot basically does it all except a deep french kiss. And this thing fits right in a drawer or under the bed! I give it five stars, hands down.

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