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StarXix aka Star Six is one of the handful of go go bars in Chiang Mai. Over the years I have seen many comments lamenting a supposed lack of adult entertainment options in the city. While Chiang Mai is certainly no Pattaya, the place does contain quite a lot of adult oriented venues. I have reported on many on this very website.

While Chiang Mai has many massage clubs like Little Mermaid, soapy massage parlors like Sayuri Complex, and a whole string of beer bars along Loi Kroh Road, the city does not have its own Walking Street or Nana Plaza. Still there are three go go bars spread around the city including the newly renovated Spotlight along with the place under review here.

Star Six go go bar

Star Six go go is located in a shop house type of building just across from the well known Loi Kroh Boxing Stadium. The place is actually pretty easy to find, even in an area with plenty of bars. That’s because its bright sign sticks out like a sore thumb in Loi Kroh Soi 3.

Star Six agogo

Star Six, or StarXix as the sign says, has been around for ages. As the sign also indicates, the bar was established in 1988. I would imagine that makes it older than even some of the people reading this. Suffice it to say that the bar is “well established” which is evident just by looking at the building.

Inside StarXix

I have been in more go go bars than I can remember. But I don’t think any of them stick out in my mind the way StarXix does. One reason for that is the way the place is laid out. The entrance is through a normal door on street level. But getting to the actual bar requires climbing up a twisting set of stairs and halls illuminated solely by red lights. At one point the ceiling drops down before another door appears opening up to the cavernous bar inside.

Star Six is a little worse for wear, but it’s not necessarily that noticeable. That’s mainly due to the women on staff. All of the ladies from the dancers on stage to the wait staff and the mamasan are genuinely warm and hospitable. They are more outgoing than most ladies in the same line of work, especially these days.

Ladies, service and summary

Chiang Mai is known to be home to beautiful women. Whether or not that is true is up to interpretation. Though many foreigners who limit themselves to meeting women in commercial establishments may never even get to have their own impression. That is because most of the ladies who work in the various massage parlors and bars catering to farang are actually from the Isaan part of the country. At Star Six ladies are more likely to be from Northern Thailand than the gals in other local bars.

The gals are generally average in looks, though beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder. Most seem to be in their twenties and on the thin side. Though there are only a handful of ladies dancing any given night. And the lighting is dark enough to make long distance viability difficult. The gals are happy to come right up to customers and chat however. They’re a forward and fun loving bunch for the most part. And although they dance in bikinis they are perhaps a little more adventurous than gals working the other go go bars in town.

None of the women at Star Six are pushy for drinks, or for anything else. They seem more interested in having fun than anything. Though of course they go to work to make money, like anyone else. Lady drinks at Star Xix are reasonably priced. The barfine at the bar is 600 Baht ($20 USD), and gals expect about 2000 Baht ($65 USD) from any guy they leave with. There never seems to be many ladies coming or going however. Asian guys appear to make up the largest part of the limited customer base. Many seem happy just to drink with the ladies inside.

Years ago Star Xix actually charged an entrance fee. It was low and included a drink, but it was still notable as that sort of thing is not common in Thailand. These days there is no entrance fee at the bar. And even though business is obviously not booming, the people who work the bar always seem to be in good spirits. They make the best out of their situation. That sort of thing is what gave Thailand its “land of smiles” nickname. Two stars.

Address:Loi Kroh Soi 3, Chiang Mai, Thailand (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM - 1:00 AM
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