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Review: Purple Gentlemen Club in Pattaya, Thailand

Purple Gentlemen Club is one of the newer gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. Not to be confused with The Purple Bar & Cafe, this Purple is located along the same strip as previously reviewed clubs like Pirate’s and 007 Club.

This stretch of Soi Bongkot 8 has become a modern day blow row. It is now lined with one gentlemen’s club after another. These locked door facilities are open and exciting inside.

At Purple customers can have fun with the ladies at the bar, in the booths, or for the more modest in private rooms located upstairs. It offers a real taste of what Pattaya used to be.

Purple is run in a way that is keeping with the other bars in the strip. The ladies might wear skimpier outfits than their counterparts at the nearby Carre Blanc. But the sensual services on offer are identical.

The club and the ladies

Purple isn’t much different than any of the other gentlemen’s clubs on the strip. Especially from outward appearances. Once buzzed through the locked door what you see is a basic bar setup with available cubicles for semi-discreet activities. Guest rooms are of course available on the upper floor.

purple pattaya ladies

The private rooms in Pattaya gentleman’s clubs are usually average at best. Though few customers probably care as long as there is a bed and a place to wash up. Purple did make a little extra effort in this department. They actually made the rooms purple in keeping with the theme. And they installed long mirrors in the rooms to add some extra viewing angles.

Much more important at any venue of this nature is the ladies. There is a nice team of gals working here. The ten or so ladies are for the most part fit and attractive. There are a couple of older ladies here too. But they don’t look half bad to me. Besides with age comes wisdom. Or at least some serious skills.

There are even some full fledged deepthroaters like Nana on staff at Purple. The famous Cake who formerly worked at Pirate’s and the Devil’s Den in the past did a brief stint here too before she up and left the industry for greener pastures. So they are recruiting staff from a true talent pool.

Prices at Purple Pattaya

The prices at Purple are in keeping with the rest of the strip. Which is to say that they are very fair and lower than what is charged in much of Pattaya these days. A lady drink is 140 Baht ($4 USD). Customer drinks cost just half that.

The barfine at Purple is 300 Baht ($8.50 USD). This is paid by customers who partake in some special services either on the ground floor or upstairs in private quarters. The ladies ask a standard 500 Baht ($14 USD) for a suck off and 1000 Baht for full service. Some ladies even offer up A+ though they may ask for a 500 Baht tip. As stated these rates are quite fair. Especially considering that Bongkot 8 bars were charging the same amount as much as five years ago.

It is also important to consider the overall value. A guy could conceivably spend a whole afternoon at Purple having all sorts of hands on fun with the ladies. Even after buying several drinks and lady drinks and finishing off with a double header BJ he might still have spent less than half of what a single barfine and short time session from a go go dancer would run!

In summary

I once wondered aloud whether there were too many gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. That question has clearly been answered for me. New gentlemen’s clubs continue to pop up and many of them like Purple and the previously reviewed Amsterdam seem to be doing quite well.

Of course new go go bars have come along too. And I guess they must be doing good business if they stay around. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are all good from the customer perspective however. Purple is a place that offers great value in relation to the cost.

Purple Gentlemen Club is a great addition to the adult entertainment scene in Pattaya. The place is not necessarily breaking any new ground. Instead it is following a tried and true business plan. And it is working! So why try to reinvent the wheel? If they can maintain a team of employees like they have now I believe they will continue to be successful.

In summary I really like Purple. Though it is always difficult to choose from the many clubs clustered in such a small space I do intended to return to this particular bar whenever possible. With that in mind it seems quite fair to give the place a solid four stars.

Purple Gentlemen Club. Bongkot Soi 8, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 1:00 PM until 12:00 AM.

12 thoughts on “Review: Purple Gentlemen Club in Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. Great Review. Planning my next visit to thailand come september and this will be on the list. One question is what does A+ mean.

  2. Hi.
    I visited Purple on 25 April, around 6pm.
    I’d been to a couple of the other shops in this stretch, but couldn’t remember Purple. So on the basis of Rockit’s review, and the picture of the girls in jeans shorts and tight tops, I thought I’d suffer the recent heat and walk that long walk to the top of the road :)
    Well, no jeans shorts, no tight purple tops. Maybe another day…
    But I did find a very welcoming place, very welcoming girls, with a fairly large bar area.
    I went in and sat at the bar. A lovely lady came over and asked what I wanted to drink. She had a nice figure, and lovely smile, and I liked her straightaway. I didn’t hesitate to offer her a drink. She paused, stared at me for 2 seconds and gave me the best biggest snog I’ve had in a while.
    I immediately “perked up”.
    She came back with the drinks and we moved to one of the benches along the wall. I have to say she is a beautiful kisser. Big soft lips, tongue that moves but doesn’t feel intrusive, and for the first few minutes that’s all we did.
    I’ve been on a bit of a two-girl exploration for a while so when one of the other girls walked by I asked her to join us, and the fun really began.
    I decided on the double-bj option. 500 each, 300 each barfine. Pretty standard.
    We moved to one of the fairly small rooms just along the hall. Just a long bench seat with a few cushions. I hardly had time to pull my shorts down before one of them had my cock in her mouth. The other went to town on my balls – which is not a favourite of mine – so I managed to arrange them so that when one was on my cock, the other was on my mouth. After a while they stopped toweletting me after every swap, and I was able to work out that the first girl was better at kissing, and the second better at oral. Once I knew the end was nigh I stopped messing about and came in girl 2 while girl 1 was almost suffocating me with her tongue. It was only then I realized she was using my free hand to bring herself off!
    Pretty big finish if I say so myself.
    Definitely worth a return visit!
    On the whole, a good place. No real negatives. Only perhaps that the age and quality of the girls were not quite what the picture suggests.
    Never judge a book… ;-)

    1. Thank you for the excellent comment. It’s easy to imagine the scenario by reading through your report. I look forward to more. When it comes to promotional pictures for the internet, companies tend to put their best foot forward. In terms of adult entertainment, there can be a lot of photo editing and trickery. Some places will even contract out a lady or two just for photo day. Though in this case I do believe that all of the ladies pictures did work there at some point. Staff in these sorts of venues can change from one day to the next. Though there are exceptions. For example the busty May has been at Pirate’s for years now. Cheers!

  3. I stopped by Purple again in April looking for someone I’ve seen twice over the past couple years. No luck, she wasn’t there. But I found another gem. Trim body, nice figure, pretty, fun and enthusiastic. I was the shop’s first customer of the day, or so they said, and I was persuaded to buy her a lady drink for good luck. Not that I’m against lady drinks, but I’d rather pay a tip at the end of “service” if she’s good. And this girl was good. So I tipped her too.

    The real reason I’m writing this note is to report the bar fine is now 400 baht, up from 300. Lady is still 500. All around good value. Not sure of pricing elsewhere on the soi, but most likely prices are comparable.

    1. Thanks for the on the ground report! A 100 Baht increase over a period of several years isn’t bad considering the inflation occurring in most other industries. Cheers!

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