Review: Paradise soapland in Kawasaki, Japan (CLOSED)


I reported on the opening of the Paradise soapland in Kawasaki almost two years ago. I have even done write ups on individual providers working at Paradise. Yet I have been remiss, as I have not yet provided a full review of the establishment itself. I will remedy that mistake today.

As I have mentioned before, Paradise Kawasaki is a soapland oriented to foreigners. There are a handful of foreigner friendly soaplands. But even they have limits. Some forbid certain customers or have Japanese language requirements. Others don’t allow foreigners to choose ladies. Most add a foreigner tax. Paradise is totally open to people from all countries and has no such limits.

In fact Paradise is set up for people from other countries. Everything from the shop’s website to the signs inside the place are in English. The front desk and booking staff all speak English. And they even accept United States dollars for payment, which is a real rarity in Japan.

Location, price and procedure

Paradise is very easy to find with a large English sign. It’s just a short walk from Kawasaki Station. Kawsaki Station itself is just a short train ride from Tokyo. It only takes fifteen minutes to get from Haneda Airport to Kawasaki Station for example.

Sessions at Paradise can be booked in advance. The process is easy. They have English speaking staff manning the phone. They also have WeChat, Line, and Whatsapp accounts. Finally they have a live chat option on their webpage. The staff schedules are accurately listed on the site too, and updated in real time.

Paradise Kawasaki soapland

Walk in appointments are also accepted. There is a front desk where prices and rules are displayed. Then there is a waiting room off to the side with private curtained booths. Customers sit in the the booths and the available women come by to introduce themselves. It’s a lot like Agentur Liberty in Berlin in that regard.

Sessions at Paradise start at 20,000 Yen ($180 USD) for thirty minutes. Prices go up from there. Some women have gold or platinum status and charge a premium. Threesomes are available for double the normal rate. There is also a 120 minute Japanese style “double dip” service with two women servicing the customer in succession. It comes with a 10,000 Yen discount over the normal price for two separate sixty minute bookings.

Service and summary

Bathing and preparation do take some time. So the shortest sessions are more for a quickie than a full on soapy service. The famous Japanese soapland service with nuru nuru mat play comes with most longer sessions. Of course some women are better at it than others. The staff has the low down on their individual skills.

The women come out to greet customers who select them. They wear sexy lingerie and high heels. Their makeup is typically impeccable. And they are mostly service oriented.

The private rooms are average size in general, though for Japan they are actually somewhat large. Each has a dry area with a bed and a closet. On the other side they have wet areas for bathing and soapy massage. Each room has a bathtub and silver inflatable mat too.

Customers are undressed. Then they are washed from head to toe. Next they brush their teeth and use mouthwash. When they jump in the tub for a dip the providers clean themselves. After that comes the main event.

Mat play involves a slippery body to body slide. It typically comes with some handjob and blowjob action too. Then full service sex with a condom is served up in any number of positions. It can be done on the mat, over on the dry bed, or all over the room.

The phone rings when there is fifteen minutes left in a session. That’s the signal to wash again. After that the pleasure comes to an end. As sessions end, the providers escort their clients back toward the entrance.

As I reported years ago, Paradise is the first soapland in Japan that is oriented towards gaijin. Simply put there is no easier place for a foreigner to get full in service in Japan. The process is as simply as walking in and laying the money on the counter. Four stars.

Note: Paradise soapland in Kawasaki has closed.

Address:Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Kawasaki Ward, Minami-cho, 15-5 (Map)
Phone:+81 044-272-1300
Hours:8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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