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Review: Analisa Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Analisa is a well known and popular erotic massage parlor in Bangkok. The place is located just a short distance from the Nana BTS Station which helps explains the name. Like the former Analisa Massage parlor in Asok, the shop specializes in sensual services that are difficult or even impossible to find elsewhere.

The Analisa Massage shop is easy to find yet rather discreet. The place is conveniently located just off one of the largest roads in all of Thailand. And it has clear signage on the store front not to mention the bevy of gals inside.

Yet the shop could easily be overlooked by those not seeking it out. In other words, it is unlikely that many would know what went on inside the shop simply by looking at the exterior. There’s nothing about the shop that screams “this is an erotic massage parlor”. For many visitors that is probably a positive.

Analisa Massage at Nana

As stated, the Analisa shop is quite easy to find. There are usually some gals hanging around outside to make things even easier. They’re a friendly and welcoming bunch who are always seem eager to work. Yet tho their credit they don’t resort to screaming at guys who are simply walking by.

Inside the shop has a nice big lobby. The female manager sits at the desk on the left side of the room. She is also friendly and quite capable of speaking English. She knows all of the services offered and is able to give a rundown and overview of the various offerings along with their prices.

Analisa massage lady

Prices range depending on the service and duration. There are many options available that can be seen on the shop’s website. To put things into perspective, a one hour long sensual massage with a handjob at the shop is just 1000 Baht ($28 USD). A ninety minute tantra massage for a couple at the shop is 5000 ($144 USD). So there is quite a range.

There are plenty of rooms at Analisa Nana. They’re all big and well equipped for business. For example the quarters used for four hand happy ending massage contain a shower large enough for three people and a specially designed glory hole table. Those tables are quite something with cut outs in the middle that gives the masseuses access to the twig and berries even while the customer lays face down!

Staff and special services

There are always several women on staff at Analisa. As with any place that has a number of gals there is some variation in terms of age and looks. I have seen a lot of pretty faces at the shop in recent visits, which is frankly not always common at all Bangkok massage parlors anymore. That’s not to say every woman working the shop is a supermodel. But most guys would easily find a gal or two they found attractive on a visit.

Quite a few of the ladies who work at Analisa hail from the north of the country. Like many women from Chiang Mai they tend to have lighter skin. This is quite different from most Bangkok massage parlors where darker skinned women from the Isaan region are much more common.

Of course Analisa is most known for its kinky massage services. Those include but are not limited to tantra, yoni, couples massage, prostate massage, four handed massage, strap on play, and body to body massage. As you can clearly see, there are a whole host of options.

When it comes to the restaurant business, a thick menu with many meals can indicate an overall lack of quality. The kinky massage scene is something totally different. Analisa has gone out of its way to create a service for most every interest. They seem to do it all.

Somehow the ladies who work there have mastered all the various erotic arts. I guess that comes with practice. It definitely shows. Some of the gals on staff at Analisa have developed near legendary status when it comes to getting guys off. Four stars.

Analisa. 17/3 Sukhumvit Soi 6, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 12:30 AM. Phone: +66 067-010-1380. Website:

14 thoughts on “Review: Analisa Massage in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. I really enjoyed the table cutout when I went last year. Had my gal finish me with CBJ and she seemed surprised I didn’t want FS. The ministrations on my P spot just seemed tocall out for a mouth at the time…

  2. Went this week and had a great time.
    15+ girls available in the middle of the afternoon, not bad at all but it didn’t matter since I booked in advance a new girl called Ice not listed on the website but her pics were shared on LINE. And I didn’t regret! Wow… Amazing time. Super pretty, curves to die for, cute smile, excellent skills and great attitude from first to last minute. Also a fairly good English level allowing to communicate without issue. She managed to extra 2 shots out of me in not even an hour which doesn’t happen to me so often anymore! She then pushed for a 3rd round despite time of the session being already expired but I didn’t give it a try. Between the action she delivered a professional massage. 10/10 experience she’s just perfect! I will definitely repeat.

  3. Thanks! Have you come across any massage places that have sex toys (masturbators like onaholes / fleshlights etc.)? Analisa offers sex toy by hand as an add on for 200 baht but not sure if this is some sort of anal toy or a masturbator

  4. I’m male into MFF where girl-girl action is a must, the hardest part is how to communicate the lesbian play aspects. I’d rather not trial and error every last shop that mentions ‘kinky’ or ‘couples’ to find the right ones. Or maybe I should find a freelancer and bring her with me to a kinky massage shop for a couple session. Do any of your reports include useful info on how to source a genuine bi-girl 3 way mff, or at least how to communicate this clearly when asking the girls / shops?

    1. There were a few places with dedicated bisexual and lesbian women on staff. Both Eden and the Devil’s Den come to mind. Alas both are now closed. It can still be found in certain shops but it is more of a special request that may not always end as expected. Cheers.

  5. I think this is a new location or a branch from the old Analisa? I found it while I was looking for Kasalon or Lolipop in the area!! There weren’t too many girls working in Setember in the low season. I didn’t do it because of CBJ but the mamasam and the girl spoke very good English and were eager to serve! Do they have any rimming service as well? Cheers!!

    1. Yes. There were a few branches and an associated place called Tantra. But I believe this is the sole Analisa Massage in Bangkok today. If I recall rimming is offered with some services. But I can’t say with any certainty.

    1. I’m sure anyone in Thailand would appreciate a tip. But at Thai oily massage parlors like this the price is understood to be inclusive. Cheers.

  6. I’ve enjoyed Analisa in the past, but one of the things I don’t like about it is its long menu of services. It feels prescribed to me and one time I felt like I had to choose all the activities we would engage in. I prefer the more organic Tulip or the now-closed Snow White where kinky ideas can develop spontaneously.

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