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Review: Meow’s Taxi Service in Bangkok, Thailand

Meow’s Taxi Service has been providing door-to-door service in and around Bangkok for over a decade. The company has a great track record with foreign and Thai customers. At the same time they charge very reasonable rates that do not seem to have gone up even in this age of inflation.

There are a lot of taxi drivers in Thailand. Especially in Bangkok. I don’t know if anyone even has an accurate count of all the marked and unmarked private cars in the capital city. The number must be over over hundred thousand. Some are easier to work with than others.

Anyone can fly into Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang airport, get in the Taxi queue, and be in a metered taxi taking them anywhere in Thailand. But that is not necessarily the best choice even if I have been known to go that route on occasion. Meow’s offers a superior service at a lower cost.

Meow’s taxis and drivers

Meow’s Taxi Service employs a lot of female drivers who are available upon request. This can be good for solo female travelers who might not feel comfortable with a male driver. It is also good for guys like me who simply prefer the company of females.

airport in Bangkok

Of course these hard working women are strictly taxi drivers. This service is decidedly not adult oriented like the old VIP bus from the Devil’s Den! But it is very good nonetheless.

Arrival at either of Bangkok’s airports can be stressful and problematic. It’s not unusual for flights to be delayed. Or more commonly to run into very long lines at immigration. But the drivers who work with Meow will monitor flight statuses and wait for their customers to arrive.

The drivers who work with Meow are also a very well mannered bunch. In my experience they drive safely and either at or under the posted speed limit. They fuel up their cars before traveling so they do not have to stop for gas in the middle of a trip. Nor do they stop for things like smoking a cigarette. Of course they will gladly stop their well maintained Toyota Camry’s for a snack or anything else upon request from a customer.

Prices, services and summary

Meow’s has some of the best prices around. The approximately 90 minute trip from BKK airport to Pattaya is just 1100 Baht ($32 USD). The price from lower Sukhumvit to Pattaya is about the same. For example a trip from Soi 8 to Central Pattaya costs 1200 Baht and includes the cost of tolls.

The price for a taxi to Pattaya from DMK is slightly higher but still quite reasonable at 1400 Baht ($40 USD). Trips to other parts of the country are also easy to arrange and similarly fair priced. The same goes for return trips. For example the Pattaya to BKK route is 1100 Baht. Some other taxis charge different amounts depending on the direction of travel.

Meow’s airport pickup service is well run and trustworthy. Meow has one lady wait inside the terminal with the name of the customer. Once the customer arrives that lady contacts the driver outside and directs them to meet. This makes things easy and eliminates any possible confusion.

Vehicles are kept clean and stocked with clean bottled drinking water and tissues. This is a nice touch. Most driver’s seem able to speak at least some English. And their phone numbers as well as Meow’s are providing with booking confirmation in the off chance that any sort of problem would arise.

Booking a trip with Meow’s Taxi Service is easy. As far as I know Meow’s Taxi service does not have an official website. But these days that is not really necessary anyway. Meow is always quick to respond to any message sent via email or through the LINE app. Bookings can and should be made as far in advance as possible. This makes things easier on all parties involved.

There are many taxi drivers in Thailand. Some will take advantage of tourists. In some areas like Patpong this has become notorious. Meow’s offers a reliable service that can be counted on. Plus they offer it at one of the lowest rates to be found. With over a decade in business their reputation is impeccable. Four-and-a-half stars.

Meow’s Taxi Service. Bangkok, Thailand. Phone: +66 085-934-4475 . Email:

7 thoughts on “Review: Meow’s Taxi Service in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Was fascinated to read about the old VIP bus from Devilsden, who I sadly see have not re-opened since the pandemic. I imagine it was one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences.

    Is there any similar service running nowadays in Thailand, Bangkok or Pattaya, airports?

    best wishes!


    1. Trev at Buzzin Pattaya wanted to launch a similar service as Devils Dens, dont know if it was any demand and if its still running.

      I could write a book about terrible taxi experiences in Thailand. The last couple of trips to Pattaya I used AOT Limo from the airport. No hassel, you are on your way literally in 5 minutes time, bigger and better cars, polite drivers (no “talkers”) no scams or reckless driving. After a long haul flight I am happy to pay the extra cost.

      1. Right on Alex S taxi troubles are legion! I’ve been kicked to the kerb by crappy taxis who didn’t like that I didn’t want their 250b special tour rather than the 30b short ride to the mall we had already negotiated.

        1. A taxidriver tried to scam me with a towel over the meter when we had a fixed price to Pattaya. One driver left me at a rest-stop for 30 minutes when he went to lunch?Another did Suv-Pats in 50-55 minutes, 140 km/h most of the time and I feared for my life. I have dealt with the taxi-maffia in many cities (interesting conversations). But once from Suv I had a terrible “talker”, no bounderies and I pretended to fall a sleep after a while. I have experienced drivers who were lost? and others who pretended to be lost to run up the meter. I have taken taxis that looked like temples. But of course I have met ok drivers as well. Cheers Jack.

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