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Review: Made in Japan in Osaka, Japan

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Made In Japan is a high end escort agency operating in Japan. Made In Japan is special for a few reasons. The first is that it only employs truly beautiful and special women. Its no exaggeration to say that these escorts are model quality. Secondly, Made In Japan is aimed at non-Japanese customers. Business is conducted in English from beginning to end. This really means something in a country where foreigners are often banned from adult entertainment outright.

I first reported on the Made in Japan agency all the way back in 2015. Since then it has grown into a nationwide operation. The Tokyo Made In Japan section continues to operate with a stellar team of talent. The newer Osaka branch is following in the capital city group’s footsteps with a bevy of hot Japanese babes. So now there are two places to take in this wonderful service.

It bears repeating that Made In Japan is a high end agency. This is no fly-by-night operation for cheap charlies. They don’t charge an arm and a leg. But this is no discount service either. Made In Japan serves discerning gentlemen. The quality of providers and level of service they provide really reflects that.

All of the details of the business can be found on the Made In Japan website. That site also contains pictures and videos showing off the women on staff in all their glory. Of course I like to examine things in more detail. So I decided to review Made In Japan Osaka and some of its individual providers.

Osaka escorts for foreigners

Osaka is a large city in Japan. As such there are lots of sex workers and adult entertainment businesses in the city. At the same time most of that is totally off limits to foreigners. Especially if they cannot speak the Japanese language. Made In Japan Osaka has stepped in and filled a real void. Guys don’t need to speak any Japanese at all to book a session with MIJ Osaka.

Made In Japan is an outcall or delivery outfit. What that means is that they send their ladies out to meet customers. Guys can ask to have a lady sent to their hotel room, apartment or a neutral love hotel to meet. Someone from MIJ drives the escorts out to meet guys. It’s a very simple process to book and get busy.

made in japan osaka escorts review

The ladies available in Osaka are listed on the Made In Japan Osaka website. You can see pictures and videos of the gals along with their vital information. So you know the height, measurements, and even cup size of the women at Made in Japan before you even contact the company. This makes it a lot easier to choose a woman for a meet.

The staff at Made In Japan all speak English. So you can actually have a conversation with them. That way you can talk about your needs and desires and they can try to match you up with a good fit. I find it really convenient to make an appointment with this agency. I give my name, location, desired date and time, and choice of lady. They do the rest. It couldn’t be any easier.

How much Osaka escorts cost

As stated above this isn’t the cheapest place in the world. We’re not talking about a low cost pinsaro after all. Made In Japan is a more exclusive shop that serves the discerning man. If you’re looking for top service from gorgeous gals then you’re barking up the right tree with MIJ.

But how much does it cost? The prices aren’t really prohibitive considering all that is offered. Especially when you consider current exchange rates. For example an hour with an Osaka escort like Sena or Yuka costs 70000 Yen ($472.50 USD). This compares nicely to many similar services around the world. Though to be honest there aren’t many places with ladies as beautiful as Made In Japan.

foriegner friendly escorts in osaka

Longer sessions come with higher price tags. But there is an expected price break with increased session lengths. For example a 3 hour long session with either of the aforementioned women costs 150,000 Yen. And a 5 hour appointment with dinner date runs 180,000 Yen. Overnight bookings are even available for 315,000 Yen.

What do customers get for their money? Made In Japan is a legal and licensed business that follows local law. That means the ladies who work their provide customers with some combination of kissing, cuddling, romantic touching, mutual oral sex, licking, sumata and more.

Summary and review

With Made In Japan Osaka it is possible to meet stunning Japanese women with a bit of money. These gals are up for going out to eat, spending the night or simply staying in for a short sensual romp. Different pricing levels make a lot of options possible.

The business caters to foreigners with a full English-speaking staff and English language website. In fact the Made In Japan agency doesn’t even accept Japanese nationals as customers. So this place is entirely set up for gaijin. They even accept adventurous foreign couples as customers. This makes it a great option for non-Japanese people who want to experience a sensual time with a Japanese babe.

These days there are several businesses that accept non-Japanese customers. Some are a lot better than others. In Osaka the options for a good session really are limited. Made In Japan and the previously reviewed GFE Escorts are the two main operations that foreign customers can actually trust. Many of the other places advertising online rely on tricks and things like bait and switch to beat clients out of their hard earned cash.

For those who can afford the cost of entry Made In Japan specializes in absolutely gorgeous women who are charming as they are good looking. These sexy babes know how to please a man. Most also have a grasp of the English language which makes communication a breeze. They will shower you, suck you, slide on you and leave you totally satisfied. What more can you really ask for?

Whenever I am in Osaka I look to Made In Japan for my female company. It is a reliable service with some fo the most beautiful and skilled women that I have found anywhere in the world. I think the rates are more than fair to roll around with such stunning sweethearts. I never hesitate to contact the company and all of my bookings have been absolutely excellent. It is only fitting then that I give the place a full five stars.

Reviews of Made In Japan Osaka providers

Ever since Made In Japan expanded to Osaka it has employed some amazing providers. I am not sure where or how they find the ladies but the results have been great. I have had the pleasure to get to know a few of the women working at MIJ Osaka. They were universally attractive and skilled in their work.

MIJ women tend to be good looking, well dressed and with a certain level of sophistication. Generally speaking the kinds of gals I met through Made In Japan tend to be a little more worldly than the general population. They are certainly in the upper echelons when it comes to looks too.

We all have our expectations. I have been writing about the sex industry around the world for well over a decade. Still I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the new hires at Made In Japan. There are some great gals working with this agency.

In the interest of painting a full picture of what Made In Japan Osaka is like I present the following reviews of individual providers. Of course I am looking at these ladies as professionals doing sensual work. I would never dare to judge anyone as a person. We all have worth as people. That especially true in the cases of some of these beauties. I plan to add more reviews in the future when I have the ability to meet more of the lovely ladies at Made In Japan Osaka.

Sena (5/5)

Sena is an attractive escort at Made In Japan. The sultry 22-year-old travels to meet customers throughout Osaka and even in Kyoto. She speaks English along with her native Japanese. She is also a warm and charming gal that can really make you feel welcome.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but Sena is objectively attractive. With prominent features and amazing almond shaped eyes I would even say she is outright stunning. Her dark silky hair frames her face nicely and accentuates her overall good looks.

sena osaka escort for foreigners

Sena is a non-smoker and a sharp dresser. She really has a mind for fashion. That even extends to her undergarments. Sena is the kind of lady to show up with frilly matching lingerie on under her dress. Just imagining how she looks under her clothes is enough to induce a hard on.

The pictures and videos of Sena on the MIJ website look great. But honestly they do not do justice to this gorgeous young lady. You really have to see her in person to understand just how alluring she is.

Slim and sexy

Sena is a petite woman with a slim yet shapely body. She stands just 5’1″ (156 cm). But she is all woman. Her frame sports a nice perky pair of Japanese D-cup boobs that fill the hand nicely. Her nice soft nipples match with her overall great looks.

Besides her beautiful face, Sena’s best asset would probably be her perfectly shaped backside. She has a really prime bum. It looks incredible when she bends over to peal off her panties. Just thinking about it now brings a warm and pleasant feeling to my crotch.

Osaka escort for gaijin

That is no match for Sena’s actual touch however. Like I said earlier she really knows how to work a man’s body over. She gives a great handjob and even better head. She’s also great at making sumata feel like the real thing. What a performer!

I get the feeling that Sena really likes her work. She seems really enthusiastic from beginning to end. She doesn’t watch the clock or go through the motions. She is dedicated to the task at hand. Sena really delivers where it counts.

Summary of Sena

The best escorts look good and provide great services. Sena fits the bill there. Even though she in her early twenties she has a masterful approach to men. She can make you melt like putty in her hands. Or in her mouth. This is a woman who has real skills in the sack.

She also has the kind of body that just makes you want to touch it all over. Everything from her manicured muff to her cute painted toenails look great. If you ever get the chance to spend some private time with Sena you will have a hard time keeping your hands off of her.

Thankfully Sena responds nicely to touches. She also warms to kisses and caresses. Her service stands somewhere between the girlfriend and AV experience. More precisely it’s a nice blend of both. I would definitely repeat visit Sena if I had the chance. And I sure hope I do!

It’s difficult to go wrong with a twenty-something year old Japanese babe in your bed. Especially when she’s pretty as a peach with a slim and shapely body. Still some ladies go above and beyond to make for truly memorable meetings. Sena is the kind of woman who can stay in your mind long after you part ways. For that reason and more I think she deserves a perfect score. Five stars.

Yuka (4.5/5)

Yuka is a very good looking Japanese escort. The 25 year old has soft dark hair that falls nicely at her shoulders. She speaks English pretty well along with Japanese. Yuka also seems to have a special interest in foreigners. You can tell she actually looks forward to sessions since they will afford her new experiences.

It would apt to describe Yuka as a high class provider. You could definitely share a meal with her at a top restaurant and not feel out of place. Indeed this is the kind of woman you can ask for advice about good places to eat. She also knows her way around specialty Japanese dishes.

yuka osaka escort

Like a genuine courtesan Yuka is a great person to spend time with. Though she is also a very sensual woman who can focus strictly on the erotic behind closed doors. So she is good for taking out or staying in. In my opinion that makes for a great mix.

Yuka also has a great body shape. She has an hourglass figure whether in a tight pencil skirt or dressed in matching lingerie. Her Japanese D-cups are not huge but they match perfectly with her frame. I wouldn’t change a think about Yuka even if I could.

A great gal

The good news is that Yuka clearly feels comfortable in her own skin. That is the kind of thing I like to see. She is reserved yet confident when it comes time to drop her dress and get into her birthday suit. I can’t blame her either. Her body looks even better in the nude.

I particularly like Yuka’s skin. It’s light and smooth. It even seems to shimmer in the shower. She probably goes through some skin care regiment that we men would know nothing about. Whatever the case may be the results are really noticeable.

gaijin friendly escort in osaka

Yuka’s eyes may be her best feature. They are deep and dark. A small beauty mark on one side gives her character and makes you feel like you’re spending time with a truly attractive lady. I get a lot out of simply gazing into Yuka’s peepers. They are that wonderful.

Of course her attractiveness isn’t limited to her face. Yuka has curves in the right spots and the kind of tits, ass and hips you love to explore. Yuka is up and open to pleasure. She gives as well as she receives. You get the feeling that she is in the work for more than just money.

Fun and sexy

If I only had two words to describe Yuka they would be fun and sexy. She is a real blast to be around. At the same time she can get you tuned in and turned on in no time. She even intertwines the two with a playful attitude that extends to sexual play.

Yuka is the kind of gal to mix giggles with moans as you get intimate. Being with her is a lot like the feeling you get when you get in bed with a new Japanese girlfriend for the first time. That is assuming you are able to find a sexy 25 year old like Yuka!

Money can’t buy happiness but 70,000 Yen can secure an hour with Yuka. That might not be enough to take in everything she has to offer. Though any time with Yuka is time well spent in my book. She is one of the more lovely ladies I’ve had the chance to meet in recent years.

All the little things add up. I like everything from Yuka’s lips to her fragrance. She even has nice soft hands. The more time you spend with Yuka the more positive features you notice about her. I can only imagine that a lot of her customers end up extended their sessions. I know I never wanted to say goodbye.

In my experience Yuka is one of the more pleasant and seductive escorts in all of Japan. She is a real charmer who can get you interested without even trying. You have to wonder how many local guys pine after her. Though it doesn’t really matter since she is available to meet through MIJ. As a real pleaser and a cheerful person to be around Yuka is pretty special. Add in some arousing activities and you have a wonderful woman. If she she isn’t absolutely perfect she is definitely close. Four-and-a-half stars.

Made in Japan. Phone: +81 50-5526-4605. Website:

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