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Fang VIP Club is one of the many erotic massage parlors in Chiang Mai. Although the city is not know for its adult entertainment, there is actually quite a bit. Visitors sometimes miss it though, as parts of the scene are hidden in plain sight.

The commercial sex scene in Thailand receives a good amount of coverage on this website. One reason for that is the vast abundance. I doubt I would ever be able to cover all of the various venues and news surrounding the local industry even if I focused on it exclusively. Following the current publication schedule it would probably take decades.

Fang VIP Club massage

Instead of doing the impossible I attempt to cover a wide variety of things. Over the last few years posts on numerous new countries and cities have appeared on these pages. Alongside posts on Bangkok and Pattaya I am now regularly reporting on Chiang Mai. As long as the readership continues at its current levels there is no reason that other cities in Thailand and around the world won’t also be covered in the future.

Chiang Mai is one of the bigger cities in Thailand. Some foreigners complain that it lacks the sort of adult entertainment found in other larger cities in the country but in fact there are many venues around the city. Fang Club which is also called OMG Spa has been around for years.

Fang VIP Club

Originally a club limited to members, Fang VIP Club is now open to the general public. It is located along Chiangmailand which is a strip that was once something like a burgeoning red light district. Today the area continues to house a few adult entertainment venues along with a number of more mainstream businesses and more than a few empty buildings.

Fang VIP Club ladies

Although Fang has at least two signs outside indicating its names the place could still be missed. The entrance is located at the end of a narrow front. It is not hidden however. From the street one can look directly into the lobby where the various women on staff wait for customers.

Price and procedure

When customers walk in they see these ladies scattered on two long benches. Either a manager or one of the service providers asks the customers what sort of service they are looking for. A menu is provided that shows various types of massages that range in price from 1100 Baht ($32 USD) to 1900 Baht ($55 USD). These include massages that conclude with happy endings performed by hand or mouth. Promotions are often available that include two happy endings in a ninety minute session that costs 1300 Baht ($38 USD) which is marked down 600 Baht from the normal price.

After customers select a service and pay their fee they are directed one of the available benches while the women on staff sit down on the other side. Customers then select one of the women to provide their massage.

The women

There are usually anywhere from ten to twenty women working at Fang. They are usually in their twenties. Some are good looking and a select few are very attractive. There are also some generally unattractive or large ladies at all though beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder.

The women working at Fang tend to originate from the north of Thailand. They are accustomed to servicing Thai and other Asian customers. While farang do visit the shop with some regularity the women who work there do not typically speak much English at all.

Service and skill

After customers select a lady they take off their shoes and head up a flight of slippery wooden stairs with their service provider in tow. Customers are then directed to one of many very large rooms. The rooms have a lot of space. In the middle of each room there is a mattress covered with sheets that are probably only occasionally cleaned. Some rooms have odd showers inside made out of concrete while others do not. Either way customers are stripped down and taken to be washed by their service provider soon after entering their rooms.

The women who work at Fang like many ladies in the region are very skilled at hair and makeup. They also known how to dress. So it is that some may look much better in their clothes than out of them. Some of the ladies look great no matter what but a few could rightfully be described as deceptive in looks if it wasn’t the culturally accepted practice for people to use clothes and the like to make themselves look better than they actually are.

Showers at Fang are usually uneventful. Customers have their body’s washed then they dry themselves off with a worn out towel and head back to their massage room. Soon they are joined by their massage attendant. The attendant gives a perfunctory massage in the nude using some oil. After that ends the main erotic service begins.

Happy ending massage

Hand service is performed with oil. Oral service is performed with a condom and usually lasts only a short while. It is immediately followed by hand service. The women at Fang aren’t necessarily skilled or animated when performing these services. For them is obviously just work. In many ways that is understandable but for customers it does not compare favorably to the sometimes enthusiastic services provided by other people at other places around town.

Although massage sessions are sold in different time blocks with some even promising multiple happy endings the reality is that most end short. When customers finish their appointments usually do too. Customers could perhaps complain but that rarely goes over well in Thailand especially when the customers cannot speak the local language. The local customers who are fluent in the language are almost certainly treated much better so they have no reason to complain though it is doubtful they would in any event. Complaints simply aren’t that common in the country.

After customers are given a happy ending they are directed back to the showers to be quickly rinsed off. From there they are dressed and led back down the stairs and out the door. At times it appears that the women waiting in the lobby find entertainment in talking about customers in their native tongue. Perhaps that’s their way of passing time or dealing with work that they may not enjoy. One star.

Address:Chaingmailand, Chiang Mai, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 084-449-0490
Hours:11:00 AM - 1:00 AM
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