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The country of Colombia has developed a reputation for numerous things that most would view as negative but for some reason it not really known for its commercial sex scene. Perhaps the memory of the cartels looms so large that its shadow blocks out the large adult entertainment industry even though that industry has become world famous thanks to some international scandals.

In any event, cities like Bogota are filled with venues and individuals who in one way or another trade sex for cash payments. These range from women who work the streets to brothels and higher level strip clubs and bordellos.

Lalo’s International Night Club

Lalo’s International Night Club was once known simply as Porky’s. I don’t know why they decided to change the name into something much more complicated but that sort of thing is not unusual in Colombia or indeed elsewhere.

Lalo’s International Night Club is located on Calle 83 in part of Bogota known for its nightlife. It is not to be confused with the original Lalo’s which is located nearby on Carrera 15.

Lalos international club

Unlike some of the more discreet clubs located in Bogota the entrance to Lalo’s International is clearly marked with a large neon signboard bearing the place’s name. A man in a suit works the door and welcomes customers inside. Another man is usually on hand to show customers to a seat and hand them a drink menu with most beers running around 10,000 pesos ($3.34 USD).

The club itself is rather large. After entering customers find themselves in a long room with a bar on the left, numerous couches on the right and a strip club style stage at the back. There is also another level upstairs that serves as a sort of VIP area for regular customers and big spenders.

Somewhat surprisingly the club doesn’t seem to get very busy most nights. There are so many venues in the area that the available customer base seems to get spread out over multiple venues. What this means is that it is not rare for a customer to be the only male inside of Lalo’s International with the exception of the staff especially for the first few hours after the doors open.

The women at Lalo’s

There are always women inside of Lalo’s International of course. On an average night there are around twenty women on staff. These women come in a variety of shapes and sizes but most are average or slightly above average in looks. The majority of the women at Lalo’s International are actually Venezuelan but there are some Colombian gals there too. Quite a few of the women are single mothers. Some are a bit older or worse for wear but the median age is probably around 25. At least one women who regularly works the bar is nineteen.

As is usual in Colombia some of the women working at Lalo’s International have had cosmetic surgery though there are more all natural women at this venue than some others nearby. The vast majority of the women are curvy as is to be expected but none would be considered overweight. Porky’s had a reputation as a place with a lot of highly attractive women. The current bar seems to hire more average looking women though the average in Colombia may of course be considered much higher than the average in some other areas such as North Dakota. Ultimately beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The women at Lalo’s International Night Club wear different types of clothes. Some put on bikini tops and short skirts that reveal their panties when they bend over the bar while others wear jeans and tops that would be suitable for the streets outside. There is definitely no dress code.

When customers enter Lalo’s International the available women in the bar tend to do an impromptu sort of lineup along the bar. While not explicitly asked to do so customers can signal to one or more of the women if they’d like to be joined for drinks. The gals don’t normally ask for 20,000 pesos ($6.68 USD) lady drinks but all seem happy to take one if offered.

Inside the bar

Most of the women smile while lining up for customers though some look away. This doesn’t seem to represent more than shyness however since even the more serious faced women all seem to light up when called over by a customer.

The women at Lalo’s International all speak Spanish as their native language. A few can utter a few phrases in English and sometimes even Japanese but that is the extent of the multilingual skills in the bar. That doesn’t stop foreigners from visiting however. Indeed the bulk of the customers at the bar hail from other countries and can either speak Spanish themselves or use Google translate on their phones.

Conversation at Lalo’s International is made more difficult by the volume level of the music than the language barrier. The management has decided to blast the tunes for some reason even though the women only rarely dance or take a spin around the pole on the stage.

Barfine and summary

Some customers hang around the bar for hours while others quickly move to take ladies out of the bar. There are no rooms on site at Lalo’s International but the place has a hotel nearby where the women take their customers unless of course they return to the customer’s hotel rooms. The club’s hotel is nothing special though some rooms do have Jacuzzi baths.

The barfine at Lalo’s International is 185,000 pesos ($61.86 USD). The women ask for an additional 200,000-300,000 pesos ($67-100 USD) for themselves for a short get together and double that for an overnight stay. Things like rooms and condoms cost extra when not provided by the customers.

The women at Lalo’s generally provide enthusiastic service and seem to actually enjoy what they do to some extent though most require rubbers for everything including oral unless they are paid extra or are spending time with a regular client.

In summary Lalo’s International is an easily accessible club that staffs a lot of women eager to venture out with customers. It is one of many of its kind in Bogota. Two-and-a-half stars.

Address:Calle 83 14a–26. Bogota, Colombia (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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