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Review: Kiiroo Keon Masturbator and FeelRae Stroker

The Kiiroo Keon Masturbator is an amazing automatic stroker than can be paired with multiple accessories and technologies. It brings interactive porn to life with movements that match what you see on screen or through a virtual reality headset. Things have really advanced when it comes to wanking. The Keon makes clear that the future of masturbation has truly arrived.

Male sex toys keep getting better and better. Each new innovation opens my eyes to what is truly possible. The combination of innovation, sex drive, commerce and technology has brought us to the point where actual machines can do our masturbation for us.

automated male masturbator review

Yet this does not necessarily make we men lazy. Or at least it doesn’t have to. Especially when these modern marvels can be matched up with audio visual content like porn. Who wouldn’t be excited about getting stroked off in perfect sync with their favorite porn scene?

That’s especially true with the Keon auto masturbation device. The manufacturer has teamed up with several porn stars to offer sleeves based on their actual body parts. You can find inserts based on the vaginas of top performers like Kayley Gunner, Lauren Phillips, Reya Sunshine, September Reign and many more. There’s even a sleeve molded on the famous dick sucking lips of Victoria June!

What’s in the box?

I ordered the Kiirro Keon Masturbator with FeelRae insert. The FeelRae is based on the private parts of sexy Asian porn star Rae Lil Black. I know of Rae for some of the great porn scenes she has done in recent years. Others apparently know her as a game streamer which is a world I know nothing about. In any event the FeelRae is a facsimile of her money maker that slides right into the Keon machine.

My package from Kiiro was discreet. Everything came in a plain brown cardboard box with no markings indicating the contents. Inside I found the Keon Masturbator in one commercial ready box and the FeelRae in another. These boxes are store ready. So they do show what is inside. But that is to be expected.

rae lil black feelrae sex toy

The Keon is about the size of a 2-liter bottle though it is much lighter. It is a sleek black device. Few would probably guess what the thing was for unless they had some specific knowledge. It comes complete with a charging cable. The device is to be charged once before use. Thankfully the charging is lightning fast. My device was ready to go in no time.

The FeelRae insert is a flesh colored sleeve in a rigid black plastic casing. It looks pretty standard as far as male masturbation sleeves go. The skin-tone material is very soft. The whole thing is easily attached to the Keon. You simply slide it in the open end and then turn it to lock everything in place. That’s it! Lube up the hole and you’re ready to get busy.

Synced up stroking

The Keon can be used as a manual hand held cock stroking device or paired with various media like porn videos and even interactive adult webcam broadcasts. Manual use is easy. First you press the power button. Next you press the mode button to put the machine in manual mode. Up and down buttons on one side control the length of the stroke. Up and down buttons on the opposite side control the speed. You can go from a long slow stroke to a short speedy pump in seconds.

As mentioned the battery charges up quicker than you might expect. It also lasts quite a while too. It is is totally possible to have a 30 to 40 minute stroke session on a single charge. Edgers and gooners will delight in that fact. On the other hand you can turn up the speed and span of the automatic pumping action and blow your load in mere minutes. The choice is yours.

Rae Lil Black male masturbator sleeve

When you sync the Keon up with the Feel Connect app you can control the toy from a smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled device. This also allows you to pair the unit up with various adult entertainment options and have each stroke match what you see on the screen. You can even match up with a smart vibrator somewhere else in the world for a collaborative stroke session with a long distance partner.

What about Rae Lil Black’s hole? I have to admit that it was a little looser than I expected at first. Though once coupled with the Keon device I found it to be just the perfect tightness. It stimulates the penis nicely without being overly intense. This is a great all around choice. Unfortunately I can’t compare it to the actual feeling of Rae’s real vagina. Though I can say that it does feel similar to real pussy in general when lubed, warmed up and used on full strength.


The Keon is well made. It is relatively easy to use, enjoyable, and a breeze to clean. Just untwist the hole and wash it out and you’re good until the next session. Charging is quick and the battery lasts long. The device is pretty quiet too. It’s difficult to find much downside here.

Any time a male sex toy is mentioned some guy will undoubtedly say he can beat his own penis off for free. The same argument is often made against happy ending massages. This line of reasoning ultimately falls short however. Most people are capable of cooking food. Yet nearly all go out to eat at a restaurant. At times its nice to kick back and let someone (or in this case something) else do the work.

Keon robotic sex toy

The number of automatic and machine powered male masturbators is on the rise. There are now numerous options on the market. Still some are a lot better than others. And some probably shouldn’t even be on the market. The product under review here is a solid male sex toy for those who want to enjoy the feeling being ridden or pulled off by another. It’s also nice for enjoying interactive adult entertainment or having a wank session with partner out of your immediate range.

The Keon Masturbator is quite a product. Even in manual use it providers great sensations with very little effort or interaction required from the user. When on automated mode it really excels. If the Keon came with just the standard stroker insert I would probably give it four-and-a-half stars. But since it can be paired with countless inserts including some based on great porn models the added variation makes the thing near perfect. I look forward to trying out Victoria June’s mouth in particular.

There are lots of other physical accessories you can team up with this toy too. The long list includes everything from a table clamp to a phone holder. There’s even a Multifunctional Pillow & Strap you can connect to the Keon. The possibilities for growth and expansion are simple amazing. Because of this I give it five stars.

The FeelRae Stroker are available at

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  1. This thing looks pretty darn cool. Is it as good as the hand jobs I get at the local Asian place? Could save a lot of dough.

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