Review: Mike’s Place in Bangkok, Thailand (CLOSED)


Mike’s Place is yet another blowjob bar in Bangkok, Thailand. Mike’s is one of the older looking bars, but it actually took over for an even older place with a more legendary reputation. Today it stands out among the crowd of dick digesting dives there due to a few unique features.

Mike’s is located in a dark back corner of the Patpong red light district in the Silom section of Thailand’s capital city, only steps away from the Star of Light. Tucked away among everything else that exists there, it would be easy to miss Mike’s altogether if you didn’t know what to look for. I am the kind of guy that goes to the area precisely to find bars like Mike’s!

Mike’s Place carries on a tradition, operating in the same location that Lolita’s Patpong did before closing its doors. I would say that it is actually a step up from that shop. But at this point it is all a moot point.

Mike’s Place in Patpong

Mike’s in a sort of a corner. It is not really visible from there street. But if you walk towards it the entrance suddenly pops into view. The place fits perfectly into Patpong because of that. Years ago the area was filled with these hole in the wall bars.

Mike's Place in Patpong

The women who work at Mike’s usually hang around in front of the bar. In between customers they can be found eating, talking, or playing on their phones. They don’t always give the most enthusiastic of welcomes, but they are not cold either. After all, pretty much any guy can walk in off the street and ask any one of them for head.

Staff and prices

It’s no secret that many blowjob bars employee women that tend to be on the less attractive side of the scale. There are always exceptions, with the average BJ bar having one or two better looking women on staff. At Mike’s nearly all seem to be pretty attractive. Most of the ladies I’ve seen at Mike’s were attractive gals in their twenties. You almost wonder why they work at Mike’s rather than another possibly more lucrative job. I have never seen an overweight woman at Mike’s either. That’s not to say that they don’t exist, but it is a bit surprising considering the kind of venue under discussion.

The inside of Mike’s Place is rather large, though it is a bit dark and dingy. There is a decently appointed bar and even a pool table for guys who want to punt away some time knocking balls around. I personally don’t understand why guys would want to play billiards at a sword swallowing spot. But there are a lot of things that people get involved in that I can’t quite figure out.

I imagine most guys going to Mike’s just ask for some oral relief directly. A reasonably priced drink is usually offered, but there is absolutely no pressure to accept. Any respectable guy who has 800 Baht ($26 USD) is likely to be given great treatment. Less-than-respectable guys are likely to receive the same.

Special service rooms

Another thing that sets Mike’s apart from the bevy of Bangkok blowjob bars is that the oral action offered at the bar takes place in individual rooms. These private quarters in the back end of the bar are equipped with beds and televisions playing adult movies.

The rooms are nothing to write home about, but they do offer privacy and the ability to lie back while getting serviced. In that they do the trick. Believe or not, the beds are actually relatively clean. Note that I wrote relatively. The walls around the rooms don’t go all the way up to the ceiling, but they are pretty sturdy.

Sometimes you can hear other guys coming in or out of the bar. But you probably won’t hear guys cumming as you do at a place like Dr. BJ’s Salon where that’s quite common. Some make actually prefer the ambience of sounds. For others it could ruin the mood. My only real complaint about Mike’s is that the air conditioners are too big for the room and blow directly onto your body, making it possible to freeze your ass off in no time.


The adult video programming choices playing on the television are a good addition. But they’d probably serve a lot better at some of the other BJ bars with the less than desirable looking staff. At Mike’s Place the staff is mostly made of up of women you want to watch. Still, I prefer having a porn to watch than staring at a cobweb covered ceiling.

The staff at Mike’s are all good at what they do. I can’t imagine many customers leave with complaints. After you pop you are cleaned up and escorted back to the bar. There they tally the bill which includes the service charge plus any drinks. Petting the many cats that hang around the bar is free of charge.

As a decent blowjob bar in the heart of Bangkok that offers a little something different, I give Mike’s Place three stars. The price is on the high end of BJ bar rates in Bangkok, but alas that seems to be the trend.

Note: Mike’s Place is closed.

Address:Patpong Soi 2, Bangkok, Thailand
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