Review: The World / Linda’s Place in Bangkok, Thailand


The World is an old Bangkok blowjob bar that has been around for years in different incarnations. In reality the bar hasn’t changed much at all but the names or at least the names it has been known by have. Today The World is variously referred too as “Linda’s Place” or “Kob’s Place” by most people who are aware of its existence. That number seems to be decreasing.

Years ago I foolishly announced that I had reviewed every blowjob bar in Bangkok. Even if do not count the new blowjob bars that have sprung up recently there were still other old bars around like Linda’s and Rose Bar that somehow got lost in the shuffle. With this post I would again like to say that I have reviewed every suck shop in the city but I will not be so foolhardy this time around.

Linda’s in Patpong

The World is located one level above the Star of Light which has also changed names over the years. It is access by a staircase that leads to a row of several bars that saw better days many years ago. Most of the bars don’t even seem to be open anymore in fact.

The World Linda Place Kob's Place

The door in front of the world has a tinted glass pain in the middle with the names of the venue spelled in English. There are windows on both sides of the door with curtains that are either drawn or open depending on what is going on.

Ladies on staff

When there are no customers in the bar the women who work at The World usually hang around in front playing on their phones or eating. When there are customers in the bar the women usually join them inside and often lock the door the behind them. Customers who want to enter the bar while it is is locked have to knock on the door. Sometimes that gains them access but other times it does not.

Technically The World opens early in the afternoon and closes around midnight. In reality the hours fluctuate. Most times there are no customers so the women just hang around. At select times the sleepy little bar can actually become pretty lively.

The World is not known for having a large staff or even a staff largely composed of good looking ladies. It is an old bar with a small staff of two or three women and a manager who are also tend toward the older side. The same goes for the customer base which also skews toward the upper ends of the age spectrum. There are always exceptions.

Services and summary

Inside The World is a small bar that looks something like Rose’s one soi over. On the right side there is an old classic style bar with lots of pictures behind it. To the left there is a row of bench type seats with worn out covers and boxes in between to give some kind of privacy. In the back there is a small bathroom and to the right there is a small somewhat private area with a curtain and a throw pillow that doubles as a mattress when necessary.

The bar doesn’t necessarily specialize in oral services though they are definitely on offer. Full service is too for those who know how to ask.

Action can take place in the bar itself or in the private area to the back. It can also take place off premises if the women involved and their managers agree though the prices requested can make the most expensive go go bars look economical in comparison.

Prices for everything from drinks to bar fines seem to be made up on a whim by whoever is in charge at a given time. Sometimes they are reasonable. Other times they are outrageous. Either way most seem to be negotiable. I’ve been told a team of sister own the place and I believe I have met two of them but the faces behind the bar seem to change all the time.

The World is a good example of the kind of bar that once made Patpong a favorite place for punters in the capital city. It’s truly a wonder that the place still hangs on though it must be making some kind money. If it wasn’t I’m sure it would go the way of Washington Square and the lost bars of Phnom Penh. Three stars.

Address:Patpong Soi 2, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Hours:24 Hours
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