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Review: Hipness in Tokyo, Japan

Time and time again on this site I’ve written about the widespread xenophobia in Japan’s massive commercial sex industry. While there are still many options for foreigners looking to get their rocks off in Japan, it can be tough for a gaijin trying to enter shops on their own only to face rejection time and time again.

Hipness delivery health in the Uguisudani area of Tokyo not only accepts foreigners as customers. It also employs them exclusively. Before some of my male readers start packing their bags and heading to their new career getting paid for blowing loads in Japan I should clarify. The women who work at Hipness come from countries other than Japan. They are the ones getting paid. The male customers still have to pay.

Thai escort in Tokyo

Hipness maintains a list of the current ladies on staff (and probably a few who left long ago) on its website. Looking it over one can find women from the Philippines (listed as “Pinay”), Thailand and Brazil. Occasionally they may find one or two from somewhere else like Argentina as well.

The rates at Hipness at pretty fair considering the area and the services provided. A forty minute session with one pop runs 7000 Yen ($70 USD) and an eighty minute session with two pops runs 13,000 ($125 USD). As a deli health outfit, Hipness sends its gals out to visit customers. It doesn’t host the action indoors itself.

Customers can book from a standard hotel anywhere in Tokyo, but the easier and more common way of doing things is for them to check into one of the many love hotels in Uguisudani like P-Door for a few hours before calling up. The latter option has the added benefit of allowing a lady to get to the customer quickly.

One thing to note is that customers must call from a Japanese cell phone number if they wish to book a session. The management at Hipness claims that this is a Japanese law, but in reality it’s just their policy. Places like Tokyo Style and Fukuoka Erotic Massage allow foreign customers to book appointments over Skype. No such luck at Hipness. Not even a call from a hotel room will do.

Customers who do have a phone with a local sim card still aren’t out of the water. The male phone staff at Hipness has absolutely abominable English skills. It’s difficult to make out a single word of what he says, let alone entire sentences. This would be understandable at most shops. It is after all Japan and the local language is of course Japanese. But Hipness promotes itself to foreign customers along with local guys so you would think that they would try to find someone with at least a basic grasp of English to man the jack. Not so.

Those able to navigate the initial phone call and book a session will then simply wait for their gal to show up. Most have decent Japanese skills but some can’t speak any English at all. The Filipinas would be the obvious exception to that rule and some of the Thai girls have a pretty good grasp of English too.

A Brazilian lady who works at Hipness tells me most of her customers are local Japanese men. A Filipina told me she gets a good number of Western men. Everyone has their tastes, though in general the Brazilians at Hipness are on the larger or at least more curvy side than their coworkers from other parts of the globe.

Japanese law prohibits the sale of vaginal intercourse. Delivery health places are then legally limited to providing hand jobs or oral sex at most. The reality though is that many gals across the country offer more than that. Experienced customers in Japan know not to try for anything that’s not on the menu. It can lead to serious troubles. On the other hand, when it’s offered by the service provider inside of a room things are usually perfectly fine for everyone involved. Everyone I’ve met from Hipness was willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, but as always mileage can vary from one person to the next.

In my experience things tend to go fairly well with the women of Hipness and I’ve seen little in the way of complaints from punters reporting on their experiences online. Not every get together rocks the meter but that is only to be expected.

As a foreigner friendly delivery health service staffed with mostly attractive women willing to go the extras mile, Hipness stands out from the crowd. It’s not the greatest place in the world but it does fill a real need. Taking everything into account I give the place an average score of two-and-a-half stars.

The pluses are the international staff and the willingness to accept foreign customers. The negatives are the difficulties in booking and communicating with the staff at headquarters. Plus it’s hard not to compare the services of Filipinas, Thai women and Brazilians with what is on offer in their home countries, usually for a lot less. Alas, Japan is Japan and those places are those places. It is what it is.

Hipness. Uguisudani, Tokyo, Japan. Open every day from 9:00 AM until 5:00 AM. Phone: +81 03-6802-3447. Website:

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