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Years ago when Rockit Reports was still in its infancy I wrote a post on the ease of finding sex in Hong Kong. Although it was hardly my best work that post went on to become one of the most popular on the site.

I haven’t posted any additional reports on Hong Kong in the years since that post went online. Readers are clearly interested in the Special Administrative Region but my time and energy was sapped by all of the other things I had to write about. This year I plan to remedy the oversight by writing about various venues in Hong Kong along with posts on several other parts of the world.

In my view there is no better way to kick things off than to report on what is as far as I know the only blowjob bar in Hong Kong. While the place uses blowjob previews as a way to get customers excited and encourage them to take a lady out of the bar I think it can still accurately be described as a bj bar since pretty much any guy can walk in off the street and get oral service from a lady right on premises.

Dragon Club in Wan Chai

Dragon Club is one of several bars in the Wan Chai area of Hong Kong. With a long history of adult entertainment and generally questionable activities Wan Chai continues to be a hot spot mainly for cashed up foreigners. Although located in the heart of Hong Kong there are few if any Hong Kong women to be found. Filipinas make up the bulk of the staff at most bars and Dragon is no exception.

Dragon Club is situated on the edge of the main entertainment area but it is still easy to find. Located right next to Insiders Bar on Fenwick Street the bar is marked by a very large pink neon sign that displays the name of the place along with a picture of an actual dragon.

There is usually at least one guy posted outside of the entrance acting as some sort of security. They are generally amiable and welcoming to guys who decide to pass through the curtains and into the bar.

Enter the Dragon

Once inside customers are confronted with a rather large stage that looks like it came right out of a strip club or Thai go go bar though things are a lot less lively at first glance. Customers seem to be few and far between most times though the place clearly generates money. It is highly unlikely that it would have been around for so long if it didn’t.

Most nights there are four or more Filipina dancers on staff dressed in a sexy set of lingerie. Generally speaking they tend to be quite attractive ladies in their early twenties who haven’t given birth to children. Although the staff rotates regularly it isn’t strange for at least half of the women working to be much better looking than the average gal dancing a go go bar in Angeles City or Manila.

The women don’t actually dance unless there are customers in the bar. This makes sense to me and apparently even to the rather rough Chinese mamasan who runs the place. There are bars in Angeles City where the women are required to dance even when there are no customers in the bar for hours on end. This has always seemed frankly ridiculous to me and I’m sure to the dancers too.

When customers enter the Dragon Club they are quickly greeted by the aforementioned mamasan who will ask them to order a drink. Rather than sit at one of the many stools surrounding the bar and stage however she directs customers to sit in one of two booths situated on either side of the entrance. The reason for this soon becomes apparent.

The wall is mirrored so that customers can see the stage even though are seated with their back facing the show. This allows them to view the dancers on stage while still being generally sheltered from the view of any people who happen to come into the bar making intimate action more easy to deliver.

Staff and services

After a customer takes a seat at one of the booths they are soon joined by one of the dancers. The dancers quickly get comfortable with the customers in the booths by cuddling up against them while the mamasan hoovers in the background asking if they’ll purchase a lady drink. The lady drinks are priced at an expensive 250 Hong Kong Dollars ($32.25 USD) each but the rates don’t seem so unreasonable considering what they include.

After a customer agrees to purchase a lady drink the dancer accompanying him will show her gratitude by giving him some oral action right in the booth. When dealing with new and unknown customers dancers may first ask if it is okay to touch then take out their units. When regulars visit the ladies usually get right down to business.

While none of them can give the best deep throaters of the Bangkok blowjob bars a run for their money the dancers at Dragon are relatively skilled at sucking. This makes sense considering their line of work. Repetition is after all a major method of learning for most people.

The dancers are perhaps most skilled at keeping guys interested without taking them over the edge and sending them scurrying out the door with a sense of sudden guilt. Their usual method is to go back and forth between bobbing up and down and asking the usual questions like “where are you from?” With each drink purchased they perform for five or ten minutes. If they spend too much time asking questions and not enough polishing the pickle the mamasan can often be heard directing them to get back to work from another part of the room. This can be off putting though different people have their own views on the woman in charge. The dancers all seem to privately agree that “mam” is tough though they do seem interested in the work or at least the money that it provides.

Prices and take away

When a lady drink starts to empty the mamasan returns almost magically with no shame at all. Sitting right down next to the blowing babe she asks customers to buy additional drinks or take a lady out of the bar for more intimate fun.

After a customer shells out for a second drink the offers for take out become stronger and are often joined by the sucker herself asking for the same. Rates can vary depending on the time and what the mama thinks she can get out of a guy but the average charge for a short time session in a nearby hotel seems to be 1500 Hong Kong Dollars ($193.50 USD). Good negotiators can get this down to 1000 Hong Kong Dollars ($129 USD) when the bar is not busy.

If these prices seem to be on the high side that is because they are. The same kinds of gals would likely go with customers for a lot less in the Philippines though Hong Kong is a different and more expensive place. There are often lots of places including the infamous Fuji Building nearby where guys can get a short time session for as little as 500 Hong Kong Dollars ($64 USD) though that is a different sort of service.

Ultimately the rates are dictated by the market and what people will pay. Apparently there are enough people in Hong Kong willing to shell out close to two hundred American dollars for a few hours with a hot Filipina to keep the prices at that level. Considering how much money some foreign workers in Hong Kong make it isn’t that surprising.


Although the Dragon Club is basically a suck shop the women who work there usually do not finish customers off in the booths. Instead they use it as a way to score short time sessions outside of the bar. If and when a guy is allowed to finish in the bar it is only after an agreement is made with the mamasan for either a set fee or a certain amount of lady drinks.

Dragon Club is a rather interesting place. It is almost like the imaginary blowjob and strip club combo I wrote about in a previous post on ideal sex shops though of course reality doesn’t come close to the fantasy in this case. Things could be done a lot better though there may be unseen circumstances and regulations at play that prevent that from happening. On the other hand it could simply be an issue of management.

The mamasan at Dragon acts a lot like the stereotypical Chinese “dragon lady” and is not afraid to come right out and ask for what she wants. She does seem to be more bark than bite however and customers who are able to firmly assert themselves are able to deal with her even when her approach is rather abrasive. On the bright side a call to pay the bill and leave is generally respected which is a step up from places where staff and management beg guys to stay for “just one more drink.”

Dragon Club is hardly the best place in the world or even in Hong Kong but it does stand out against a background of mostly boring bars nearby. It is unsurprising that many men put it on their short list of places to visit when visiting the area. I give it an average score of two-and-a-half stars.

Address:Fenwick Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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