Review: Bottoms in Manila, Philippines


Bottoms is a long standing go go in the infamous P Burgos strip in the Makati section of Manila. The place stands out from the pack by being the only topless go go bar in the city. At this point it may even be the only one in the entire country.

The truth is that Bottoms isn’t the kind of “topless bar” you might expect. The phrase may conjure up visions of strip clubs in the United States where women walk around in nothing but panties. That isn’t the case at Bottoms. But strip clubs in the United States don’t have a bar fine system in place either. So it is different but not necessarily less of a place.

P Burgos Street is a popular place. Some of the go go bars there are crowded most days of the week. Others seem to be empty most of the time. Prices are relatively high across the board. Yet people continue to come. It is one of the sure bets for foreigners. And Bottoms is the only place where you can surely see some skin.

Location and layout

Bottoms is located on the north side of P Burgos Street just a few steps away from the Oxford Suites. It is in the bottom of the building. So perhaps that is where the name comes from. Otherwise the place would more appropriately be called “tops.”

Review of Bottoms topless bar in Manila

The bar is quite large. The floor extends well to the back with a stage at the far wall. A pathway down the middle is lined with large comfortable booths on both sides. This is where customers sit. The seats don’t always give the best view of the stage. But they do allow customers to get cozy with women in the bar.

Indeed that seems to be a major draw of the bar. And it makes sense. At many Western strip clubs the most a guy can do is look at a woman. In many it is not even possible to buy a drink for a dancer. At Bottoms and bars like it there are lady drinks. Customers can buy drinks for dancers. The dancers get a cut of the money. And they usually don’t mind getting close to customers who pay for the drinks.

The ladies at Bottoms Bar

There are at least two dozen women working Bottoms most nights. At times there can be many more. The numbers can be deceiving since some of the women are always tied up with customers. And others come and go from a changing room in the back. Still there is never a real shortage.

The ladies are for the most part attractive. And they tend to have some of the most endowed chests you will see anywhere in the Philippines. Bottoms is the longest running bar on P Burgos. And their eye for talent in staffing clearly has something to do with their success.

As mentioned the gals go topless or close to it. There was a time when you could see nude women in the bar. But back then it was somewhat common in other bars too. Nowadays the women wear things that are technically tops yet barely there. They may have tiny white tops that are untied as the women wear at Windmill in Pattaya. Or they may wear suspenders that neither hold up their pants or hide anything from view.

The women are generally a very friendly bunch. And the managers and wait staff are kind too. Of course the ladies aren’t as friendly as they used to be. In the past they were known to offer oral services in private booths. But otherwise things are more or less the same.

The barfine remains in effect though the prices seem to creep up every year. At least check the barfine at Bottoms was 4000 PHP ($76 USD). The women are mostly eager to leave the bar with customers. But they normally want an additional 4000 Pesos or more for their time. One thing to note about Makati is that mamasans will often deduct the price of lady drinks bought and paid for from a barfine. But only if they’re politely asked to do so. Four stars.

Address:5012 P Burgos Street, Makati City, Manila, Philippines (Map)
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