Sex and prostitution in Manila, Philippines


There is a lot of prostitution in Manila. It is a a gigantic city that serves as the capital of the Philippines and its economic center. The massive metropolis attracts people from every inhabited island in the country in search of financial opportunities. Many are unable to find any such opportunities or find that the only opportunities for them to make significant amounts of money are to be found in the formal or informal sex industry.

Many men who travel to Manila either as temporary guests or more long term residents may find that they have no need for paid action whatsoever. That’s because Manila offers almost unlimited potential for easy pick ups and dating in general.

Dating sites and hookups

Guys who are shy or simply want to avoid crowded social centers will be happy to know that there are hundreds of thousands of women on dating sites like Date In Asia, Tagged, Pina Love and Ok Cupid who would be more than happy to meet a foreigner. While many will want to chat back and forth a bit before dating, and others won’t want to meet at all, there are plenty of women on these sites who will happily join friendly guys for a meal or even more after only a few introductory notes. Date In Asia seems to especially attract women who are looking for compensated dating even though site rules may prevent them from coming right out and saying it. Of course Date In Asia is also used by “regular” gals who are looking for romance, marriage, fun or some combination of all three.

Even those who may be on the shy side shouldn’t have too much trouble meeting gals out in the real world if they can gather up the courage to say high. I’ve always disliked generalities but I do find it true that Filipina women in general are some of the friendliest to be found anywhere. Even if they’re not interested in a particular guy most won’t be rude about it. This makes meeting women in places like clubs, bars and malls a lot less stressful that it can be in other countries. There are always exceptions but guys who have been down this road will surely agree with me.

Popular clubs where hook ups may be possible include Palladium inside the New World Makati Hotel and ZZYZX in Malate. Malls where a guy might meet a gal include Glorietta and the Mall of Asia.

Malls and meeting places

Outside of dating sites and regular old pick ups there are certainly places where working women are known to congregate. These aren’t necessarily places established specifically for these sorts of women to find customers and they are often a minority. Figuring out which woman are working and which aren’t can be second nature for experienced men and extremely difficult for those new to the game.

Harrison Plaza in Malate is the oldest shopping mall in Manila and it shows. Opened something like forty years ago the mall is small and worn down and isn’t likely to have much that would attract foreign visitors other than the occasional woman. The upstairs section of the mall is known to be a place where part timers look for customers. Male and female touts have even been known to approach foreigners there to show them the women in the mall they know and negotiate a price for a date. The action seems to be dying off slowly but surely though it can certainly still be found. Today many men find Harrison Plaza well below their standards but some others continue to profess their love for the place.

Robinsons Place in Ermita is a much larger and more modern shopping mall in Manila that attracts plenty of women along with families looking for something to by or something to do. In fact families seem to be the bread and butter of the place on most days and evenings. Still, some working women can be found from time to time by those who know what they are looking for. Casual arrangements can even be possible in the right circumstances. This is hardly a hardcore haunt, but it still gets a mention by many men who do the rounds.

Inside of the upscale Greenbelt 3 shopping center in Makati, which every taxi driver knows, there is a courtyard surrounded by several eateries and coffee shops. The outdoor seating areas for the Cafe Havana (which is open until 2:00 AM) and to a lesser extent the Starbucks and Seattle’s Best tend to attract working women throughout the day. Even in the afternoons a few early birds can typically be found, but things really turn on in the evenings and nights.

A more dedicated location for women of the night can be found at the Manila Bay Cafe, formerly known as La Cafe and sometimes shortened to “the MBC”. This two story bar located in a sketchy section of Ermita is frequented by freelancers looking for short or long term get togethers with monied up men. The women don’t work for anyone and are free to name their own prices but typical rates fluctuate between 800 and 3000 Pesos ($19-70 USD). The MBC isn’t known for attracting the most beautiful women in Manila but occasionally a real looker or two will find their way inside.

Red light districts

The most popular pay for play area for foreigners in Manila is undoubtedly P Burgos Street in Makati. Rather than rehash what has already been written, I direct interested parties to my write up on the bars of Burgos Street that I published a short while ago. The numerous massage parlors and freelancers that prowl the street are also mentioned in that report.

Another popular area filled with bars targeting male guests is the EDSA International Entertainment Complex. Bar fines there are on average a lot lower than they are in Burgos Street as I’ve already explained in my report on the EDSA bars that went online quite recently.

Karaokes, escorts, and more

KTVs are popular with cashed up local guys and Asian businessmen especially but they are also open to other foreigners who want to check them out. Some of the most popular include Pegasus in Quezon City and Pharaoh in Makati, but there are dozens of others scattered around Metro Manila. Harajuku in Makati has a large staff. Many foreign men prefer to skip the karaoke and stage scene and head straight to the massage parlors which are sometimes attached to them. I have already posted a review of Air Force 1 and Flight 168 which fits that model exactly. Kremlin Massage next to Classmates KTV in Quezon City is another popular version of this setup.

Men who don’t want to leave their rooms may find any one of Manila’s many escort services to their liking. They shouldn’t expect anything special though as many of these services appear to recruit women who may otherwise be working in other entertainment facilities. It doesn’t take much to find a Manila escort online but finding one that’s reliable could require considerable effort and expense. I posted a review of GFE Manila Escorts some time ago.

There are a whole host of other places outside of the websites, malls, bars, clubs, shops, services and massage parlors listed here, but describing them all would require years of research and the creation of some kind of book. Hopefully this report on prostitution and sex will serve its purpose of entertaining and informing the reading public which as always remains my only intention.

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