Review: Boss Palace Massage in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Boss Palace Massage is one of the many hotel based massage parlors in Ho Chi Minh City. Unlike some other massage parlors located inside of hotels such as the previously reviewed Minh Tam 2 the place lacks a luxurious feel. Yet it is still popular most likely due to the level of service typically provided.

The Boss Palace massage parlor is centrally located in and very well marked inside of the Boss Palace Hotel. In fact the sign beaming the word “massage” out onto the streets below is actually larger than the sign that read “Boss Palace Hotel”. One is left to wonder which aspect of the business earns more money for the owners.

Boss Palace Massage

There always seem to be at least a few male attendants waiting outside at Boss Palace. When customers arrive they quickly usher them through the building and upstairs to a private room. The VIP room at Boss Palace costs 500,000 Dong ($22 USD). Smaller less private options are also available.

VIP room at Boss Palace massage
The VIP rooms at Boss Palace Massage are not as nice as many others around town. At the same time they’re not nearly as worn down as the quarters in places like Hoa Mai either. All the usual aspects are there in the room including a large bath tub.

Massage ladies at Boss

There are many women working at Boss Palace. They tend to be ladies of average attractiveness in their early twenties with a few possibly a little older. They are all fit with no overweight women to be found anywhere on premises. Even the women working the desk are nice looking.

The massage providers at Boss Palace wear matching uniforms that are revealing while still somewhat protective. These sorts of low cut skirt and short combos are rather common at local massage shops. There seem to be two sets of uniforms worn at Boss Palace Massage. One set is made up of tight red skirts while the other is made up of tight pink jumper type clothing.

In contrast to some of the other more adult male oriented massage parlors in Ho Chi Minh City the women working at Boss Palace actually put in the time to do a real and thorough massage that even includes the use of hot towels and stones. They may not be the most skilled masseuses in the world but they do make the effort.

For whatever reason the women who work at Boss Massage also tend to be more cheerful and outwardly happy than some other ladies working the local body rub circuit. It’s not uncommon to seem them laughing or smiling openly which is different from some other places where even the most beautiful women walk around sporting grim faces along with their expertly applied cosmetics.

Happy ending

Of course extra services are normally offered at Boss Palace Massage. While happy ending by hand is the name of the game at most hotel massage venues the ladies at Boss Palace do seem a little more willing to go the oral route. Full service is never offered but oral is rather routinely if discretely presented as an option.

As the extra services are not officially offered by the business itself there are no set prices. Everything is up to negotiation. Foreigners are usually asked for a tip matching the house fee or around 500,000 Dong.

Unlike most other hotel massage parlors in the city the women at Boss Palace Massage collect the total amount of money due at the end of each session. This is done right in the room so the customer does not have to pass back to the desk on the way out. Three-and-a-half stars.

Address:306-308 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Ward 1, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Map)
Hours:24 Hours
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