Review: Minh Tam 2 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Minh Tam 2 is a top quality massage parlor in the Tan Binh District of Ho Chi Minh City where a guy can get a body rub with a grand finale in comfort.

Rumor has it that Minh Tam 2 is owned by the same people that own Minh Minh Tam massage and a few other similar shops around town. I have no way of confirming that at the moment, and truth be told it’s not a very important issue to me. What I can say is that while both operations are similar, Minh Tam 2 is a bit nicer in terms of the facilities.

Minh Tam 2 is very easy to find. One only has to navigate to the Thanh Binh 2 Hotel. Facing the entrance of that hotel, one can see the clearly marked entrance to the massage facilities only a few meters to the left. There is usually an attendant or two waiting there at the entrance to guide customers down a walkway and into the lobby.

In the lobby things go as they usually do in this sort of facility. The customer is shown a price sheet with economy and VIP options. The economy room is a bare bones set up, while the VIP room is large and lavish with things like a full bathroom, steam room, jacuzzi tub inside and flat screen television inside. The VIP rooms are also very well decorated, with things done about as well as they can be.

A session in the VIP room runs 550,000 Dong, which is a little less than twenty-six United States dollars. Considering the relatively new and well done facilities, I think the rate is pretty fair.

After choosing an option, the customer will be guided to their room by a male attendant. Unlike some of the left well-managed places around town, the male attendants here do not hassle customers for tips. I’m not opposed to tipping at all, but I don’t like be hit up for cash every minute either.

If the customer selected a VIP room they can relax on the upholstered chair while the attendant turns the steam and tub on. This only takes a few moments and is quickly followed by the entrance of the service provider.

Customers get the luck of the draw when it comes to the masseuses. Whoever is next in line seems to be the one that does the rub down. This isn’t as bad as it sounds though as the women who work at Minh Tam 2 are universally nice looking, with good bodies, pretty faces and smooth skin. They wear blue uniforms that are revealing without giving full access and know their way around a guy’s body.

Return customers always have the option of requesting a specific lady. As long as she is at the shop and free this is no problem. It doesn’t cost any additional fee either. Customers can usually get a phone number from their favorite lady or ladies and call ahead to see if they are working at any given time.

The routine at Minh Tam 2 is a lot like the routine at Minh Minh Tam. The customer gets undressed and the service provider rinses him off. The customer takes a steam, and then the service provider rinses him off again. One difference is that customers are given a small pair of satin shorts to put on after the second rinse.

The customer is then led to a sturdy massage table and told to lay face down. A nice massage follows lasting some time. It usually includes a bit of back walking and plenty of soft touching in sensitive areas. After the back massage is complete the customer is told to flip over.

I won’t go into a whole lot of detail about the rest of the massage. The astute reader can probably figures things out. I will say that the massages are brought to a pleasant conclusion by masseuses with very skilled hands that are in no rush. They are clearly well trained and practiced in this kind of body rub.

After the massage is finished the customer is undressed again and led back into the large bathtub where they are rinsed off for a final time. After this they are dried off and brought back to the comfortable chair where they can chat with their masseuse (or maybe not, considering that few speak much English), watch television or eat some of the provided fruit.

Once the customer has had his fill of the place he will get dressed. On the way out he will be given a piece of paper and a pen to write down the amount of the tip he wants to give to his service provider. Standard tips range from 200,000 to 600,000 Vietnamese Dong ($9.50 – $28 USD), with most falling somewhere in the middle. The tip amount is not usually discussed during the massage itself. I believe this is company policy. If so, it is a good one.

Tip indicated in ink, the client will then join his provider for a walk back to the elevator. On the ground floor he’ll take his slip to the front desk and pay the total amount of his room and tip. That’s it.

Minh Tam 2 is a very well organized and managed massage parlor with little in the way of hassles. It would be great if more places could follow suit. I gave the very similar Minh Minh Tam massage three-and-a-half stars when I reviewed it a few weeks ago. While that place is nice, Minh Tam 2 has a bit better set up when it comes to the rooms. That said, I don’t think guys go to either place to admire the tile work on the walls. Considering Minh Tam 2 on the merits of the service provided, I think it too deserves three-and-a-half stars. It’s a nice place.

Address:512 Ly Thyong Kiet, Phuong 7, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Map)
Hours:24 Hours
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