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Fase II is perhaps the most well known strip club in Medellin, Colombia. With a guest house attached to the building, the place doubles as a sort of take out brothel. That is the norm in Colombia, which has a very large commercial sex industry hidden in plain sight.

Rockit Reports has evolved quite a bit from its humble beginnings as a simple one man blog. The commercial sex industries in several countries spanning multiple continents have been covered here in the five years that this website has been online. Over time coverage of more and more locations has been added. More is still to come.

Fase II Medellin

A balance must be struck between covering new areas and continuing to cover places with immense scenes that seem to produce new information and venues on a daily basis. This is not always easy. It probably explains why most writers who publish websites on issues like adult entertainment tend to stick to one location or subject. Rockit Reports was always intended to cover the entire world. Today’s post moves closer towards that goal.

The sex industry in Colombia

The South American country of Colombia and the Czech Republic are described by many as being home to the most beautiful women in the world. Beauty is of course a subjective issue but there is no doubt that many of the women who live in Colombia would be described as beautiful by most people.

A reputation of violence long kept most visitors out of Colombia. Recently however the tide has started to change. Over the last few years an increasing number of people have decided to visit or even live in Colombia. Many of these people seem to prefer Medellin.

Colombia is a fairly large country that is home to what could only be described as a gigantic commercial sex industry. Everything from streetwalkers to high end bordellos can be found in most of the country’s cities. Countless women from all walks of life work in the industry.

The majority of women probably work out of casas which are basically brothels. Some of these are located in affluent areas of Colombia’s main cities but most are found in more run down and arguably dangerous areas where the majority of local guys are more likely to go when looking to purchase sex.

Foreigners and local guys with more money are often more apt to visit places that are considered to be higher end. One of those place in Medellin is Fase II.

Fase II in Medellin

Fase II, called “Fase Dos” by locals, is located behind the Premium Plaza Shopping Center mall in the La Candelaria area of the city. Nearly every taxi driver in the city knows the place. Indeed many drivers even advertise Fase Dos II by placing stickers bearing the club’s name on their windows.

The Fase II complex is a little isolated but at night there are plenty of people including taxi drivers and security officers hanging around out front. To the left there is a large building called South Beach which contains a small restaurant in the front and several private rooms down a walkway in the back. To the right stands Fase II itself. Fase II owns the South Beach building.

Inside Fase Dos

The front of Fase II is marked with large neon lights that broadcast the name out into the night. One or two large bouncers is always found standing at the entrance during opening hours. These bouncers greet customers. Sometimes they also give them a brief pat down for weapons. They also collect the 10,000 Peso ($3.33 USD) cover charge. The bouncers are fairly welcoming as they even go as far as shaking the hands of their customers but they can be reticent to return small change from people who pay with anything larger than a 10,000 Peso note.

After customers are greeted by the bouncers at Fase II they proceed through a small turnstile and a door to enter the actual club. Fase II is a fairly large place. It looks similar to a Thai go go bar but it has more space and it is better illuminated. There is a large aquarium in the back along with several small tables and chairs. On the left there is a very long bar. In the middle there is a long skinny stage with seats stretching along both sides. A bathroom is off to the right.

After customers enter and chose a place to sit or stand they are approached by a waiter carrying a menu. A wide range of drinks are available and the prices are fairly reasonable for the area. Various types of Spanish music are played at a reasonable sound level and the place is well lit.

Although Fase II officially opens at 7:00 pm it remains pretty quiet until 10:00 most nights. At around 10:30 things really start to get going. On weekends the place can get full but there is always room to move around.

Women at Fase II

Anywhere from 12 to 24 women can be found working at Fase II most nights. Nearly all are attractive though there is an obvious bias toward curvy women who have often had extensive plastic surgery to enlarge their breasts and backsides. There are some natural women at Fase II but they are in the minority. The women range in age from 18 to perhaps 30 with most being in their twenties. Many are single mothers but still sport fairly good bodies. Some are childless. A few of the women can speak English but the vast majority are limited to Spanish and perhaps a few words in another language. Despite this a fairly high number of foreigners from all around the world visit the place on a regular basis.

The more curvy women tend to wear more sexy and revealing clothing. Some walk around in nothing more than bikinis or lingerie. Others including most of the more natural women tend to wear more common street or nightclub attire.

For the most part the women working at Fase II hang around the bar. Some will occasionally walk around and a few will even approach customers but most are content with waiting for someone to approach them.

Drinks and tips

The stage does get pretty regular use especially later at night. One or two women will dance at a time and there are sometimes large gaps in between dancers. The women typically start out clothed and end up shaking their buns totally naked. Customers don’t tip the dancers when they are on stage but the women usually come around to each table after coming off stage to ask for tips. Most guys give a 2000 peso ($0.66 USD) note though some don’t give anything. A few customers will ask to see a body part of perhaps smack a backside in exchange for a tip.

Most women will sit with customers when requested. Customers can buy them drinks but they are under no obligation to do so. Since drinks for the ladies cost 20,000 pesos ($6.67 USD) many guys do not buy drinks for the ladies. For their part the women rarely ask for drinks and most seem more interested in taking a customer outside or to one of the private rooms next door.

Drinks are normally paid for as they arrive. The waiters do not ask for tips but they will gladly accept them when offered.

Extra services

Although Fase II is a strip club it is also a place where women sell sex and in fact that is probably the main draw for most who visit. The most common session customers have with women working at Fase II is a 45 minute rendezvous at South Beach. The rate for this is 190,000 pesos ($64 USD) and includes the use of a room. Condoms are not included and the women at Fase II normally require them for everything including oral services. The front desk at South Beach sells condoms for 6,000 Pesos. They also sell baby wipes for 10,000 pesos and some of the more aggressive women will press customers to buy these too if they think they can get away with it.

The rooms at South Beach are large and relatively clean though large cock roaches do make regular appearances. Each room has a modern television, a seat, a bed, a toilet and a shower. The rooms have hot water but the first bit of water often comes out with a red tint.

As previously mentioned the women working at Fase II almost always insist that all services be provided with a condom. A few may forgo the use of a rubber for oral but only after receiving a tip. A few of the women don’t perform oral at all though nearly all are open to kissing of some degree. Otherwise service is fairly straightforward and normal. It usually progresses from a bit of teasing or dancing to oral and finally full service.

Sex and summary

Colombian women are famous for being passionate lovers but that doesn’t necessarily extend to women who service men for men day after day. That said most of the women who work at Fase II do put in significant effort. There are always exceptions but as a general rule they are more likely to take the lead and put in a lot of work than a lot of women in some other areas including most of Asia.

A lot of the women at Fase II are up for a second round if there is time remaining though that is obviously not a rule. Most sessions probably end soon after the client climaxes. It is common for customers and women to exchange numbers and contact each other to meet up outside of the club. The management seems to have no problem with that.

After the sessions end the women usually return to Fase II to put in more work. Customers usually go home or at least to another place. The majority of the women are satisfied with the money they receive for their work but a select few are known to beg for tips. This is more commonly done to foreigners who they view as likely to give up some extra dough than it is to Colombian regulars.

Fase II is a relatively safe and secure place with a large number of women that most men would consider attractive. For all of these reasons it is also a popular place. It has been around for a while and business continues to be good. Three-and-a-half stars.

Address:Carrera 44 # 30-27, Medellin, Colombia
Phone:+57 02-321-878
Hours:7:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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