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Review: The Filly Gentlemen’s Club in West Newton, PA USA

The Filly Gentlemen’s Club is a roadside strip club in the United States. Located right next to a major freeway the place is still quite discreet. Even the parking lot is obscured from the main road. Nestled inside a nondescript brown building that could easily double as some sort of professional office the place is yet popular with truck drivers and travelers.

That is not to say that the Filly is difficult to find. It’s not. The place is just off of the exit and marked by conspicuous signs. That is how people from all over the country and the world end up inside this club despite its relatively rural location.

Inside the Filly

The entrance to the club is up a few steps. There is a front desk which is staffed by a woman who takes the $17 USD cover charge that includes an unlimited supply of free drinks. If there are any male bouncers here they are not obvious. Perhaps there are some in back somewhere. Or perhaps the place simply never felt the need to hire any. Believe or not but that does happen even in the United States. The previously reviewed Partner’s Tavern and Mouse’s Ear don’t have any brawny boys on alert either.

stripers at the filly

Just beyond the desk the room really opens up. This is a large club. There is a large square bar at the back and some booths behind that. In the middle of the floor there is a huge stage with plenty of poles and seats stationed all around. Another smaller stage is found at the back. The place is really well laid out. The traditional wooden bar even gives customers a great clear shot of the stage. Further more the bathrooms off to the side are some of the cleanest I’ve ever seen in a place like this. That may not matter to some but it is worth pointing out.

Strippers, services, prices and summary

There may be as many as 14 women dancing on a given night. That might not sound like a huge number. But it is significant in the current world situation. Especially at a place like this that is located a good bit away from any major city. The ladies look to range in age from perhaps 22 up to maybe 40. So no Hot Naked Teens. Some of the ladies are slim with flat breasts. Others are more curvy with big fake tits. Then there are a couple of overweight gals stretching out their lingerie. So there is quite some variation even if all the dancers are white women.

As with most places of this sort the women take turns working the stage. They dance through sets that last four or five songs. As they make their way around the stage they get fully naked and show off their bodies and give everyone seated up close a good look at their orifices. For the pleasure the people seated near the stage hand them some tips counted in single dollar bills. The dancers do think ahead and wear bands around their thighs so they have a place to stash the cash while nude.

The ladies who work the bar are friendly. Some even interact with customers between dancers. Still others disappear into a downstairs “backstage area” between performances. As a general rule they ladies aren’t aggressive here at all. Yet they are also not very outgoing. So you might see a guy sitting by himself looking bored or lonely despite being in a venue with a dozen or more naked entertainers.

Lap dances and private rooms are also available. The full contact fully nude lap dances are done on big soft chairs in an open but dim room in the back. The room is not visible from the main floor. The private rooms are in the same area and cost around $10 a minute. Really the rooms aren’t all that private since each has a camera that can be seen on screens behind the manager’s desk. What else do you expect from an American strip club?

The Filly Gentlemen’s Club is not a bad place to spend time by any means. On the other hand it is hardly the best adult entertainment venue in the world. Or even in the United States for that matter. It’s a decidedly average place where the main draw is an easy to access location on the side of the highway. At the same time it is well run and laid out nicely. The people in charge clearly care about the business even if some of the dancers have a lackluster attitude. I give the place two stars. It probably deserves more than that on good nights.

The Filly. 150 Motordrome Rd, West Newton, PA 15089 USA. Click here for a map. Open every day from 7:00 PM until 2:00 AM. Website:

2 thoughts on “Review: The Filly Gentlemen’s Club in West Newton, PA USA”

  1. I enjoy reading your reports on my local spots. I stopped at Filly Corral once years ago, though it was late it seemed like it was still open. The lights were on, but it was empty. No doorman, no patrons, no dancers. I waited around a couple minutes and beat it down the road to the seedier Hi-Way playground (now gone) where I had a better than average time. Back then the nicer clubs appealed to me more than the more run down places. Now I’m happy to pass up the hot/popular clubs and the GPS culture they have in favor of the dives and will give older gals a better chance now that they’re younger than me lol.

    The night in question at the HWPG I was the only guy there and the dancer, a thin, mid 30s bottle-blonde, was happy to park her snatch right on my face for her whole set while I went down on her for a buck. Door was cheap since it was late and only 2 girls were waiting on any truckers to stop in. The other one was older and less attractive so I ended up getting a lapdance from the blonde and left after though it was kinda lackluster considering I just ate her out for 6-7 minutes lol. No real action for me but a fun time for just 20ish bucks. Knowing what I know now I should have just asked about extras but I was pretty young at the time, early 20s.

    The hobby in Pittsburgh is the absolute worst I’ve seen in almost 20 years. There are 2-3 escorts I wouldn’t mind seeing but none are a high priority. Have a decent UTR regular across the border in OH but I’m only out there 5-6 times a year. Considering giving it up for a year or two and taking a trip to Colombia or Thailand. . . . . . Time will tell.

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